IDW Publishing: "ReGeneration One" Issue #94 Comic Book Review

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IDW Publishing Regeneration One

General Information:
Title: "Destiny" Part Four
Cover Price: $3.99 (US)
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Publishing Date: August 28, 2013
Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Guido Guidi
Inker: Stephen Baskerville
Colorist: John-Paul Bove
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Editor: John Barber
Editor in Chief: Chris Ryall

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Ultra Magnus looks up in shock as a Decepticon he has never seen before charges at him! The two collide and Magnus finds himself in a knock down, drag out battle with the crazed Decepticon. While he holds his own, he's not sure if he'll survive the experience!

Deep underground, Hot Rod faces his maker, Primus! The Transformers deity is using Grimlock's body as an avatar and tries to explain to Hot Rod that he is omnipresent despite part of him having been "destroyed" during the Unicron Wars. Primus tells him he is destined to be a Prime and tells him he must find the "disease" that eats at "The Totality'. he then sends him into a portal, but the Dinobots don't see thi sinteraction and wonder where he went. More shocking to them, they see Grimlock's fallen body, no longer inhabited by Primus!

Ultra Magnus

Above ground, ultra magnus and Galvatron continue their battle, with Ultra Magnus doing his best to survive. He manages to get Galvatron off of him long enough to see Warworld attacking Cybertron. It launches capsules with Bludgeon's drones inside. They begin attacking and the Autobots do their best to muster a defense.

Aerialbots overhead

Inside the Command Bunker, Prowl plns out the next move for the Autobots. Perceptor explains the drones are using a form of Matrix energy to regenerate. Their Sparks however are not self sustaining and need a source to feed them; the Warworld! Prowl tells Kup and the Wreckers to break into the ship to end the threat.

Elsewhere, Ultra Magnus and Galvatron continue to fight, with Magnus speeding along in vehicle mode as Galvatron is on top tearing pieces of his armor out. He uses his rockets to destroy a bridge, sending both over the edge and crashing to the ground below.


On the Warworld, Bludgeon is being asked why the power of Warworld isn't being used against Cybertron. Bludgeon is reluctant to do so since he doesn't want to decimate the very world he wants to rule. He does however agree to use Warworld to destroy one target to demonstrate its power. They target a part of the city right near where Magnus and Galvatron have fallen!

Prowl sees what's going on from a distance and unleashes Omega Supreme! The giant Autobot destroys several of the drones. Soundwave see this as well and unleashes his own weapon: Monstructor! Before Soundwave can join the giant, Blaster appears to challenge him!

Below as the city burns, Ultra Magnus emerges with the unconscious body of Galvatron, throwing him down, ready to fight for his planet!

To Be Continued...

One of the things I enjoy about Simon Furman's style as a writer is the way he works hard to build up a lot of drama and then he always gets to an issue where he just lets loose with abandon. This is that issue. The battle that goes on between Ultra Magnus and Galvatron is absolutely brutal. Having Galvatron literally pummel Magnus with a Transformer was insane! The way the two go at it is painful to see (partly thanks to Guidi's amazing and dynamic art). This central battle serves as the focal point of all the chaos going on around Cybertron. This battle also mirrors a similar one that Galvatron had with Ultra Magnus in the UK Marvel comic (which does not appear to factor strongly into this continuity). The most telling homage is the scene where Galvatron rides on top of Magnus in vehicle mode battling him. I have to confess that I spent most of this battle expecting Galvatron to destroy Magnus and the ending was surprising indeed!


As for Bludgeon's forces, it was rather jarring (yet very characteristic of Furman) to see many characters getting destroyed, especially those who have had toys before. It was a fun blend of characters including the Pretender Beasts and some Generation 2 characters (including the "European Exclusive" Meanstreak!). It was cool to see the Drones in action, especially after so much build up about them. Seeing Omega take so many out was super cool and I do wonder how much of a factor he'll play in the battle once he faces Monstructor!

Pretender Beasts

The artwork in this issue continues to impress. The battle between Magnus and Galvatron is visceral and the sequences with the Drones are exciting and shocking all at the same time. While Guidi continues to use his "homage to Wildman style", certain panels are very distinctly his style such as the one where Ultra Magnus transforms after talking to Blades. I also liked his use of many styles for the Autobots. For instance, his models for Hound and Mirage come right out of the G1 cartoon designs, but his Huffer's vheicle mode looks a lot like the toy with little modification.


Final Thoughts:
This is a great kick off to the invasion of Cybertron. I am happy to see Galvatron and Magnus getting the spotlight in terms of the battle. I had expected just to see waves and waves of Drones and Autobots fighting, but bringing the focus to this epic battle between the two characters was unexpected and welcome. The artwork continues to be amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed this issue!