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Just wondering where the Henkei Classics will go when reviews of those start to get posted. Will they be under Classics, Universe 2.0 or have their own section?

Henkei? No thanks!

I felt Henkei was a BIG step backwards as far as the Classics design ethic goes. Redecorating moulds that only had a fraction of the original character's look (The only real exception being Starscream, but then again, I'm sure the original wasn't abundant in glorious detail or compensating for something with his null rays) was, in my honest opinion, rather foolish, as it removed the quirks and personality that the originals had. Added to that, I felt making something with only the weakest of ties to G1 (Being updates of classic characters, updates being the keyword here)... more G1 was a mistake, because of the mould's partial resemblance to their character's first toy iteration, and that the toys were updates of the originals.

With updates, you expect changes. I was most shocked to find that the more G1 accurate coloured ones got better received, when you consider that the name Megatron has been from a gun to a dinosaur to dragon, to a racing car to a tank to a jet to a helicopter, each with flavoursome decos. For what it's worth, I liked the Classic Megatron's colours, because they're appropriate to the mould. It's blindingly obvious this is a gun beyond man's technological prowess, and Megatron's an ALIEN robot... why not go there and add some wild colours?

Mirage, I felt, got the worse deal. He lost all his sponsors, which took away the personality of the character. Giving the Decepticon planes unified wing decos wasn't an idea I was a fan of too, because they've all got the same body, so giving them different wing decor would make them individuals, or at least, help them stand out from each other instead of looking like a palette swap.

So yes, I don't like Henkei.

For the most part I prefer

For the most part I prefer the Henkei versions of the bots, although there's a few I haven't gotten for one reason or another.

As a rule....

.... I don't pick up recolors, unless there's a REAL good reason for them, and for what you have to spend to get them, Henkei just doesn't make the cut.


When I do Henkei! reviews, I will most likely give them their own section since in terms of deco and storyline they differ from the "Classics"-verse set up by the official fan club. However, I do not plan on getting all the Henkei! simply due to economic considerations. I'm focusing on those with decos that appeal to me the most such as Astrotrain.

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I gotta agree with you on

I gotta agree with you on Astrotrain, the Henkei! deco is definately the superior one. Economic considerations is actually why I don't have that and Henkei Megatron. I did manage to get the seekers though. Actually, the only classics deco I can't stand so far is Acid Storm. The color scheme is bad in vehicle mode and only gets worse in robot mode.

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