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It was announced earlier this year that the Titans Return Brainstorm figure would be a Walgreens exclusive. In recent weeks he has begun to appear at Walgreens stores across the United States. However if you haven't been able to find him he is now listed on the Walgreens web site for order!. If you prefer to get your in-store hunting in, there is a locator to see if your local stores have him in stock. (Read more...)


UW-EX Baldigus is a five-piece combiner bot with the figure Mega Octane as the main torso piece. Armorhide, Rollbar, Mover, and Rotor make up the arms and legs and can be attached in any position that you wish. This figure includes combiner feet, hands, and connector pieces as well as personal weapons for each of the bots. $159.99

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The evil Starscream has returned and in order to stop him Optimus Prime has gained more power than ever as Power Surge Optimus Prime! This afternoon I bring you a look at Power Surge Optimus Prime!

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The Sharkticon Saga concludes in this weekend’s Alliance leaderboard event. Battle to win Gnaw Crystals for the chance to unlock a 2, 3 or 4 Star Gnaw!

Release the Sharkticons Event

Research into the Ocean Amethyst is complete and both factions have identified the signal’s source!

Compete on this weekend's Leaderboard and win Gnaw Crystals to unlock a 2 Star or greater Gnaw!

Start Date: 28/10/16 10:00 UTC
End Date: 31/10/16 10:00 UTC

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Filming for "The Last Knight" has wrapped in the UK and the cast of the next "Transformers" film has given their thanks to the UK for being so welcoming during their time there. Check out the video below!

Mayhem Mekanics is a new start up company looking to create a set of original transforming robots known as The Unrustable Ba$tards! These biker gang styled robots are aimed at the adult collector and designed by Cassy Sark and co. From the Kickstarter Page:

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Back in September it was revealed that Imaginarium Art had obtained a license to create official Transformers statues. The first two pieces they showed off were Soundwave and Ultra Magnus. Now they have added to their roster with a Sharkticon statue! The renders revealed on their Facebook page show off a model heavily based on the G1 cartoon model.

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To celebrate the end of filming in the UK, Paramount Pictures had the three vehicles that represent Bumblebee, Crosshairs and Barricade to Top Club Drama in London. Check out the video below!

Sky Lynx is not the most humble Autobot. Boastful and self-centered he would be easy to dismiss if it were not for his sheer power, fearlessness and daring! Today's review brings you a look at Sky Lynx and his combined form, Sky Reign, enjoy the review!

As promised several days ago, Takara Tomy has released official photos of their upcoming "Unite Warriors" Baldigus on Takara Tomy Mall! The set features the Combaticon sculpts released for "Unite Warriors" including the Japanese exclusive Blast-Off sculpt. The colors are based on the "Car Robots" character. This is not just a reissue of the Bruticus set however. Key differences include:

  • Dolrailer (based on Onslaught) comes with extra weapons from Scattershot.
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Bludgeon has always been dangerous as a master of Metallikato. However after learning Crystalocution he is even more of a threat. Now with the Matrix of Malice, this Decepticon has become something else and he will never be the same! Check out my review of the Transformers Collector's Club exclusive Bludgeon!

DaimChocReports has posted images that appear to be from a Japanese toy magazine featuring a new Masterpiece Megatron! If these are the real deal then this features an amazing new piece that has more G1 animation style proportions (the first Masterpiece Megatron leaned more towards G1 toy proportions in some areas). Among other features are:

  • Removable face piece.
  • Different expressions.
  • "Battle damaged" head and chest.
  • Posable mace weapon.

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Visitors to the Takara Tomy Mall front page received a fun piece of news this morning: a banner announcing an upcoming "Unite Warriors" release of Baldigus! This set will be a redeco of "Unite Warriors" Bruticus. The banner indicates something is coming on October 25th. Perhaps a full announcement with pictures? Whatever it is BWTF will bring it to you!

sah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The Sharkticon Saga continues. Scour the earth to win Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets in this weekend’s event!

Sharkticons have infested Aquatron and are now on Earth, the connection between these anomalous Crystals and the Sharkticons is undeniable!

Battle for Ocean Crystals and uncover their secrets! Just be sure you're not scrapped or blown up in the process…

Start Date: 21/10/16 10:00 UTC
End Date: 24/10/16 10:00 UTC

How do I participate?
Reach Headquarters level 4
Tap the Event button!
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The Mini-Cons have joined the Autobots and Decepticons in force! Instead of just transforming into buzzsaws and torpedoes, the Weaponizers can be anything from swords to hammers to blasters! Check out my review of the Mini-Con Weaponizers 4-pack from "Robots in Disguise".

After months of speculation, Hasbro has announced Hascon, a large event combining several of its properties including of course, Transformers. Check out the official press release below via BusinessWire.

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If you have been falling behind on IDW Publishing's Transformers and G.I. Joe comics, boy is there a deal for you! Humble Bundle is currently offering a fantastic deal. If you go to the highest level (which starts at $25) you can get "More than Meets the Eye" volumes 1-9, "Combiner Wars", "Infiltration", "Devastation" and more! If you choose the highest tier, you will also receive exclusive trading cards later this year.

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The "Transformers Earth Wars" game has been out for a few months though. While its focus is on group combat long time Transformers writer Simon Furman was brought in to provide a loose series of storyline threads that have run throughout the game since it began.

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Playing news catch up, Takara Tomy recently revealed an upcoming figure in the "Legends" series, the Japanese version of the "Generations" line. The figure is Leo Prime, aka Lioconvoy! This is a redtool and redeco of "Titans Return" Alpha Trion featuring a new head and the colors feature the white, red and gold associated with Lioconvoy. In addition to the official photos released by Takara Tomy, the Takara Tomy PR Twitter also posted the image embedded below.

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To Transformers fans, Garry Chalk is best known as Optimus Primal from the "Beast era" of cartoons as well as Optimus Prime from the "Unicron Trilogy". To fans of the DC superhero show "Arrow" however he is now known as a military commander working with the lead character John Diggle!

"Arrow" focuses on the character Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) who returns to his home city after several years to restore order and avenge those who betrayed his family.

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