Interviews: Larry DiTillio on Protoforms

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1. I understand The Pit and The Matrix create the protoforms, but where do the Sparks come from? Are they also created in
The Matrix and The Pit?

NOPE... BUT none of the Transformers actually know where the Sparks come from. I DO... But I am afraid I won't tell. It's one of my bigger secrets.

2. Is the original Matrix responsible for the creation of the Pit and the Matrix vats?
YES... At least according to me...

3. Do the sparks that exist in the Protoforms (such as those seen in "The Spark" and "Spider's Game") have "pre-established" personality factors, or just text-book history files of Cybertron and the Maximals?
Yes, each Spark (as Rhinox said) has it's own unique identity. The other stuff is basically socialization material. You might say a Maximal or Predacon is born as an adult, without the need to learn the ins and outs of Cybertron society. That is why Characters like Tigatron and Inferno can blend in seamlessly with those not born on the planet.

4. Have some of the "pre-established" characters in BW had past friendships with those that are/were protoforms. Ex: Could Rattrap and Tigatron have been friends before the Axalon launched?
Hmmm. That's a real tricky question. But the blanket answer is NO...Tigatron and Rattrap were NOT friends before they met. There could possibly be such connections, but to explain how I would have to reveal secrets which as I said I am not ready to reveal...

5. Once a protoform explores a planet, takes on a local form etc. and returns to Cybertron, can it "re-engineer" itself back into a protoform? How about another more "generic" form (Ex: Can Cheetor, once he returns to Cybertron, change into a sports car instead of a cheetah?).
Okay, the answer to this one is how I look at a Transformer in general. And that is as follows: any of the Maximals and Predacons can actually program themselves into any of four different lifeforms/vehicles etc. Indeed early in the game I had designated both Optimus Primal and Megatron as DUO-TRANSFORMERS, characters who could take on two forms. This was to accomodate the Vampire Bat form(for Optimus) and the Crocodile form (For Megatron). But then Mainframe decided they couldn't handle building these additional forms (which was tantamount to building yet two MORE characters in a series already overrun with characters). Nevertheless I still maintain that Maximals and Predacons can have more than two modes or forms. Why then, don't they acquire additional beast forms?

Simple, the programming is very intensive, the more forms a TF has, the more power and space they are taking up, thus making other systems (like shielding and weaponry) weaker. And you need the DNA scanners in the stasis pods to acquire new organic forms. So the usual procedure is to have only one form other than the robotic, and if one decides to switch forms the original is deleted. This would have created a nice trapdoor so that we could change characters easily as the toys changed.

However since it has never hit the screen, I couldn't maintain it is accepted canon. It is just how I see them.