A class primarily used in the Beast Wars and Beast Machines era. The price point averaged $14.99 in the U.S. and the size of these figures were between a Deluxe and Ultra class figure.

Beast Wars Neo Survive Toy Review

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Beast Wars Neo

Name: Survive
Beast Mode: Bear
Allegiance: Cybertron
Function: Assault Commander

Superbly capable as an assault commander. His partner, True One, is a bat-shaped forced reconnaissance scout. He has a disagreeable impression of Big Convoy, who prefers solo actions, and hopes one day to put the Cybertron Commander into his own team and retrain him as a team player.

Strength: 9.0 Intelligence: 9.0 Speed: 8.0 Endurance: 10.0

Transformers Car Robots Gershark Toy Review

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Car Robots

Gershark joins Gaskunk as being a Beast Wars Transmetals 2 Maximal turned Transformers Car Robots Destronger. In this case, Gershark is a repaint of the Transmetals 2 Cybershark. For a more detailed review of this toy, please read the Transmetals 2 Cybershark review. This review will focus on the changes made to this toy.

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Polar Claw review restored

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Waking up in a frozen part of ancient Earth, Polar Claw awoke from his Protoform state to find himself with a new bio-mechanical alternate form: a gigantic polar bear! BWTF as restored the original Polar Claw review. Check it out!