Transformers Animated Activators Megatron Review

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Transformers Animated

General Information:
Release Date: November 2008
Price Point: $6.99 (varies depending on retailer)
Retailer: General (Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart etc.)
Accessories: None


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MEGATRON is the ultimate power behind the DECEPTICON army. He is the first and most dangerous warrior ever to come from CYBERTRON. Nothing less than total domination of the universe and absolute control of the power of the AllSpark will satisfy him.

Spring into action with this quick conversion vehicle-to-robot hero! With just the press of a button, this DECEPTICON leader changes from attack helicopter mode to robot mode – and back again!

Megatron joins the line of tiny titans that are the Activators! This representation of the Decepticon leader is a smaller, more simplified version of the larger Leader Class version, but still is a great looking figure but unfortunately may suffer from some problems.

Robot Mode:
Megatron's new body in Animated is truly a feat of imagination. How do you pay homage to the classic G1 Megatron who transformed into a gun (a big no, no nowadays) but give him an updated form that (sort of, kind of) reminds people of the live action movie? The answer is to make him a sleek helicopter while giving him design elements of G1 Megatron!

From head to toe, Megatron is clearly meant to be a G1 Megatron homage (unlike many recent Megatrons such as Armada Megatron). His head deisgn has the familiar helmet over head design with the middle of the helmet coming down to a point near his nose, giving him a sinister appearance. The chest is a rectangular piece with three lines on either side, a carry over from the G1 Megatron design. His waist has a section in the middle that sticks out with angled sections on the sides with lines resembling vents, another G1 Megatron design element. His hips have "saddlebag" type details on the side that also resemble similar design details from G1 Megatron, and finally his legs are shaped very much like they could go together to form the handle of a gun, including a forward sweeping angle towards the bottom of the legs and a small piece sticking out on each side (which would be the grips on G1 Megatron). The beauty of this is that while there is plenty of homage material here, you don't have to even realize what it is in order to fully enjoy the figure's details and appearance.

There are some design aspects that are clearly meant to differentiate this Megatron from his predecessors. First, he is very sleek, with angles and tin parts making up his arms and chest. The angular look separates him from the rather blocky look of the G1 Megatron (especially the animated version) and truly gives the feel of an update on the character. On each of his shoulders are two circles with lines through them, which are traditionally weapons/missiles/rockets of some sort in anime robots. Also, his face is elongated and the sections of his helmet on either side of his mouth are rather thick, with circular details on them similar to those on his shoulders.

Megatron has fifteen points of articulation, including his feet which is quite an impressive number for a smaller scale figure. Most of his articulation is focused in the arms, which have four points each.

Like most Activators, Megatron does not wield any weapon in this form. The piece which would become his cannon is relatively tiny to the rest of the figure and is permanently attached to the cockpit piece of his vehicle mode.

The main problem I have with this figure is how the chest locks down into the mid section of the main body. On mine, as you can see in the photos, the figure has a tendency to flop backwards, due to how back heavy he is. Quite simply the notch in the mid body is too large and the small piece of plastic that is supposd to hold inside of it does not stay. That having been said, I have not heard about this complaint on a grand scale, so it is very likely yours may not suffer from this problem, but I want to be sure you're aware of it and that it might justify a trip back to the store you bought it from for an exchange.

Megatron is cast primarily in black and silver grey plastic. Paint details are done with red and black paint, quintessential Megatron colors. red is used for smaller sections such as his eyes, parts of his shoulders, feet and knees. Black covers larger areas such the front of his legs and his waist. A bit of grey is used as well on his face.

Transformation to Vehicle Mode:

  1. Swing the robot feet back.
  2. Connect the two lower legs together.
  3. Straighten his arms out, and then swing up the lower arms over the front of the shoulder armor and rotate the arms up.
  4. Push the chest piece back and flip over the cockpit section and press the two halves together to lock it into place.

Vehicle Mode:
Megatron suffers from the inevitable amount of undercarriage junk that many aerial Transformers figures suffer from. His robot bits are hang pretty low on the underside of the figure, but for a figure of this size and complexity, it is hard to see how they could have done a whole lot better. Indeed, his legs are fairly thin and swing back at an angle that makes them rather unobtrusive.

The helicopter portions of the vehicle look great. The thrusters on the rear of the vehicle are really sleek. His turbines look great and have a lot of sculpted detail in them. The wings splay out to the sides at nice angles and the cockpit has a nice outline indicating the metal frame. Under the cockpit is a small cannon which is really Megatron's arm cannon. The detail on it is rather nice, replicating the angled shape of the animated version along with layered details. His rotors can spin around at an angle and have the same angled shape as the animated version.

Red and black make appearances again as the primary colors for this form. The cockpit is red and the frame outline is black. The black section in the rear is painted red in the middle, keeping the color scheme consistant between modes. While I would have loved to see some more paint detail to accentuate the details on the turbines, it is asking a bit much from a toy of this scale and complexity.

Final Thoughts:
I love the way this figure looks in robot mode and his posability is awesome. Unfortunately having the chest connection issue irks me (though I have not seen any indication this is a line-wide issue) and lowers my grade of this figure to a "Good" rather than a "Must have". If you want a really cool representation of Megatron, get the superior Leader Class figure.