Interviews: "Transformers" artist Jose Delbo

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Jose Delbo is an Argentinian born artist who published his first work at the age of sixteen. He would go on to work on many Gold Key comics, binging television shows like "The Twilight Zone", "The Monkees" and "Buck Rogers" to fans as comic books. "Transformers" fans will know him from his work on the Marvel title where he performed monthly art duties for many years with a distinctive style.

1. Can you tell fans about your background and training to become an artist?
I learned cartooning with a professional cartoonist in Argentina and I published my first strip when I was sixteen years old.

2. Who were your biggest art influences as you began your career?
When I was a young fellow I would say that Alex Raymond influenced me in the way he drew the anatomy of his figures and then Milton Caniff for his treatment of black and white.

3. What was your very first "Transformers" related project? Can you tell us how you got the job?
If I remember correctly it would be Transformers Issue Number 36 - SpaceHikers. I was working with Marvel Comics and I really liked The Transformers so I asked them to give me a story to draw.

4. Your "Transformers" art style was very distinctive. It felt like you took some of the animation model style from the television show and blended it with your own. Was that the intent? How did you arrive at your style for "Transformers"?
In a way I tried to make the robots have a more human feeling to them, not just be robotic. That's why whenever I could I tried to make the characters "moving".

5. What was the most challenging part of drawing "Transformers"?
The same as make them appear agile and to show them in movement in the panels.

6. What do we have to look forward to from you in 2013 (and beyond)? (We can also plug Mr. Delbo's custom art as well here).
I still enjoy drawing very much and I am open to any projects that anyone wants to send my way! Currently I am working on a special Transformers comic for IDW. For more information you can look at my website at