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Entertainment Earth has revealed a San Diego Comic-Con 2015 exclusive give away! According to their site:

Entertainment Earth is gearing up for an exciting summer! Not only are we selling plenty of convention exclusives, but there will be extra goodies for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 attendees who purchase our collectibles, like the My Little Pony™ and Transformers™ Action Stage Dioramas!

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Controlled by the evil Beet-Chit, the Waruder Zaptrap is a malevolent force out to consume everything in its path! Leading the powerful Waruder army, there may be no stopping this hungry foe. Check out my first Botcon 2015 toy review: Zaptrap with Beet-Chit & Spy Eye!

Hasbro has launched a new initiative called "Hasbro Pulse" to help fans stay in the know. Fans will be able to sign up for Hasbro Pulse to receive brand news as it happens, plus access to special offers and more. That means that Hasbro Pulse members will be some of the first to receive new product images, epic unboxing videos, fan polls that will shape the future of their favorite lines…and even more stuff we haven't dreamed up yet! And all of it is coming straight from the super-fans working at Hasbro, created especially for their fellow fans.

Here's what to expect when you sign up:
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The ever busy TF Yuki has posted a couple more pictures of the "Unite Warriors" Protectobots on his Twitter feed! These pictures show the five members of the team in both robot and vehicle modes. It also gives you a nice look at some of the significant deco changes on figures like Streetwise and Blades. Also featured is the Deluxe Groove that (so far) appears to be a Japanese exclusive figure!

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Fans of "Robots in Disguise" have hoped for an Optimus Prime figure that is more articulated than the current Three Step Changer. It looks like Takara Tomy is really delivering with its TAV 21 Optimus Prime action figure! Revealed a while back, this figure now has an official listing complete with new photos! This figure appears to have light up features and is more articulated than its Three Step counterparts! Amazon's price is 5,655 Yen (approximately $46, putting it on par with a Leader Class figure). (Read more...)


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Continuing to act as a one man PR machine, Takara Tomy's TF Yuki has posted a ton of new pictures over the Botcon weekend. These include a look at One Step Changers from "Transformers Adventures" as well as the new Legends Class figures in that line alongside their G1 counterparts. Also exciting? Color samples of Blades and Deluxe Groove! These all point to some exciting releases coming up from Takara Tomy.

"Combiner Wars" continues its march into retail with Devastator! has put up their pre-order for the giant Constructicon Combiner. Check out the listing here and preorder to get this bad boy into your collection and support!

At the Saturday night dinner, fans were presented with a special treat: a video featuring Megatron as voiced by Frank Welker announcing the winners of the Hall of Fame for 2015! Hasbro has now put the video online, check it out below:

This past weekend fans gathered in St. Charles for the annual Transformers convention: Botcon! I've been reporting reporting most of the weekend but now I've written up my full report from the event along with links to galleries and my Twitter posts! Check out my Botcon 2015 report.

According to a Facebook post by Michael Andre Cappiello, grandson of Earl Norem, the prolific artist passed away on June 19 at the age of 92. Norem was known for his beautiful painted art style which he brought to such properties as He-Man, Conan, Marvel Comics and of course, Transformers. He as the illustrator behind such books as "Battle for Cybertron" and "The Great Car Rally". (Read more...)

At Botcon 2015 I had the distinct honor of being part of a panel of prominent fans from "Transformers" fandom. Led by Ryan Yzquierdo of, the panel talked about the "old days" of Transformers fandom all the way up until now. Thanks to Jason Lukis (also a panel member) we now have video of the panel. Check it out!

The Toys R Us Australia web site has listed a new figure for order: Megatronus! While the character has been seen in the mobile app game and in Legion Class, this is the first "sighting" of this 5 Step Changer figure. Here's the description on the site:

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This year at the Hasbro panel photography was allowed! So check out the photos of the slides from the panels in my Botcon 2015 Hasbro Presentation gallery!

Hasbro and Hunter PR continue to supply us with new official photography! Check out my galleries for the Tiny Titans and "Robots in Disguise" albums!

I've uploaded photos of the products revealed in the Hasbro panel to my gallery of Hasbro's booth! Check these photos out to see pics of the Combaticons, new Autobot Combiner Wars figures and Sky lynx! Also in the album are "Robots in Disguise" figure announcements.

Thanks to everyone who's been following my coverage of Botcon via my galleries on the Ben's World of Transformers Facebook page!

Today I'll be attending several panels and live Tweeting (reception permitting). Here are the panels I plan to attend (all times are Central Time):

  • G1 Retrospective - 10AM
  • Hasbro Product Preview - Noon
  • TCC Roundtable - 3PM
  • Frank Welker Live! - 4PM

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Fellow Transformers site TFW2005 has posted some incredible news from Tokyo Toy Show. Let's just cut straight to the chase:

  • Masterpiece Ironhide has been revealed with tons of accessories, can Ratchet be far behind?
  • Masterpiece Optimus Primal has been revealed! The plan is to make him as close to the CG model as possible.
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Want to get an idea of what items are for sale and on display at Botcon 2015? Check out my latest album focusing on the dealer's room! This includes photos of very rare G1 Transformers!

After spending far too much money in the dealer's room at Botcon 2015, I've hunkered down and taken photos of the Hasbro area! This includes a giant wall of "Combiner Wars" art that all but confirms Bruticus is coming! Check out the album here!

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