Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Air Vehicon

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Standing behind Megatron and his lieutenants is a powerful army of Vehicon warriors. When aerial combat comes into play, it is the legions of Air Vehicons that support the Decepticon cause, raining destruction down on hapless Autobots below! Today's toy review takes a look at The Legion Class Air Vehicon!


A wish for better weapon

I got two of them the other night (to pair up with Megatron in a kind of Darth Vader/TIE fighter pilot theme from the climax in Star Wars). I think/wish they picked a different weapon than the chainsaw/blaster we got with Smokescreen. It doesn't look good or practical in vehicle mode. What the Microverse really needs is a weapons pack you can buy which has 6 or so different weapons you can use.