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Awesome "Transformers" artist Marcelo Matere has posted the character art for Sky Reign! Sky Reign is the Combiner formed from a group of Autobots and Sky Lynx at the cneter. Of the art Matere says:

"I worked on the pencils for the Combiner Wars Sky Reign package art featuring on the cover of the Transformers Collectors' Club (Official) Magazine #65! Great colors by Sara Pitre-Durocher - Art and studio Volta!"

Followers of this page know I've been reporting for the past couple days from New York Comic-Con 2015. While walking around the convention center today, I stumbled into this awesome promotion/show for "Jurassic World" on DVD. Even better, the 'raptor in the video bears quite the resemblance to a certain dinosaur character from "Beast Wars". Check it out in the embed below!

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The Official Botcon web site has posted some exciting news! First, there will be two "Beast Wars" guests: David Kaye (aka Megatron) and Alec Willows (aka Tarantulas)! Kaye is a favorite of the convention and Willows has not been a guest in many years, so it's great to see him return.

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Hasbro was on hand at NYCC 2015 and held a panel focusing on "Generations". You can check out my Tweets from the panel as well as revisit the panel via Periscope! (Read more...)

Tonight I'll be attending Hasbro's ‪#‎TRANSFORMERS‬ panel at New York Comic-Con. It starts 8PM EDT. I'll be at the convention all weekend so be sure to follow me on Facebook and on Twitter @BWTF_Ben for updates!

UPDATE: I've started using Periscope! I'm very new to it but I've done two previous videos. I'm putting the button below for you to know when I'm live!

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Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR, Ben's World of Transformers now has renders to show you focusing on the "Robots in Disguise" releases for next year! While most of these renders were seen in "figure form" at last night's event, a couple of these characters were not previoiusly revealed. These include two Mini-Cons, one good, one evil who are shown being held in weapon mode by Optimus Prime and Fracture. (Read more...)

Hot on the heels of their reveals tonight a the "'Twas the Night Before..." event, Hasbro and Hunter PR have provided Ben's World of Transformers with renders featuring the characters seen at tonight's event and a surprise addition: Loudmouth (aka Siren)! Check out the gallery here on Facebook. Hasbro's official product descriptions of "Titans Return" are below:

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Ben's World of Transformers doesn't just post photos for coverage. I've also worked up a write up on what I saw at the 'Twas the Night Before... event complete with some small details, price point descriptions and my personal thoughts on these exciting reveals. Check out my coverage of tonight's awesome event!

It's been a truly incredible night thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR! Ben's World of Transformers was in attendance at their pre-New York Comic-Con event where they debuted "Titans Return" (aka "Titan Wars") and new "Robots in Disguise" figures! I'm posting to my gallery right now with a write up to follow! Check it out.

Tonight starting 6:30 EDT, Ben's World of Transformers will be attending Hasbro's pre-NYCC event! I'll be posting images as well as a report on everything I see there so keep checking BWTF tonight! You can check out last year's event report here.

TF Yuki is on a roll! Hot on the heels of his Blackarachnia reveal he also brings us a photos of Defensor both in and out of box! This set has many fans excited because of its inclusion of a Deluxe Class Groove figure. I know I can't wait to get mine! Check out the image in the embed below:

In anticipation of several new "Legends" releases coming to toy stores in Japan, TF Yuki has posted a new image of Blackarachnia in and out of package! Check it out in the embed below. Of the three female Transformers figures in this wave this is the one I"m most excited about!

With the exciting 'Titan Wars" reveal from yesterday, another tasty piece of news was missed (my bad). Thanks to Hasbro Pulse we have official photos of Warrior Class Megatronus! This figure will be part of the "Clash of the Transformers" series currently being sold exclusively at Toys R Us. (Read more...)

Activision has released a launch trailer for "Transformers Devastation"! The game is now available for purchase at your local stores. Want it shipped to you? Order it on Amazon today and help support Ben's World of Transformers!

Check out all the mayhem in the embed below:

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The folks over at Activision have sent the following press release and images to celebrate the release of "Transformers Devastation" in North America!


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Back at Botcon 2015, many fans noticed that Hasbro's booth had a huge background featuring several characters as part of something titled "Titan Wars". Most fans assumed these characters were part of the follow up to "Combiner Wars". What excited many were some of the characters shown including Fortress Maximus and Blaster! Now thanks to Hasbro Pulse we may have our first confirmation of key characters from next year's toy line! Check out the attached image. (Read more...)

If you missed out on getting Encore Fortress Maximus previously, or if you've been waiting for a sale NOW is the time to order one of the largest Transformers ever made! Fortress Maximus is a Headmaster with three gigantic forms: robot, city and battle station. His features include launching ramps, a working elevator and spinning radar dish. This is truly one of my favorite Transformers toys ever. (Read more...)

As the release of several new "Transformers Legends" figures approaches, TF Yuki has posted images of Slipstream and Nightbird in package! Check out the pics in the embeds below:

Stephen Davis is the Chief content officer and executive vice president at Hasbro responsible for Hasbro's entertainment and licensing. Davis was on hand at an MIPJunior event where he spoke about innovation and Hasbro's brands. (Read more...)

The Official Botcon web site has revealed the first figure for the Botcon 2016 set: Tripredacus Agent Ravage! Ravage is a redeco and retool of the sculpt used for Breakdown and Sunstreaker in "Combiner Wars", hinting that other figures in the set will also be Combiner Wars redecos/retools! Fun Publications has also posted the following description on their Facebook page:

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