Interviews: Rob Ruffolo (7/04)

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Rob Ruffolo is the talented artist chosen to bring the Micromasters to life on the printed page. This interview offers some insight into this artist's work on the series.

1. Was scale an issue that you had to be very conscious of since the Micromasters are smaller than most Transformers?
Actually I would have to say in Issue # 1, there were a lot of panels with both Micromasters and other G1 TF's, and it wasn't like these were any TF's, they were Ultra Magnus and Fortresss Maximus not exactly the smallest Tf's. For this reason, it made it a challenge to shrink these massive detailed bots into the same panels.

2. What was the most enjoyable part of drawing Micromasters?
I would have to say that the most enjoyable part about working on this project is all the positive feedback I have received from everyone at Dreamwave, especially the writers. It always makes my job that much easier and enjoyable working with such professionals. Their attention to detail has
made the process run that much more smoothly.

3. What was the most challenging part of drawing Micromasters?
Two things , finding reference of the backs of each Micromaster. Finding front views was quite easy but the back, well, those are scarce. Also drawing panels that had both Micromasters and the larger G1 Tf's, its just a bit more difficult to get the shot you want, not impossible , just a little more difficult.

4. Who is your favorite Micromaster character to draw?
I would have to say Big Daddy. He is the character that I put my own stamp on. I strayed away a bit more from the MTMTE entry because i wanted to feel 100% comfortable about drawing him cause he appears a lot throughout the series and is one of our main heroes in the story.

5. How much room do you have to diverge from the art we saw in the "More than meets the eye!" entries?
Well, most of the entries were drawn by different artists who have their own style and interpret the toys differently. I too have put my own stamp and used my own stye for each of the characters. I used both the MTMTE entries and the toys for reference. I didn't want to stray too far from the entries this way the characters could be easily recognized by the fans.

BWTF would like to thank Rob for taking the time to answer these questions. Go pick up your copy of Micromasters today!