Character Profile

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - The Vok

in 1996, Character Profile

Beast Wars Transformers Television Show
Vok: Super Entities

First Appearance: "Other Voices Part One"
Weapons: Biological/Technological Constructs such as the Obelisk, Planetbuster and Metalhunter

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Optimus Prime

in 1984, Autobot, Character Profile, Generation One

Beast Wars Transformers Television Show
Optimus Prime: Autobot Leader

First Appearance (in Beast Wars): "The Agenda Part 3"
Weapons: Adjustable rifle, Wrist mounted energy axe
Vehicle Mode: Tractor Trailer Truck

Autobot Leader Optimus Prime was one of the many Transformers who went into emergency stasis lock when the giant Autobot ship Ark crashed into a volcano on ancient Earth. There they remained dormant for four million years until the volcano erupted and awoke them all.

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - G1 Megatron

in 1986, Character Profile, Decepticon, Generation One

Beast Wars Transformers
Generation One Megatron

Weapons: Fusion cannon (arm mounted), Back mounted cannon, Energy chain with barbed ball, Energy sword
Alternate Mode: Hand held gun

The original Decepticon Leader Megatron was one of the most powerful, cunning, intelligent and dangerous Transformers ever created. It was Megatron who gathered Decepticon forces on Cybertron during its first Golden Age and began the Great Wars between the Autobots and

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Galvatron

in 1986, Beast Wars, Character Profile, Decepticon

Beast Wars Transformers
Galvatron: Decepticon Leader

Weapons: Arm mounted cannon
Alternate Mode: Cannon

Upon his defeat at Autobot City in the year 2005, the Decepticon leader Megatron was betrayed by his lieutenant, Starscream and banished into space. While floating towards certain doom, Unicron found Megatron and made a pact with him. In exchange for a new body, and new troops to command, Megatron would have to seek out and destroy the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Waspinator

in 1996, Beast Wars, Character Profile, Predacon

Beast Wars Transformers Television Show
Waspinator: Aerial Attack

Weapons: Hand held missile launcher, Blasters (in eyes)
Beast Mode: Giant Wasp

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Tripredacus Council

in 1997, Beast Wars, Character Profile, Combiner / Gestalt, Predacon

Beast Wars Transformers Television Show
Tripredacus Council: Predacon Alliance Leaders

Centuries ago, when the Great Cybertronian Wars ended, the Autobots stood as the victors. The Decepticons surrendered, but created a new generation of warriors: the Predacons. Since then, the Predacons have had to live in a tense peace with the Autobot descendents: the Maximals. The only thing keeping the two sides from all out war is the Pax Cybertronia, a peace agreement between the two sides.

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Terrorsaur

in 1996, Beast Wars, Character Profile, Predacon

Beast Wars Transformers Television Show
Terrorsaur: Predacon Aerial Combat

Weapons: Hand held blaster/missile launcher, Shoulder cannons
Beast Mode: Pterodactyl

Beast Wars: Character Profiles - Inferno

in 1996, Beast Wars, Character Profile, Predacon

Beast Wars Transformers Television Show
Inferno: Predacon Aerial Combat and Enforcement