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10/22/14: Video: Transformers GAC/GS5 Commercial

In concert with the release of "Age of Extinction", the GAC GS5, an SUV marketed in China released a commercial inspired by the robots in disguise. This edit of the commercial features special effects that were mostly cut from the version that aired on television, check it out for some stellar work! Credits for the video are:

VFX Supervision: Julien Vanhoenacker
VFX Producer: Sahattaya Chantanop
VFX Artists: Joaquim Montserrat, Alejandro Garcia, Pichaya Popanyasak, Gabriel Maymon, Chanon Adisakkitti, Brad Lorimer, Natthakit Sarunsikarin
Compositing: Daniel Eggert, Ankit Vajpayee

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10/22/14: Sponsor News: BBTS - Transformers, X-Men, Star Wars, Batman, DC, Mortal Kombat & More!

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10/20/14: Toy Review: Generations Jhiaxus

Jhiaxus is a mysterious being whose motivations seem to go beyond those of factions like Autobots and Decepticons. He considers the other Transformers obselete throwbacks and intends to show them the error of their ways, even if it has to be by force! Check out my review of Generations Jhiaxus! (0 comments)

10/20/14: Toy News: New Photo of Japanese exclusive Goshooter

The Official Japanese Transformers page has posted an updated image of the upcoming "Transformers Generations Volume 2" magazine with Goshooter! Goshooter will be a redeco of Generations Nightbeat and include a redeco of Blazemaster.

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10/19/14: Toy News: Windblade concept art revealed

The official Transformers Facebook page has revealed several images of drawings used in the development of the Windblade action figure. included was this text:

Windblade, the first Fan Built Bot created with the help of Transformers fans, is finally in stores in toy form! Check out these rare early design sketches from the Transformers design team (based on your choices!), and look for Transformers Generations Deluxe Windblade in stores! (0 comments)

10/17/14: Toy News: "Year of the Goat" Platinum Edition Optimus Prime & Soundwave revealed

Continuing its tradition of releasing Platinum Edition figures to coincide with the New Year on the Lunar Calendar, two "Year of the Goat" exclusives have been revealed! The first is the Generation 2 Optimus Prime in a new color scheme featuring translucent and orange themed colors. The same color theme carries over to Masterpiece Soundwave who appears to be included with all five of his cassettes! If you missed these sculpts before, now is your time to get them!

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10/15/14: Movies: Did you know there was once a parasaurolophus Dinobot in "Age of Extinction"?

Part of the process of making a movie is generating concept art that may or may not carry over into the final product. Artist Ryan Church has been providing concept art for the Transformers live action films since the original. Among his work is a spectacular piece of concept art for "Age of Extinction" which features (among other things) a parasaurolophus based Dinobot! (0 comments/Read more...)

10/15/14: Game News: Transformers Ultimate Allstars Video

Game News: Transformers Ultimate Allstars Video

Takara Tomy has teamed up with Hero Z to create the Japan exclusive game "Transformers Ultimate Allstars". This RPG-esque game features cute versions of many popular characters including G1 Optimus Prime and Megatron along with "Beast Wars" characters such as Rattrap and Optimal Optimus! Check out the video below:


10/15/14: Event: New York Comic-Con 2014 Coverage

In October 2014, the biggest pop culture convention came to New York City with a bang and BWTF was there to cover the event! Check out my report from the event including links to Twitter feeds from panels and photo galleries! (0 comments)

10/15/14: Toy News: Amazon Japan reveals Armor Knight Optimus Prime (AD31)!

It's been known for a while now that the Leader Class Optimus Prime figure from "Age of Extinction" would see a Japanese release. Now Amazon Japan has revealed photos of this figure. "Armor Knight" Optimus Prime features several new parts including an updated head, arms, chest, weapons and a "premium" deco. I think it looks amazing and can't wait to get it! (0 comments)

10/11/14: Conventions: BWTF at New York Comic-Con 2014!

This weekend BWTF visits New York Comic-Con 2014, New York City's largest pop culture convention! I already started posting photos on Thursday, so Like BWTF on Facebook to catch up on photos you've missed! Also follow me on Twitter for photos and live Tweets from the convention! Write ups will come in the next few days, so keep coming back to BWTF for more updates and Transformers reviews! (0 comments)

10/11/14: Toy Review: "Generations" Nightbeat

When there's a mystery and the Autobots need someone to figure it out, they turn to Nightbeat. This inquisitive Autobot thinks in ways other Autobots don't. They know that when he's on the case the mystery won't be unsolved for long! Today's review brings you a look at "Generations" Nightbeat! (0 comments)

10/10/14: Game & Music News: Angry Birds Transformers Soundtrack on Spotify!

The "Transformers" Facebook page has announced the new soundtrack for the "Angry Birds Transformers" soundtrack has been put up on Spotify for all to enjoy!. The official description is below:

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10/9/14: Sponsor News: BBTS - Masterpiece Megatron being reissued!

This 30th Anniversary MP-05 Masterpiece Transformer has been announced and is set to come with the required orange barrel tip as well as a pistol, an energy mace (flail), an energy saber and Kremzeek mini figure. We have it listed at $199.99. Please note, the images supplied are in black and white -- final product may vary.

This exclusive MP-05 Megatron will feature:
1. Metallic Chrome Finish
2. Limited edition
3. Destron Leader Redeco
4. Modified retail packaging (image of package is not final) (0 comments)

10/9/14: TV Show News: "Robots in Disguise" clip - Masters of Destruction

The second clip features some insane action from the Autobots and Grimlock fighting Bisk, a Decepticon...lobster.


10/9/14: TV Show News: "Robots in Disguise" Clip - Bumblebee's Mission

Hot on the heels of today's "Robots in Disguise" panel, Hasbro and Hunter PR have released two clips from the show! The first features Bumblebee meeting his new team on Earth.


10/9/14: Event: 'Twas the night before... 2014 Report & Images

On October 9, 2014 Hasbro and Hunter PR held the 'Twas the night before... event to preview product coming to shelves in 2015 including Transformers! This "pre-NYCC" event has become an annual tradition and BWTF was in attendance! Check out my report including links to albums of photos! (0 comments)

10/7/14: Article: Ten Things I Learned from the "Robots in Disguise" Trailer

The "Transformers Robots in Disguise" trailer has debuted, giving fans a look at the show set to air in 2015 on Cartoon Network. After watching the trailer a bunch of times, I've whipped up a list of items I observed in the trailer. Check it out for some cool info and screen captures! (0 comments)

10/7/14: TV Show News: First full trailer for "Robots in Disguise" debuts

The first trailer featuring dialogue from "Robots in Disguise" has been released! Check out the embed below for a look at some of the new characters coming up in this series including an early look at a couple Decepticons!

"Robots in Disguise" airs in 2015 on Cartoon Network. (0 comments)

10/7/14: Article: The Missing Autobot in "Age of Extinction"

This summer's blockbuster "Age of Extinction" is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Download, so it's the perfect time to revisit one of the points of the movie that has not been explored much. Was there an Autobot removed from the film? Possibly, check out my latest article to see why this might be the case. (0 comments)

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