Glossary: B


Battle Chargers - Two Decepticons Runamuck and Runabout who transformed into sports cars. The toys
would automatically transform when the car was pulled back and let go.

Beast Wars Mutant - A member of a Transformer faction that has two beast modes, but no robot modes. The result of a virus released by Megatron, these Transformers belong to their own affiliation and do not serve Maximals or Predacons.

Binaltech - A line of Transformers started in 2003. Each Transformer became a licensed vehicle on a 1:24 scale. Binaltech Transformers were made of die cast metal, plastic and rubber tires. Also see Alternators.

Botcon - An annual Transformers convention begun in 1994.

Brainmaster - A Transformer whose face is formed by a smaller humanoid robot.

Breastmaster - A Transformer whose chest component can separate and can transform into either an animal partner or a weapon.