IDW Publishing: "Sins of the Wreckers" Part One Comic Book Review

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IDW Publishing

General Information:
Title: Sins of the Wreckers #1
Cover Price: $3.99 (US)
Publishing Date: November 25, 2015
Writer: Nick Roche
Art: Nick Roche
Colors by: Josh Burcham
Letters: Tom B. Long
Editor: John Barber

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Prowl has vanished and Arcee is on the hunt to find him. When she looks for Kup, she finds the old Autobot passed out in space, having lost consciousness while working on riveting outside The Ark-7. She wants to get into Prowl's chambers but Kup is reluctant to allow her to do that.

Space Station "Debris": The Base of Operations for The Wreckers
Guzzle is locked inside a windowless box and he is pounding the walls to get out, cursing the leader of the Wreckers, Impactor. Sad about his comrade's current condition, Impactor is feeling sorry for himself. Roadbuster comes in after spending time with the unconscious Springer and talks to his commander. They contemplate Guzzle's current temperament (read: it's bad) and how the Wreckers have been reduced to handling small Decepticon cells now that there is peace on Cybertron.


The Ark-7
Kup and Arcee have entered Prowl's quarters, looking for clues. Kup comments on how he has an affinity for Prowl's security codes and protocols but he cannot explain why. Once they dig enough, they find a communication from Verity Carlo on Earth saying: I know what you know! The human ally is currently in Nome, Alaska of all places. Somehow the two trigger a hologram of Prowl who explains that only one Autobot can find him: Springer! Kup tries to reach out to Springer on Debris but Arcee doesn't want him involved. She knocks Kup out and stalks off on her own.

Elsewhere, Prowl awakens, one eye missing (from a previous punch from Optimus Prime) and steps out of a dark building into a warped looking world. A shadowy figure welcomes him to the "Noisemaze"!

Back in the Arctic, Verity is trying to recover when a polar bear attacks! Fortunately Stakeout rolls onto the scene and kicks the bear away. The two argue a bit, with Verity accusing Stakeout of abandoning her in his role as her protector. Stakeout tells her that her blackmailing Prowl with information showed she needed help. Suddenly an explosion thrashes Stakeout sending him flipping upside down! Verity crawls out just in time to see Arcee before she passes out.

Meanwhile on The Ark-7, Kup is sending a communication to Springer to wake up. He doesn't make it a plea for help, he makes it an order!


Debris Station
Impactor and Roadbuster are looking ove rthe graves of several Wreckers. Impactor is still agonizing over the state of the group while Roadbuster is acting stoic. When Hubcap shows up to tell them Guzzle is almost free of his box, Impactor decides to go deal with it until alarms start ringing! The alarms are connected to Springer's life support, so everyone thinks this is it and he's gone. However when they arrive at his room - no one is inside!

Arcee is attempting to interrogate Verity but she isn't talking. Before Arcee can get anything out of her the human gets sick. Before things get out of hand, Arcee is interrupted by Springer who has arrived with the Wreckers!

To Be Continued...

I admit I've been on a hiatus from reading several of the IDW Publishing titles when I went to read "Sins of the Wreckers" so some of the events were lost on me. However, I have to say that I enjoyed this first issue quite a bit. It didn't quite have the rock'em sock'em punch of the "Last Stand of the Wreckers" series but I can tell it's building up to a much bigger story. This is a classic "set up" issue where the mysteries are established and characters are (re)introduced so I can forgive some slowness in the story.


Having not followed all the stories prior to this I would have liked a bit of explanation about Guzzle's shocking turn in personality. The last time I saw him he was a relatively even headed guy but suddenly seeing him portrayed as some out of control brute was very odd. I was also a bit thrown off by how depressed Impactor seemed. If there is one thing the Wreckers generally represented, it was a certain sense of exuberance that other Autobots did not display when it came to battle. I mean, their battle cry is "Wreck and Rule!", not exactly an understated motto. However by the end of the issue I really felt that this was partly a "Getting the band back together" style issue where the Wreckers will slowly get back into proper form as the series progresses.


I was very happy to see the return of Verity Carlo who I consider an honorary Autobot and Wrecker. It was a sad for me to see how rough the times have treated her (folks, she's been involved in the Autobot/Decepticon conflict for almost a decade!) but I found myself continuing to admire the character as she still tries to do what she considers right and hang on instead of just shutting down in a fit if depression.

I was also very happy to see the return of Hubcap. I have a particular affection for the Mini-Bots and I have to admit that I'm not particularly fond of the way they have been treated in the IDW titles for the most part. I really hope that Hubcap survives (for a while) as he seems to be a fun and quirky character without being over the top at the same time. Also kudos to artist Nick Roche for basically maintaining the character's G1 appearance from the action figure. I really want to see if Hubcap's affinity for communications and "waves" plays a significant role down the line.

The Wreckers

I'm a fan of Nick Roche's art style so I really enjoyed the work in this issue. I enjoy seeing "toy designs" come to life in cartoons or comic books so seeing Springer's Voyager Class figure design was a treat. I'm also glad to see Micromaster Stakeout's design basically the toy brought to life. From a dynamic standpoint there's a lot of talking and moping in this issue but I know that's just a precursor to a lot of fighting in the next one, so I'll be patient for the pretty pictures of pew pew and explosions. I found Josh Burcham's very muted color palette for this issue interesting. Whereas the first "Wreckers" mini-series seemed very bright and almost like a cartoon in print, this series is very dark and subtle, which seems to fit the dark mood of the issue.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed this issue but it is a rather slow start to the newest Wreckers adventure. There were moments where I wished the story would move forward a bit more, but they were often balanced with moments that delighted me. I also suspect the polar bear is ahem...more than meets the eye. Looking forward to the next issue.