Critics and audiences experience a disconnect as "Revenge of the Fallen" does well despite negative reviews

The LA Times interviewed Michael Bay regarding the critical reaction to "Revenge of the Fallen". Despite horrible reviews that call "Revenge of the Fallen" everything from "beyond bad" (Rolling Stone) to "sloppy" (The Village Voice), "Revenge of the Fallen" has become the holder of a second place spot for movie earnings in a five day period, surpassed only by last year's "The Dark Knight". Director Michael Bay doesn't seem surprised by this. Says Bay "I think they reviewed the wrong movie. They just don't understand the movie and its audience. It's silly fun,". For the full story, head on over to the LA Times web site.



Ever since the first movie came out, I've been trying to put my finger on what caused me to dislike it so much. This interview finally clinched it for me.

Bayformers is a misnomer: it should be called SMUGFORMERS.

Jingoistic xenophobia? Racist overtones? Exploitation of women? Explicitly crass jokes that take up 2/5 of the running time? All answered with a complacent "Oh get over it, it's just a popcorn movie," as if you should be grateful to have an excuse to eat popcorn. Everything about this movie series is filled with self-satisfaction and narcissistic preening.

No wonder Slingshot had to be replaced by Airazor in the new Superion Maximus toy-- he was busy producing the movies!