Movie News: Two new Decepticons revealed for "Bumblebee"

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Movie News: Two new Decepticons revealed for "Bumblebee"

Last month the first trailer for the "Bumblebee" movie was revealed. While there was heavy focus on the Autobot, there was only one Decepticon shown: Starscream. Now thanks to Entertainment Weekly fans now have their first look at two new Decepticons: Shatter, who transforms into a Plymouth Satellite (voiced by Angela Bassett) and Dropkick, who transforms into a blue AMC Javelin (voiced by Justin Theroux). The vehicle mode for Shatter was previously revealed last September by LAIKA.

Interestingly, Dropkick already exists in the Movie universe via the toy line. In the extended toy line for the 2007 live action film, a Decepticon named Dropkick was released but he was a pickup truck, not a muscle car. Of course, if he survives this film, there is no saying he could not change his form later for "off screen" adventures!

The EW article mentions that the there will only be three Decepticons in total in the film, giving these two more time to shine in the personality department. This is good news for fans who like to get to know their robot characters.

*Image credit goes to Entertainment Weekly.