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Earlier this week Paramount assembled media outlets from around the world to attend the "Transformers The Last Knight" Super Fan Day in Los Angeles! It was a day full of activities so I have broken up my report into different parts. Check out part one of my report!

Last year saw the release of several exclusive "Platinum Edition" boxed sets to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Transformers: The Movie". One of these featured "Classics" Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Megatron in new decos. The original price was $74.99 but at the moment the set appears down to $38.52! With Prime shipping this makes the figures cheaper than their original release! Follow this link to purchase this set and support BWTF!

Here is part of the Hasbro write up for this set:
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Diamond Select present new items from awesome titles like Batman The Animated Series, Iron Fist, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pulp Fiction, Nightmare Before Christmas, and so much more! Each of these collectibles are perfect for any classic movie, TV series, and comic book fan.

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The Final Chapter of Project Supernova! Who will succeed in claiming the Nova Core? First Aid or Reflector’s trifecta?

Big Bang!

Autobots and Decepticons continue the battle for the Nova Core.Will Reflector reclaim the Nova Core and make up for his earlier blunder? Or will First Aid intervene and return the Nova Core to the humans who rightfully developed it.

Battle on this weekend’s event leaderboard for a chance at a guaranteed 2, 3, or 4-Star First Aid or Reflector!

Start Date: 24/03/2017 11:00 UTC
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The Official Transformers Twitter Feed has released eight new "motion posters" for "The Last Knight". These largely feature characters that have already been revealed, but it offers some of the first really good images of characters such as Cogman and Hot Rod. Check them out in the embeds below!

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The ever vigilant Snakas Blog has updated with an interesting story. A fan has sighted new Cyber Battalion Transformers at a Toys R Us in Taiwan! The two characters found are Prowl and Jetfire. Prowl appears to be a new sculpt while Jetfire might be a redeco/retool of Starscream.

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Individually Sideswipe and Bumblebee are both fast and capable warriors, but when they combine their powers to form Beeside they can take on even bigger challenges! Check out my review of Crash Combiner Beeside.

On March 21, 2017 a small group of fan media sites and journalists from around the world gathered in Los Angeles, California for a one day whirlwind event to promote the upcoming film "Transformers The Last Knight". Pending approvals and edits (and me actually writing the report) I will be bringing you fans a report on this event (hopefully) soon! For now, you can enjoy many of the photos I posted during the event on the BWTF Facebook and Twitter pages!

Stormshot is an expert at taking out Decepticons from the sky. He tracks his targets carefully before launching devastating attacks from above! Check out my review of Warrior Class Stormshot.

Having witnessed the complete destruction of his home city on Cybertron you would expect Bluestreak to be quiet and withdrawn. The reality is that he never stops talking even in battle. However his habit is his way of hiding the deep pain hidden within himself as he laments the past. Check out my review of "Combiner Wars" Bluestreak!

When it comes to excess, Overboard is something of an expert. Whether it is trash talking or combat, he takes everything to an extreme, sometimes to the point where his fellow Decepticons question his sanity. This morning I bring you a look at Titan Master Overboard!

In February it was revealed at Toy Fair 2017 that Hasbro would be releasing a Toys R Us exclusive boxed set of figures for "Generations". One of the figures exclusive to this set is Nautica, a character who has gained fame among fans through her appearances in the current IDW Publishing comic books.

Now the folks at Hasbro Pulse has released new images and information on the character. On her origin, the post says:

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On March 16, 2017 the second full trailer for "The Last Knight" was released. The trailer brought with it a lot of new footage and some scenes that expanded upon bits only hinted at previoiusly. BWTF takes a look at 19 interesting takeaways from the trailer.

"The Last Knight" is due for release in the US on June 23, 2017.

*Note: This post appeared previously but due to a web site error was deleted. This is a repost.

Many years ago as I wandered through the streets of Brooklyn I stopped at a small magazine shop. I had not expected to find much there (in fact, if I recall correctly I went in there for potato chips). Much to my surprise there was a Transformers comic book in Spanish! I bought it and put it away and honestly I have not thought about it in well over a decade.

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Last week an edited cut of a new trailer for "The Last Knight" debuted at the Kid's Choice Awards. Focusing on Isabela Moner's character and her story, this trailer hinted at a lot of action that had not been seen previously. Now thanks to the official Isabela Moner Facebook page we now have a look at the full trailer! Check it out in the embed below:

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Autobot Dino never shies away from a battle. He is often one of the first on the battlefield. With abilities like turning invisible and creating holograms, this Autobot can hold his own on the battlefield! Today I bring you a look at Autobot Dino from the Japanese exclusive "Movie Advanced" line!

Space Ape has announced an update to their popular "Earth Wars" mobile game. When you first signed up for the game, you had to choose an Autobot or Decepticon faction and you were pretty much stuck with that faction. Now, fans can play as both sides! Check out the official details below:

Transformers: Earth Wars Adds 35 New Collectible And Playable Bots

For the First Time, Players Are Free to Collect Transformers From Either Faction

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Earlier today two images leaked on Weibo that seem to show a new Combiner being released as part of the toy line for "The Last Knight"! The Combiner is named Infernocus and is a mixture of old and new sculpts. The limbs of the Combiner are all redecos of Terrorcons from "Beast Hunters", but the torso section "Skulk" appears to be a brand new toy. The torso section also appears to be larger than the limbs, making for a more proportional figure than Abominus.

For those curious, here is the breakdown of reused sculpts:

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

Smokescreen and Brake-Neck fight it out, sniper vs sniper, turning the smouldering ruins of the Project Supernova into a battlefield between Autobots and Decepticons.

Battle Hardened

Smokescreen remains in hiding, concerned about the safety of humans if they enter either the radiation zone or Brake-Neck’s line of sight. Brake-Neck intends to wait out the radiation and recover the Nova Core once atmospheric levels are safe.

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Optimus Prime is a wise and powerful Autobot. Strongarm is full of enthusiasm. When the two work together they can take on Decepticons as the mighty Primestrong! Check out my first Crash Combiner review: Primestrong!

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