Beast Wars

An era when beast-based Transformers dominated the line. Includes Japanese releases such as Beast Wars Metals and Neo.

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Polar Claw review restored

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Waking up in a frozen part of ancient Earth, Polar Claw awoke from his Protoform state to find himself with a new bio-mechanical alternate form: a gigantic polar bear! BWTF as restored the original Polar Claw review. Check it out!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Retrax and Sky Shadow reviews restored

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The restoration of my "Beast Wars" toy reviews continues! Next up are two reviews for Deluxe Class figures from the line. First up is Retrax, a creepy Predacon who transforms into a pillbug. The second is Sky Shadow, a Fuzor with the combined features of a dragonfly and lizard!

Toy Reviews: Beast Wars Icebird and Stinkbomb reviews restored

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Two unique Transformer reviews have been restored to BWTF! The first is Icebird, fierce leader of the "Mutants", a sub-group of Transformers who transform from one beast to another! Then check out Transmetal 2 Stinkbomb, a skunk who knows how to psyche his enemies out!