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Ten Times "Generation One" Got Silly (6-10)

6. Spike's mind was put into a "Frankenstein" Autobot body

Autobot Spike

In "Autobot Spike", Spike is seriously injured in battle. The Autobots have to help preserve his mind by sticking it into a body made of spare "Transformers" parts. Apparently Ratchet only keeps a pile of bits and pieces for each Autobot lying around, so the result is a nightmarish collection of parts that look like someone tore the entire crew of the Ark apart and tried to slap them back together - which was the point since this was a reference to Frankenstein. He even had the bolts sticking out of his neck!

7. Perceptor becomes a Geisha

The Face of Nijika

Okay, that's kind of an exaggeration. The character of Nijika was actually a sophisticated robot who was meant to man the first exploration spacecraft of the planet Zamojin who just happened to look just like a Geisha, complete with a feminine voice used in a flashback. Over the course of the episode, Perceptor's mind essentially gets fused into the Nijika body, effectively making him Nijika if only temporarily.

8. Ravage is cornered by a gigantic alien cat

Child's Play

In "Child's Play", a group of Autobots and Decepticons wind up getting transported to a world where they are the size of action figures. This play on the actual play pattern of the toys was fun to see even as a kid (okay, maybe especially as a kid). The episode partly begins with Thrust firing baseballs from his arm cannon at humans (no, really) and Decepticons playing catch with a human being. Perhaps one of my favorite scene is the alien cat Nitro cornering the Decepticon feline, Ravage. It's a wonderfully silly and meta scene that shows "Transformers" was sometimes most fun when it didn't take itself too seriously.

9. Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie defeat Trypticon


In the Japanese exclusive "Headmasters" series, the first episode "Four Warriors Come out of the Sky", Daniel and Wheelie encounter Trypticon and manage to defeat him by...tricking him into stepping on a bridge and crashing into a canyon. No, seriously.

10. "Carnage in C-Minor"

Carnage in C-Minor

I could write an entire article on the weird and silly points of this episode. The premise alone is one that will raise eyebrows: a world run on music. It is used to fight, to heal and to um...create harmony. The episode also features amazing amounts of animation oddities and errors including the screen capture above where Defensor stands right next to Hot Spot - who forms his torso.

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