Interview: Venus Terzo (February 2016)

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Interview: Venus Terzo (February 2016)


Venus Terzo became part of the "Transformers" universe when the character of Blackarachnia was introduced in "Beast Wars". She reprised the role for the "Beast Wars" sequel series "Beast Machines". Terzo also has a long running live action career. Ms. Terzo was kind enough to grant BWTF.COM an interview in February of 2016.

What drew you to acting as a profession?
My parents used to take us to the movie theater every weekend. I always enjoyed that very much, and seeing the actors on the big screen was always a magical experience for me. I knew then that's what I wanted to do.

If you had not chosen acting, what would you have done instead?
Acting was really the only career I ever wanted to pursue. The only other profession that interested me was becoming a police officer, however that was off the table cause back then there were height restrictions and I wasn't tall enough. The funny thing is I've played a lot of officers on TV.

Can you tell us about your training? What from your training have you carried with you throughout your career?
I went to theater school in Montreal it was an intense 3 yr. program. It taught me a lot. How to build a character, how to pick apart a script. H owever back then it was strictly theater training, so when I moved to Vancouver and started working in Film, TV and Voice work, that was something I learned on the job as I got more and more roles.

Your career has spanned both live action and animation. What are the pros and cons of each for you personally?
Only pros for both. Any time you audition and book a role be it live aciton or animation is an exciting new opportunity and a chance to showcase my talent and have fun doing what I love the most. The difference with animation is they don't care what you look like it's all about the voice, whereas live action they look at the whole package.

How do you prepare for a role?
Read everything associated with that role. Script, character description, any notes from the director. Then do my research.

What was the hardest role you have ever played?
As an actor you put a lot of work into preparing for a role, reading, rehearsing scenes and doing as much research as you can to be prepared. It's not the roles that are hard, but sometimes the subject matter is.

What is the most fun role you have played?
Every part is fun. That's the best part of my job, after putting in the work you show up on set or in the studio to perform and you get to play and pretend to be someone else and in the process entertain people. Playing villains though is always delicious.

Can you tell us any fun anecdotes from recording "Beast Wars"/"Beast Machines"?
There was never a dull day in the studio. It was always a blast working with all those talented voice actors. We were all in the studio at the same time so the hardest part was trying to keep still while the others recorded their scenes and not break out in laughter and disrupt the recording which happened on occasion.

What did you enjoy most about playing Blackarachnia?
She was smart, strong, tough and hot!! I loved everything about her!