Interviews: Patrick Carroll

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1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.
After wandering through my early and mid 20s (bass player, free-lance writer and most importantly, office clerk for a fish broker) I decided to go to film school after helping a roommate finish his student film. Upon returning from Montreal's Concoria University I edited a variety of music videos, short films, TV programs and eventually found myself here.

2. Do the animators enjoy their work on Beast Wars?
I'm sure they all prefer working to begging on the streets for SGIs ("please sir, spare a quarter for a $30,000 computer?")

3. Were you a fan of the original Transformers?
I have yet to see an episode, although I did the editing for the North American version of the first season of "Dragon Ball".

4. It's been said that all the scenes in BW are animated from several different angles at once until the final angles seen in the episodes are chosen, is this true?

Very untrue. I'm sure Bea and Walter told you this, but to light and render several different angles is a huge commitment in terms of time and computers, even though the animation is already done for one angle (and indeed the animation may not look good from all the angles you want).

In general all the angles are chosen before the animator starts, so they don't waste their time on material which won't be in the final cut. The closest thing to what you have been talking about is when the director knows they want to cut between two shots using matching action; for example a character turning around in a close up to the same character turning around in a wide shot. In this case the animator may repeat the few frames of the turn in both the Close Up and the Wide shot and the editor will cut the two shots together in the AVID (the computer used to edit the shows, think of it as a glorified word processor, only for pictures and sound).