Toy News: Voyager Class Apeface Revealed for "Siege"

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Toy News: Voyager Class Apeface Revealed for "Siege"

News came flying out of this past weekend thanks to Toy Fair and the new listings at several retailers online. However it looks like one more bit of news squeaked by! Canadian retailer has posted a listing for a Voyager Class Apeface figure! There are no images or product descriptions (other than the figure being 7 inches) so it is unknown right now whether or not this figure will triple change or even be a Headmaster, but this is an intriguing peek into what is to come! lists the figure at $60.95 CAD with a ship date of December 2019.

As always, take this news with a grain of salt. Listings appear online sometimes then vanish mysteriously.

Note: The photo here is a placeholder from my "Titans Return" Apeface review since no photos of the figure have yet been revealed.

Thanks to Phil Z. for the heads up about this news.