Transformers Go!

The Japanese exclusive toy line featuring "Beast Hunters" toys mixed in with Japanese exclusive molds and redecos.

Toy Review: "Transformers Go!" Optimus Exprime

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Toy Review: "Transformers Go!" Optimus Exprime

The long forgotten Dragotron has returned and with him his demonic minions! Only the Autobots led by Optimus Exprime and their human allies can stop them. With multiple modes and the ability to combine with Kenzan and Gekisoumaru, Optimus Exprime stands strong against evil! After years of sitting on my shelf, I finally sat down and reviewed Optimus Exprime. Check out my review and gallery of t his weird figure!

"Transformers Go!" Optimus Exprime Toy Review

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Transformers Go!

Optimus Exprime General Information:
Release Date: 2014
Price Point: ¥ 5000 (about $45.51 USD)
Retailer: Japanese Exclusive
Accessories: Swords x 2, Kabuto helmet/shield x 2

"Triple Combination: Transformers Go!" Toy Review Index

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Transformers Go!

"Triple Combination: Transformers Go!" was the Takara Tomy series that ran alongside the "Beast Hunters" series. This series reused several "Beast Hunters" molds along with some new figures exclusive to Japan. A cartoon was made to go with this series via DVDs included with TV Magazine and TV-Kun magazine.

Toy News: "Transformers Go!" Shinobi Team Commercial

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Takara Tomy has put up a quick commercial featuring the "beast" based Autobots in "Transformers Go!". This includes a look at their transformation in the animation, see embed below!

Toy News: "Transformers Go!" images - Predacons and more!

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Thanks to BWTF sponsor Image Anime I have new images from the "Beast Hunters" follow up in Japan known as "Transformers Go!".

The first image features the animated appearance of the six Autobots who will be hunting Predacons in the anime as well as photos of their combined forms.

The second image features toy images, including some redecos of upcoming Predacons! This might mean we'll get to see certain sculpts used in animation even if they don't appear in the "Beast Hunters" series.