Interviews; Bob Prupis (June 2013)

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1. For those who don't know, could you tell us what roles you held at Hasbro? What were you responsible for?
I was Vice President of boys toys marketing when we developed gi joe and transformers. The physical product was created by Takara toy japan as Diaclones. Mr Henry or stein introduced Takara to Hasbro.

2. How did Transformers become a Hasbro product? What was it about them that was most intriguing when you first saw them?
I liked the product but not the Japanese concept. I was working with Marvel on GI joe at the time, and my creative group and I met with Marvel and got rid of the tiny figures in the Japanese concept and developed the Transformer concept utilizing the vehicles as the main characters.

3. Can you tell us how Marvel was brought into the fold to help develop the "Transformers" property?
Marvel developed the storyline to coordinate with the product. The idea was to give kids the reason why vehicles transformed to robots.

4. "Transformers" celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, was there ever any inkling that the brand would last so long when Hasbro first introduced it?
Except for one year while I was senior Vice President of European marketing,working in England the line has persivered an incredibly long time due to the magic of product and storyline, enhanced by the Marvel comics TV shows.

5. What would you say was the greatest challenge in continuing the "Transformers" line through the 80's?
The greatest challenge was to develope new interesting transforming product year after year. We developed concepts and Takara developed the physical product.

6. What have you done since your time at Hasbro?
Since retiring I have traveled the world, became a sculpture artist, and spend time with my children,grandchildren and great grandchildren.