Art: Geoff Senior taking art commissions, fans rejoice

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Art: Geoff Senior taking art commissions, fans rejoice

To Transformers fans, the name Geoff Senior is often synonymous with dynamic action with a gritty style. Senior began working on Marvel's "Transformers" title in the 80's, and his work would take him all the way through the "Generation 2" title towards the end. During the release of the first live action movie, he worked on some of those comics as well.

However in recent years Senior's work has largely been in advertising. However, for fans who have always wanted to see Senior draw their favorite characters again, now's your chance! If you are interested in a commission, see the information below:

A4 Head/shoulders-£75
A4 single full figure-£100
A4 two characters-£175

The attached image is my commission featuring Powermaster Optimus Prime taking on Thunderwing! I am hoping to get this colored at some point in the future, but I wanted to share this low res scan first, enjoy!