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In early June 2017 Hasbro released news about several upcoming products from "The Last Knight". One of the surprise items was "Cybertron Planet" aka Primus! Primus was previously released in the "Galaxy Force"/"Cybertron" era representing the home planet of the Transformers and the robot form of the Transformers God Primus, mortal enemy of Unicron!

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Ben's World of Transformers sponsor Bigbadtoystore has put up preorders for Voyager Class Blitzwing and Octone (aka Octane). You can pre-order the two as a pair or order them individually. The pair costs $49.99 and qualifies for $4 flat rate shipping! The figures are due out in July of 2017. (Read more...)

Hasbro and Codemasters are teaming up to release a new Micromachines game! In the 90's, Micromachines were tiny vehicles sold in multi-packs that were hugely popular for a hot minute. The spokesman in the Micromachines commercials was none other than John Moschitta, the fast talking voice actor who voiced Blurr in the Generation One and "Transformers: Animated" cartoons. Now Moschitta is back providing the voice over for the new Micromachines game! (Read more...)

Sometimes Optimus Prime just wants to sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and his newspaper. However Prime's new neighbor has other ideas! Check out this fun video from the Official Transformers Facebook. Pay special attention to the fun headlines on the newspaper!

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Barricade loves being a Decepticon. He takes great pleasure in lulling others into a false sense of security before he attacks! Check out my review of Legion Class Barricade from "The Last Knight".

Takara Tomy has updated their Transformers web site with new photos of upcoming "Legends" products. The figures featured include Brawn (aka Gong), Misfire, Doublecross and more! These photos also give us a closer look at some of the Headmaster figures such as Clouder. All photos in this news item are from the Takara Tomy site.

Takara Tomy has announced a new exclusive figure: Laserbeak! But wait, you're probably thinking "That's Bumblebee in pink!". The origin of this figure comes from a scene in "Dark of the Moon" where Laserbeak transforms into a human sized, Bumblebee like robot to infiltrate a human household.

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Having shed his human given form, Megatron emerges as a fierce robot and jet fighter. With an ancient prophecy in motion, Megatron begins executing a plan to gain ultimate power! Check out my review of Knight Armor Megatron.

Thanks to the Toys R Us Singapore site we now have official photos of the upcoming Toys R Us "Mission to Cybertron" exclusive Infernocus set. This set features four of the five "Beast Hunters" Terrorcons with new deco as characters from "The Last Knight". Hun-Gurrr has been replaced with a new Legends Class sized figure who forms the torso of Infernocus, creating better proportions. (Read more...)

Space Ape has revealed the details for this weekend's "Transformers: Earth Wars" event! This is your chance to win Drift or Barricade. Check out the details below.

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Another Chapter of the Multiverse Saga unveils with the clash between Drift and Barricade. Will honour prevail over mockery? Or can words be stronger than will?


Driven by honor and a desire to prove worthy to the Autobots cause, Drift agrees to dive into the unknown, hoping to stop the Decepticons from breaking the natural order of the Multiverse.
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Two worlds are about to collide, and in the end only one may survive. The key to Earth winning in this ancient, intergalactic struggle will be a mysterious Knight and artifacts from Cybertorn's ancient history! Check out my NON-SPOILER review of "Transformers: The Last Knight"!

Sky Shadow owes his loyalty to one Transformer: himself! He will do anything for the right price whether it is theft or destruction. With his multi-form transformation he can attack by land and air at the same time making him a devastating force on the battlefield! Check out my review of Titans Return Leader Class Sky Shadow.

As San Diego Comic-Con 2017 approaches fans are being given a look at one of the exclusives that will be offered at the convention. This special edition Optimus Prime features a deco by Paul Rodriguez from Primitive Skateboarding using the company's signature black and gold colors. Even better? This figure features a skateboarding ramp for the Titan Master figure along with a skateboard accessory! This figure is a redeco of "Titans Return" Powermaster Optimus Prime.

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The PEZ Facebook page has announced that its Transformers "Connectibles" candy dispensers are now shipping! (Read more...)

Earlier this month BWTF reported that Takara Tomy had announced a God Ginrai set to be released as a Takara Tomy exclusive. However at the time all the associated photos were either prototypes or stock photos of previous releases. Now thanks to Takara Tomy Mall we have brand new photos of the final products! These photos feature the translucent windows on Ginrai and Godbomber as well as the vacuum metallized silver on Godbomber. (Read more...)

Movie bloopers are a long tradition in Hollywood. Something about seeing the perfectly controlled enviornments of a film set complete with scripted lines and carefully choreographed action go awry holds endless amusement for many. Hasbro has released a fun video via its Facebook page which (supposedly) shows "bloopers" from the set of "The Last Knight". Check it out below:

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Fandango has sat down with Transformers producer and director for a length interview focusing on his past, present and future work. The interview kicks off with a look towards the figure, and in that interview Michael Bay indicates that "The Last Knight" will be his last turn as director in the long running franchise. According to the article:

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While most of the Dinobots prefer a very up front approach to combat, Dinobot Slash is a stealth warrior who prefers to wait until his target is in the perfect spot for him to use his razor sharp claws and teeth to take them down! Today I review Dinobot Slash from "The Last Knight"!

Fandango has posted a fun "behind the scenes" video showing Autobot Hound working with Josh Duhamel on a scene. The video also makes some meta commentary about the use of CG in the Transformers films. Check out the video in the embed below:

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"Transformers: The Last Knight" opens next week in theaters across the country. As the last couple of months have been going along, the marketing campaign for the movie has been ramping up and one of the biggest parts of the campaign can be seen in Times Square, New York City! While walking in that area last night I saw an electronic billboard running an ad for "The Last Knight". Then a few blocks away were several billboards with giant images of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Megatron! Check out my photos in this post for a look at advertising, New York City style!

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