Glossary: C


Combaticons - A group of five Decepticons who all transformed in military vehicles. Combined to form, Bruticus.

Combiner - Generic term referring to a Transformer composed of several smaller Transformers who unite to form one. Sometimes also referred to as a "gestalt".

Constructicons - A group of six Decepticons who all transformed into construction vehicles. Combined to form, Devastator. This term has been extended over the years as a generic term to cover several Decepticon characters who transform into Construction vehicles regardless of their ability to combine.

Creation Matrix - A complex program granted to Autobot leaders. It permits them to give life to new Transformers. Also see Matrix.

Cybertron - 1) The home planet of the Transformers. 2) The Japanese term for Autobots.

Cybertron City - A generic term used for one of several Autobot strongholds on Earth in the Energon series. These generally sat on Energon mines and
featured technology created by the Autobots.

Cybertropolis - The city where most of the events in Beast Machines Transformers occurred.

Cycle - A Cybertronian unit of time measurement that is approximately one Earth minute.

Cycle Drone - A group of motorcycle Vehicons under the command of the Vehicon General Thrust.