Interviews: Hasbro Transformers Team (NYCC 2016)

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Hasbro Interview at New York Comic-Con 2016

During New York Comic-Con 2016 Ben's World of Transformers was invited to a brief interview session with several members of the Hasbro team. On hand were Ben Montano, Marketing Director for Transformers, John Warden, Design Manager on Transformers and Sean Carmine Isabella, Senior Product Designer. Inside the conference room several figure reveals from the night before were on display. You can see my full album from Hasbro's NYCC 2016 events here.

Before the interview we had a discussion where I shared some fan feedback about the reveals from the night before. The team is always appreciative of feedback and they take it very seriously. I only had a few minutes after the discussion so the interview was fairly brief.

Deluxe Titans Return figures

What are the names of the Titan Masters for Perceptor, Broadside and Black Shadow?

JW: For Perceptor the name of his Titan Master is Convex. For Broadside I believe that Titan Master name is Blunderbust(sp?) and for Sky Shadow we have to ask because I'm not sure it's cleared for package.

Another terminology question. The RiD stuff? Can you break down the categories (Activators etc.)?

SCI: So "Combiner Force" is the overarching name of the line. The Activators Combiners are the smaller Activator figures that combine, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Strongarm and they crash combine to combine the two characters together.

Any word on the future of an official fan club and/or convention? *Note this question predates the Hascon announcement from last month.

BM: We hope to have more to share soon.

Optimus Prime

Can you talk about the decision process as to who becomes a little Titan Master versus a Deluxe or Voyager etc.?

JW: That's a great question and I feel like a lot of that has to do with the mass appeal of the alt form as well as the robot form as well as who is the flanking cast in your assortment. So Louie and I, Ben and I or Ashley and I will get together and talk through what characters are in the line and then we'll kind of determine who is the best fit for each because some of those more obscure characters may have really great alt forms or really good colors that match up well with the wave and because Generations is really attracting an audience that spans so many different generations it's kind of important to us to kind of maintain that...this might be the first Transformer for some kid in who's walking in the toy aisle. So with regards to the small characters they're a lot of times...may not be the best characters that fit at the moment it doesn't mean we're not ever going to do them in any other scale but they're used to supplement whatever assortment they are in.

Is "Robots in Disguise" continuing?
BM: As a cartoon and toyline sure, we'll have more to share about the future soon.

With Combiner Wars and Titans Return pretty much behind you in terms of planning, is there anything you would have liked to do differently in retrospect?

JW: Looking back on Combiner Wars we are certainly constantly looking for feedback from the fans as we look to the future of Transformers. We're super excited with the way both lines turned out. Aesthetically as a designer I would love to infuse the details the level of detail we have with Titans Returns into the Combiner Wars characters as well. The detail was brought in for Titans Return was because we have really small Titan Masters we figured the detail should also get more intricate. It's almost a scale kind of play. We're noticing really great feedback from fans about that detail and looking towards the future there's lots more Combiners out there that need to be done. That level of detail and functionality combined with Combiner Wars would definitely be something we would want to look at.


Ben's World of Transformers thanks the entire Hasbro team and Rogers & Cowan for their generous time during a very busy event. For more of BWTF's coverage from New York Comic-Con 2016 check out my report form the event here.