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Ben's World of Transformers sponsor Bigbadtoystore has posted its pre-order for Masterpiece Ramjet! This figure is exclusive to Takara Tomy Mall and features an extensive retooling of the Masterpiece Seeker mold. (Read more...)

Takara Tomy designer TF Yuki has posted a teaser image of the "Unite Warriors" version of Galvatronus! Unlike the U.S. release of Cyclonus, this Combiner appears to have a group of Transformers teamed up with him! Based on the teaser image it looks like the sculpts used are two of the Aerialbots, Offroad (or Ironhide) and Rook! I'm very interested to see just what Takara has in store for us with this set.

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BLACK FRIDAY SALE (More Items to be added Thursday & Friday)


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The Decepticons were not the original evil among the Transformers. That dubious honor falls to the terrifying force known as Megatronus! Once a mighty warrior among the 13 Primes, he was cast out for his betrayal and has sought to avenge himself ever since! Check out my review of Warrior Class Megatronus from "Clash of the Transformers".

With the recent release of Platinum Edition Trypticon on and Bigbadtoystore I jumped on the cha (Read more...)

The Official Botcon Facebook page has announced that voice actor Scott McNeil will be attending Botcon 2016! Scott is most famous for his portrayals of Rattrap, Dinobot and Silverbolt but he also played Jetfire in "Transformers Energon". According to the post:

"We are thrilled to announce that Scott McNeil, voice of RATTRAP, DINOBOT, WASPINATOR, SILVERBOLT and Tripredacus Council member CICADACON from the Beast Wars cartoon series will be our guest at BotCon 2016."

The Transformers Collector's Club has released some exciting new images featuring artwork for the Deluxe Class members of the upcoming "Mayhem Attack Squad" exclusives! According to the post:

"We showed you the AMAZING art for TFSS 4.0 Bludgeon and Impactor awhile back. Here now is Needlenose, Grabuge (Ruckus), Spinister and Windsweeper! Art by Marcelo Matere and Josh Perez."

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With the end of 2015 coming fast, TF Yuki has posted an image of one of the last items coming out in Japan for the year: Devastator! There are some deco differences between the "Combiner Wars" version and the "Unite Warriors" version, but overall the two look very similar. The true strength of this set will be the addition of joints to certain individual figures and weapons for each Constructicon. Check out the photo in the embed below. (Read more...)

Fracture is a feared bounty hunter who deploys Mini-Con to do his bidding but he is no slouch himself. When needed he will go toe to toe with any Autobot that stands in his way! Check out my review of Deployer Fracture!

TF Yuki often tweets teasers of upcoming product, but his latest tweet goes back to the 90's with a look at a really preliminary/rough sketch of what would become "Beast Wars II" Galvatron. Check it out in the embed below!


Twelve awesome new items have been added to our selection from Diamond Select Toys including Batman the Animated Series Busts of Batman and Robin, X-Files Classic Minimates, Muppets Minimates, Back to the Future Minimates, iZombie Select Live Moore Exclusive, Predator Bust Bank, Superman Logo Cookie Jar, an Incredible Hulk Model Kit, Captain Marvel Femme Fatales Statue, MLP Trixie Bank, and a Green Lantern Battery Bottle Opener!

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IDW Publishing has released its February 2016 Transformers solicitations. Check'em out!

Transformers #50—SPOTLIGHT
John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith & Casey W. Coller (a) Griffith (c)
ALL HAIL OPTIMUS—PART 1! Backed by an army of zealous followers, OPTIMUS PRIME declares Earth to be a part of CYBERTRON’S Council of Worlds—and the DECEPTICONS and the people of Earth don’t won’t take it laying down! The story starts here, but the repercussions will last forever.
FC • 48 pages • $7.99

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For those who have been holding out on picking up Titan Class Devastator, he's now at the lowest price he's been since the figure was released. While Toys R Us currently has him listed at $169.99, currently has him listed at $109.99! (Read more...)

Hot on the heels of this morning's reveals, Hasbro Pulse has posted an article featuring the exciting artwork for Powermaster Optimus Prime and Fortress Maximus, both part of the 2016 "Titans Return" line! Check out this awesome artwork below and chat about it on Facebook!

On November 18th several media venues were invited to a Hasbro Google Hangout where some teasers were given for upcoming product in 2016. You can view my full report with images here including the upcoming Powermaster Optimus Prime figure and more!

Continuing the tradition of having fans vote on an upcoming "Transformers" figure, Hasbro is going big and putting the 2017 Titan Class figure up for a vote! The three choices will be: Omega Supreme, Scorponok and Trypticon! Check out the details below:

"Starting November 24th on the official Transformers Facebook Page<?a>, fans will be able to cast a vote for which of the following fan-favorite characters should be added to the line:

Earlier this evening, Ben's World of Transformers participated in a Hasbro event that was filled with surprises and awesomeness! Stay tuned to Ben's World of Transformers to see the exciting news that came out of this event. We are still waiting for the kind folks at Hasbro to give us a thumbs up to release the information, but I think fans will enjoy it!

The Official Transformers Facebook page has posted a really interesting (and funny) KRE-O video. It features Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron. However the Optimus and Bumblebee are of figures that were shown at Toy Fair a year ago, but never actually released. The Megatron featured appears to be the "Battle Changer" Megatron, which has only seen limited release, check out the video in the embed below:

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Nemesis Prime was built to look like Optimus Prime and he takes advantage of this in battle by confusing Autobots before he strikes them down! Check out my review of Nemesis Prime!

With the Combiner Wars raging, Optimus Prime himself has mastered the art of combination. Merging with his fellow Autobots he forms Optimus Maximus to stop evil wherever it rears its ugly head! Check out my review of "Generations" Battle Core Optimus Prime!

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