IDW Publishing: Transformers 2019 Series

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IDW Publishing
Transformers 2019 Series

Megatron and Orion Pax

In 2019 IDW Publishing ended its long run of Transformers comic books and started another. This new series, simpl titled "Transformers" would lead to a spinoff title called "Transformers Galaxies".


Transformers #1 (March 2019)
Cybertron is a planet with beauty like no other. Violence is a thing of the past and the populace lives in peace, until one of their own is struck down!

Transformers #2 (March 2019)
Chromia and Prowl are on the case, trying to find out who committed an act of murder!

Transformers #3 (April 2019)
As Bumblebee and his new friend admire the beauty of Cybertron's energy harvester, Megatron assembles a new force.

Transformers #4 (April 2019)
Prowl and Chromia chase down a mysterious and tortured figure for help in their investigation.

Transformers #5 (May 2019)
Windblade closes in on answers, Rubble finds a job that suits him, and Bumblebee… well, Bumblebee has a secret that could lead to chaos.

Transformers #6 (May 2019)
Orion Pax seeks answers with Codexa, a Cybertronian who has grown into being a part of Cybertron itself!

Transformers #7 (June 2019)
When another body shows up, Chromia and Prowl feel the pressure to get answers. Meanwhile, Bumblebee applies for a new job.

Transformers #8 (June 2019)
As Megatron seeks to bring about change to Cybertron, he meets with Termagax, a living piece of Cybertronian history and founder of the Ascenticon movement.

Transformers #9 (July 2019)
Orion Pax and the Autobots need to solve their mystery even as Sentinel Prime returns to Cybertron.

Transformers #10 (July 2019)
Fear drives Cybertronians to join the Ascenticon movement as a new foe is revealed!

Transformers #11 (August 2019)
Chromia and Windblade break into a Rise base for their investigation and it does not go as planned.

Transformers #12 (August 2019)
Nautica shines in this issue as the head of xeno-relations.

Transformers #13 (September 2019)
Events ramp up as Chromia and Prowl hunt murderers while Bumblebee visits an injured Windblade.

Transformers #14 (October 2019)
The Ascenticon Guard, Security Operations, and The Rise are caught in a three-way faceoff.


Transformers Galaxies: Constructicons Rising #1 (September 2019)
The Constructicons discover the Enigma of Combination and their lives will never be the same!