Interviews: David Kaye (11/02)

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David Kaye is known to most Transformers fans as the voice of Megatron for five seasons worth of Transformers entertainment, namely the Beast Wars and Beast Machines Transformers series. Instead of trying to imitate the original Megatron, he made this Predacon leader a character all his own. With a dangerous, yet suave voice, fans were given a very unique voice in the Transformers mythos. When the producers of Armada needed a voice for Megatron, David was asked to take on the role of the Decepticon leader. David took some time out to chat about what he's been up to and Armada.

1) What have you been up to since "Beast Machines"?
Lots of different roles. Most notably as Professor Charles Xavier in "X Men:Evolution" Even got to appear in "X2" watch for my little cameo in theatres near you soon. some work on a "Jackie Chan Adventures" cartoon in LA in a Christmas episode. Am the voice of Sony Playstation 2's 'Clank' of "Ratchet & Clank" (in stores noooow!) Worked on another Star Trek Audio book for Simon & Schuster out of New York, various radio/television commercials across America, Canada and Europe and am very busy right now doing promo voice work for radio and television around the world including TBS Superstation. In Anime I continue to work on "Inuyasha" playing Sesshoumaru "Project Arms" and Also appeared in the Gundam Wing series as Treize... Never a dull moment around here. Also, just finished a day's work on the new "Twilight Zone" series. Kinda neat to be a part of such an historic television show.

2) Your career has spanned film, theatre, cartoons, live action television and radio. Which medium is your favorite and why?
Cartoons are my fav. Creating a character and wtaching the fianl animated product is pretty cool. Then film and TV But I really enjoy doing promo for
radio and television. Movie trailers are a dream and definite goal of mine.

3) How did you land in the role of Armada Megatron?
They asked me. I said Yessssssss !!

4) When fans at Botcon heard your voice as Armada Megatron, they were ecstatic. Did you expect fans to recognize your Megatron voice right away and respond to it?
Not at all. I didn't really think twice. I was just happy to be asked to do it. But thanks to all. I'm very pleased that YOU'RE pleased.

5) Your Armada Megatron voice is influenced by the Beast Wars Megatron. In a recent episode, fans were thrilled to even hear a "Yes!" thrown in at the end of one of Megatron's sentences. Why did you decide to stay with the Beast Wars Megatron voice instead of trying to create a whole new one?
It was totally my call to add it. I love it too much.

6) On a related note, how much of a character's voice has to do with the actor and how much has to do with those in charge of the show? Professor X and Megatron are two distinctive voices for example.
Those in charge hear a quality they like. My job is to TRY and make them distinctive. The two characters are major players in each show. The can't sound alike if you can help it 'cause, as you know, people know, and instead of zoning out and watching the show for the story, etc, they're sayin...."hey, that's megatron...or, hey...that's the person who does the voice of..etc etc.." At least that's my take on it.

7) How is this Megatron different than the Beast Wars one?
Well, Beastwars was 'pre-lay- It wasn't drawn yet. Armada is dubbed, so there's not a lot of room to "play."

8) How is ADR work different than the work you did on Beast Wars?
See above

9) Name three actors whom you have not worked with yet that you would like the opportunity to work with.
Jim Cummings, ANY of the cast of "The Simpsons" (there I go dreaming again) and Tommy Lee Jones!

10) Who were your entertainment world role models when you started in the business?
James Bond (all of them) Pacino and the voice of Bugs Bunny et al, the beloved and irreplaceable Mel Blanc

11) Anything you'd like to say to the fans?
Thanks for all your support and all your kind words. I look forward to meeting more of you if the convention folk will have me.

All the best !

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.
No Pablum.