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1) Did the "Tonka 1-2-3" line from 2000/2001 inspire the creation of the Playskool Transformers line? If not, what prompted the creation of the line?
No, the line was created to bring fun of Transformers to preschoolers.

2) Why has the "Playskool Transformers" line been turned into the "Go-Go-Go-Bots" line?
Go-Bots was created for preschoolers, so the characters needed to be geared more to that age range. Transformers has an older age range, so we moved to Go-bots in order to differentiate the two brands.

3) What role did Takara play in the development of the Playskool Transformers line, and now that the line is the "Go-Bots" line, are they still involved?

4) On page 76 of the current issue of Toy Wishes (Holiday 2003), a "Go-BotsReinforcement Hauler" is shown. The description matches the hauler currently in stores, but the picture looks very different. Is this a separate toy or perhaps a prototype of some sort?
Yes it was a prototype.

5) Much of the initial Go-Bots line is using redecos of previous figures such as Speed-Bot. Will we be seeing more original molds such as Flash-Bot and Hauler-Bot?

6) Are there any plans to develop more episodes of the Go-Bots episodes either for airing on television or to include with toys such as the current video that comes with Speed-Bot?

7) Many of the Playskool Transformers toys drew inspiration from previous generations of Transformers. With the Go-Bots, this inspiration seems to be continuing, having "Buzzer-Bot" become a motorcycle (as Waspinator became a motorcycle in Beast Machines). Will these little homages and parallels continue in the line?
Unknown at this time.

8) Does the Playskool Transformers/Go-Bots team work with the regular Transformers team at all on toys?

9) Are there any plans to expand the Go-Bots line? Perhaps to include more than just vehicles and animals but also common, everyday objects such
as radios and such?

No plans at this time.

BWTF.COM thanks Hasbro for taking the time to answer these questions.