Article: "The Last Knight" Megatron Statue & Phone Stand Review

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Megatron General Information:
Release Date: January 2018
Price Point: $99.99
Retailer: General Release
Manufacturer: Swordfish USA

Official Product Description
Featuring highly-detailed sculpt and paint, the Megatron Phone Dock Statue gives fans a centerpiece to display at home or in the office, that will conveniently charge any mobile device with up to a 6-inch screen size. The easy-to-use load & lock docking mechanism can fit nearly all Micro USB and Apple Lightning plug shapes and sizes. Also included are LED lights to spotlight Megatron and the Decepticon symbol on the front of the base!

Every Transformers live action film has come with not only a toy line but a licensed products of all kinds ranging from stickers to calendars to boxes of tissues. One of the products released for "The Last Knight" is a docking station for smartphones with a statue of Megatron as he appears in the film. Full disclosure: our kind friends at Entertainment Earth provided a product sample of this item for review. You can pre-order this item and support BWTF now by following this link.

Direct from the manufacturer's web site, the statue stands at 10 inches (about 25.4 centimeters). The total dimensions are 9.6 inches (about 24.38 centimeters) W x 11.4 inches (about 28.95 centimeters) H x 9.6 inches D, making for one impressive statue and docking stand. The set features Megatron in a straight standing pose while the base he stands on is a round platform with a large Decepticon symbol in front. In many ways, the overall appearance looks like one of the small statues you would have seen in Sir Burton's castle in "The Last Knight".

The centerpiece of this set is the Megatron statue, and it is quite a sight to behold. When it comes to replicating on-screen accuracy, statues have a distinct advantage over action figures. First, they do not have to change into anything. Then on top of that they do not need to have any articulation. On top of that they are generally large scale so a lot of detail can be incorporated into the sculpt. Megatron benefits from all these advantages and the sculpt winds up looking amazing. If you think about an action figure like the Voyager Class toy (which I absolutely love) and then crank the detail level up by a factor of five you get this statue. Some of the details that really astonished me included the mechanical details between joints (such as on the elbows and the back of the knees) and the cable connecting the arm to the cannon on this right arm. There are also a series of spikes coming up on the armor that flanks the head and even the face has tons of small details on the face that are wonderfully intricate. Also a lot of the armor panels overlapping on this statue have a curved appearance which is more difficult to achieve with a figure that has to transform. He winds up looking much more like a humanoid in a suit of armor than a more traditionally blocky Transformers character.

This statue is cast in plastic, but it is thick, solid plastic. I was surprised at how much heft the statue has. The plastic is not particularly flexible either (which is good in this case). The plastic is mostly a dark silver/gunmetal like color. The eyes are red plastic and are sculpted in such a way that you can actually see pupils if you look close enough. The main colors used on the statue are silver and gold. The paint is applied in such a way that it looks like Megatron's armor is worn a bit over time, but not necesarily battle damaged. I think he looks fantastic.

Megatron includes an accessory: his sword. This unique weapon has a long blade with sharp serrated sections along the length of the blade. At the top it ends in a curve that looks like an axe. This slides into his hand and holds well for display.

The statue has ports on the bottom of the feet that fit onto the top of the stand, securing it in place. The stand itself is not a functioning dock, meaning you cannot take it out of the box and plug it right into the phone. Instead, you remove a panel on the top and open up a section on the bottom to snake your own cable through into a hole that holds the end of your charging cable in place. You can then attach your phone to the cable where it sets at the front of the stand at an angle. The dial on the bottom helps you lock the cable in place. I was slightly disappointed there were no cables included with the stand given the price.

While it may not have cables, the stand does have electronics in it. Specifically there is a red light built into it. Press a button and two lights switch on at the same time. The Decepticon symbol in front glows red and a red light at the top of the stand lights up, sending an eerie glow up onto the statue. Megatron winds up looking extra sinister with this light on, especially if you turn some lights out.

Final Thoughts:
If you are a big fan of Megatron's design from "The Last Knight" this statue is right up your alley. The sculpt is insanely detailed and the deco is fantastic. I love the red light in the stand and sure, you can run a cable through it to dock your phone but to me that is more of a bonus feature. At $100 however, this is definitely aimed at fans with a lot of extra cash lying around.