Interviews: David Kaye (12/98)

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1. Please tell us a bit about your background.
Grew up mimiking voices on the radio and television. My first big thing was horror movies. I collected "Famous Monsters of Filmland" magazines and was very much into comics, hockey and baseball cards and horror movies, (karloff,lon chaney,etc) got into radio in my late teens and started experimenting (badly) on the air with voices. eventually wound up in Vancouver, First cartoon I auditioned for I landed and became General Hawk of GI Joe fame. That led to theatre (which I love, although why I don't know, cause it scares the s*!@t out of me everytime) which led to small film/television roles which led to more cartoons which led to more co-star/guest star and lead roles for television and film. And I pray to God that cycle continues. Anyone need me for their new cartoon

2. What training did you undergo to become an actor?
Live Theatre/studying with my peers who attened RADA and Academy of dramatic arts in Los Angeles. I've learned a tremendous amount from them. I continue to study and work the acting muscles with Michael Simms and Paula Shaw here in Vancouver.

3. What type of education would you recommend for someone to become involved in if they wish to pursue acting as a career?
Study acting. Everything from the classics to modern theatre. Start there and begin learning who you are, really. And READ !!! Every actor should be reading something

4. When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
I knew I wanted to be involved in this industry from a very early age. I didn't really know in what facet. I did always like the stage and was never afraid of an audience. I think what really cemented it was the first cartoon series (GI Joe) thats when I started to become serious, I guess.

5. What roles have you done in the past? And which was your favorite?
There's a resume on the web page ( if you really want to know. Favorite so far has been as a lead on "Dead
Man's Gun" the series on Showtime. I worked with Michael York (Logan's Run/Muskateers/Austin Powers/etc.)

6. After three years of voicing Megatron, how do you feel about having been a part of the Transformers "legend"?
It's been a great ride. I wish it would go on for a long time, but you know this business !!

7. Have you ever seen the original Transformers show? If so, what did you think of it?
Never really paid to much attention to it., Although as a kid I remember my cousin had the toys.

8. Have you ever played with the original Transformers toys? If so, what did you think of them?
I was kinda busy tryin' to take the clothes off his sisters' barbie dolls.

9. How is it working with an ensemble cast such as that on Beast Wars Transformers?
Aside from Gary Chalk (the big monkey) passing wind and Ian Corlett (cheetor) making continuous "hey, pull my finger, Gary.." jokes there aren't a whole buncha stories. They're a great group and I love them all. It's been a real pleasure to work with Sue Blu and the rest of 'em. I learned a ton from all of them everytime we record. I'm very proud to be a part of the cast.

10. What is your favorite episode of Beast Wars Transformers? Any particular reason?
The first one. We all realized this was something special.

11. Having attended two Botcon Conventions, are you surprised at all at the fan reaction to Transformers and the actors who voice them?
Oh, sure. It's kinda like being a rock star for a few days. I've had great fun and it's really cool to meet the fans. As the old saying goes, "If it wasn't for the fans, there wouldn't be an "us"..or maybe that's a new saying, anyway, you know what I mean. Thanks for all your support !!!!