"Transformers Adventure" Junkion Toy Review

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Junkion General Information:
Release Date: March 21, 2015
Price Point: $15-20 (Depending on retailers)
Retailer: Japanese Retailers
Accessories: None

In last year's "Age of Extinction" live action film, Galvatron creates an army of Vehicons to serve him for the film's final battle sequence. During this scene there is a garbage truck that is seen splitting into three separate robots. When it came time to add this toy into the toy line, "Junkheap" was created. Instead of being three robots forming one vehicle, he was only one robot form that transformed into a "Waste Management" garbage truck. This sculpt only saw limited release outside of Asia due to being one of the last waves of the "Age of Extinction" toy line. Due to that, he was fairly difficult to obtain and only showed up in significant numbers at retailers like T.J. Maxx, Marshall's and Five Below.

Enter Takara Tomy, who was looking for a series of sculpts to redeco for their "Transformers Adventure" toy line. One of their chosen sculpts was the Junkheap figure. However instead of just reissuing Junkheap, they decided to give the figure a new deco and new identity: Junkion. While the term "Junkion" generally refers to a friendly bunch of Transformers, this time out it's been applied to a Decepticon warrior!

While I do own Junkheap, he's sealed on card and I have not been able to get another one to review, so this will be my first review of this sculpt even though it is technically a redeco.

Vehicle Mode:
Junkion's vehicle mode is a garbage truck. It features a flat, boxy front end with a back section for garbage collection (and presumably attacking enemies!). In the "Age of Extinction" line this figure would have fit into the "Power Attacker" sub-line so its detailing is actually pretty much on par with a Deluxe Class figure. The front end has a nice cross hatch pattern on the grille and small details like headlights and windshield wipers sculpted onto the figure. The rear section has some really cool detailing including a non-working hinges and pistons as well as a ladder in the middle. The rear of the vehicle features a rear bucket section where trash would be tossed into. I have to give the designers kudos. For a "simpler" action figure, there is a lot of great sculpting on this toy.

White, silver, blue and black plastic are the four main colors used in this form. The front end is white, the back is blue and the wheels are black. Silver parts can be seen on the top and sides, hinting at the robot in disguise. This blue/white color combination is not unheard of in countries like Japan. Plus it helps distinguish this figure from Junkheap.

The paint details on this figure include the colors silver, black, blue, white and copper. The silver is the most heavily used color. You'll find it on the lower half of the vehicle's rear section as well as much of the front end of the vehicle (including the windshield windows and grille). Black is used on the front end while blue is used to fill in details on the sides. The white color is used to print the words "Eco Clean" on both sides towards the back. Copper is used on some of the details on the rear section. The top of the vehicle features a scannable Decepticon symbol for use with the Japanese mobile app. The finishing touch is a small Decepticon symbol on the left side door. Overall the deco is good for a "Power Attacker" Class figure. I do wish the rear section had some more paint details to bring out the sculpted details however.

Junkion rolls on four wheels even though there are six wheels on each side. Two of the wheels don't roll and are slightly higher up. His main action feature involves the rear of the garbage truck. Push the white button on top down and the rear section extends out and opens up like a big claw. Let it go and it springs back into its original place. I find this to be a fun and wonderfully weird feature for a Transformer!

Transformation to Robot Mode:

  1. Holding the cab firmly, swing the rear of the vehicle down.
  2. Swing the robot arms forward.
  3. Swing the robot head up and forward.
  4. Split the robot legs apart at the feet.
  5. Swing the middle hinge forward (so the legs are pointed forward), then swing the second hinge in that section down. This brings the upper and lower body together and makes for a more solid looking figure.

Robot Mode:
If you take a look at the stock photo of Junkheap's CGI render for "Age of Extinction" you'll see a lot of similarities to this robot mode design. Both have a distinct, diamond shaped head with a high crest, there are curved details on the chest including a hint of the vehicle mode's grille. The arms feature complex layers of armor and wires leading to hands with three fingers. The thighs have machinery curved to form the thighs, rectangular knee armor leading to lower legs with strips of armor layered over machinery underneath. Even the feet have "toes" similar to the CG model. It's not a perfect representation of what was seen on screen, but it comes really close and looks great.

In this form Junkion shows off silver plastic on his arms, waist and thighs. The rest of the robot form is mostly blue and white plastic. Silver, red and neon pink are used for detailing. The silver is found on the head and torso. I really like the way it is used on the head, filling in details like his brow and mouth. The neon pink looks almost orange under some lights. It is used for thin details on the shoulders, knees and head. The red is used on the eyes. The chest colors are carried over from the vehicle mode, and it's a good thing as they add a great splash of color to the upper body.

There are six points of articulation on this figure, which is about right for a "Power Attacker" style figure. His arms can move up and down as well as out to the sides. He can also bend his legs at the knees, but due to the panel placement on the legs they cannot swing all the way back. The primary play feature here is the same grabbing mechanism as the vehicle mode - except this time out it's built into his chest! Press the button on his back and the chest compartment extends forward like a big chomping maw and it looks hilarious and fun all at the same time!

Final Thoughts:
Junkion is a goofy figure and some fans won't like him because of it. To me he's a fun, silly addition to the "Adventure" line and I was happy to have the chance to get this sculpt and review it without breaking the bank. If you want something a little different and weird for your Decepticon army, Junkion is the figure for you!