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Ten Things I Learned from the "Robots in Disguise" Trailer

The "Robots in Disugise" trailer has debuted! As I watched the trailer (repeatedly) I picked up on a few things I thought I'd note for your reading pleasure.

1. Optimus Prime is still "alive"...somewhere...

Optimus Prime

Akin to Rodimus Prime's connection with the Matrix of Leadership in G1, it seems that Bumblebee can communicate with the "spirit" of Optimus Prime. Does that signal a potential return of the Autobot leader in some capacity in the future?

2. Bumblebee is surprised by Optimus being able to communicate with him

Surprised Bumblebee

So presumably Bumblebee has not been communing and learning from Optimus for years. It seems something new has sparked Optimus to communicate with the 'beester. Perhaps the Decepticon army is rebuilding itself? Coming to a critical mass? Perhaps there will be some type of artifact on Earth?

3. At least one Decepticon only has a beast and vehicle mode


It was revealed a while back that "Robots in Disugise" would feature at least one character who had a vehicle and dinosaur mode only, with seemingly no robot mode. The animation in this showing a car turning into a dinosaur-esque monster would seem to confirm this. According the name of the image files for the toys shown at SDCC, his name is "Underbite".

4. Bumblebee will struggle with being leader

Frustrated Bumblebee

It must be rough to have to fill the shoes of someone like Optimus Prime, and it seems Bumblebee is going to be held to that standard by his fellow Autobots. Sideswipe saying they could "use a Prime" is very telling (and must be frustrating for Bumblebee).

5. Strongarm is not your typical looking female Transformer


Fans are very used to lithe female Transformers with lots of curves and thin body parts. Strongarm (the Autobot police vehicle) is very bulky and looks formidable. I'm digging the fact that she becomes a Humvee style vehicle and has hip holsters like a police officer. She also appears to be inexperienced as she asks for Bumblebee to act as a mentor figure.

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