"Cool Toys" Magazine "Beast Wars II" Article Translations (Part 2)

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Cool Toys Magazine "Beast Wars II" Article Translations (Part Two)

Years ago I picked up a copy of the Japanese magazine "Cool Toys" featuring an article on "Beast Wars". After scanning it recently to post online, I decided to go the extra mile and have my buddy Doug Dlin translate the article as well!

Below is part one of a series featuring several pages of translations and scans from this magazine. Today I present pages one through three of the article.

This article was originally published in "Cool Toys" magazine and was written by Fumihiko Akiyama.

Beast Wars started in Japan in July of '97. Let's introduce the full lineup of the toys, which are pushing the 50 mark, and a variety of related goods.

The Cybertron supreme commander, he transforms into a gorilla, an animal that combines intelligence and power. Has a variety of built-in hidden weapons throughout his body, from missile launchers to swords to a skull-shaped morningstar, and his head converts into a wild beast face. His amazing action gimmick is a must-see: By operating a lever, he drums on his chest or spins his sword and morningstar around. ¥2980

A repaint made to match the show images is also available.

The Emperor of Destruction commanding the Destron forces, he transforms into the carnivorous dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex. In dinosaur mode, he expels poison from his mouth, while in robot mode, he's equipped with weapons such as twin hook launchers and a lever-operated pop-out claw, plus he has a head-change gimmick. His transformation gimmick complexity competes for top or second place within Beast Wars. ¥2980

This infantry battle commander transforms into a polar bear. In beast mode, push down on his tail, and he opens his mouth and bares his fangs. Hs left foreleg also has pop-out claws in beast mode, and the gimmick in which a bat-shaped drone pops out of his right foreleg and transforms is a must-see. ¥2280

This desert battle commander transforms into a scorpion, he launches a bee-shaped drone from his left pincer and fires twin missiles from his left. He also has the head-change gimmick and is equipped with lever-operated swing action that pops out the stinger in his tail. ¥2280

This special combatant transforms into a giant, bright red ant. Remove his huge mandibles, which open and close via a lever, and they become a missile launcher, which can fire by using his rear legs as missiles. Can also convert to Attack Mode by opening up the tail. ¥2000

This jungle patrol soldier turns into a cheetah. The beast mode stomach becomes a water gun, and the tail section becomes a handgun. He also includes the head-change gimmick, and his monstrous beast face leaves quite an impression. ¥1500

This special combatant transforms into a velociraptor. He betrayed the Destrons and became a Cybertrons. In beast mode, his tail section becomes both a sword and a switch-operated spinning shield. His beast face resembles a dinosaur skull. ¥1500

This ground defense fighter turns into a rhinoceros. A circular saw blade and morningstars can be attached to the machine built into him and spun around. His beast mode tail becomes a sword, and he has the head-change gimmick. ¥1500

This Cybertron polar reconnaissance member transforms into a white tiger. The toy is a recolor of Cheetus, and its Japanese and U.S. colorations differ. The torso water gun can be used in beast mode as well. ¥1500

This Cybertron warrior turns into a wolf. The wolf-mode head becomes the shoulder armor, the tail becomes a launcher, into which one can set and fire hook missiles plugged into the back of the torso. ¥1500

This special combatant transforms into a hammerhead shark. The beast mode head and missiles can be fired from a launcher, and its tail becomes a giant pincer in robot mode. ¥1500

This aerial attack fighter turns into a wasp. The beast mode tail becomes a launcher, into which one can set and fire the missiles clipped under the semitransparent wings. ¥1500

This ninja turns into a spider. He fires a grappling hook from his back end. Detach the abdomen, and it becomes a launcher which can fire by using the rear four legs as missiles. It's also equipped with the head-change gimmick. ¥1500

The Destrons' intelligence operative turns into a black widow spider. The only female character in the Japanese version, she has many big moments in the TV show as a devilish female martial artist. The toy is a recolor of Tarans and shares all its gimmicks. ¥1500

This camouflage artist of the Destron forces transforms into a black panther. The toy is a Cheetus repaint and has all the same gimmicks. It also has the head-change mechanism. ¥1500

The aerial surveillance member of the Destrons, in Japan, he transforms into a majorly yellow and black two-tone-colored wasp. The toy is a recolor Waspitor and shares all the same gimmicks. ¥1500

The Cybertrons' spy turns into a rat. Has a one-touch transformation gimmick via a spring and a disassembled gun hidden inside the body. The slightly grotesque design has personality to it. ¥750

This is Convoy's form after modifying his own body for combat in the Amazon so it turns into a bat. Has a wondrous one-touch transformation gimmick via a spring, and twin cutlasses hidden in the wings. ¥750

This special combatant transforms into a falcon, has a lever-operated wing-flap gimmick, and can extend claws from both wings to clamp down on enemies. Also equipped with a hidden weapon in the tail. ¥750

This Destron aerial combatant transforms into a pteranodon. Has a one-touch transformation gimmick via a spring, and a folding gun stored in his back. The proportions in robot mode are good. ¥750

This is Convoy's form after modifying his body for combat in the Amazon so it turns into an alligator. Has a one-touch transformation gimmick via a spring, and the tail can be detached and used as a gun for robot mode. ¥750

This Destron surveillance member converts into a stag beetle and has a one-touch transformation gimmick. It has the greatest abundance of gimmicks for its size; the mandibles and armor on its back open up, and there's a disassembled bow gun stored under the armor. ¥750

Small Transformers that change into spheres and can also become key holders. Both factions were provided a humanoid mold, a bird mold, and a lion mold. ¥500 ea.

Egg Beasts
The Cybertron Egg Beasts come in three types: the humanoid Eggbot, the avian Eggbird, and the leonine Eggleo.

Dark Egg Beasts
The Destrons' Egg Beasts. There are three kinds: the humanoid Dark Eggbot, the avian Dark Eggbird, and the leonine Dark Eggleo.

Check Out These Items Only Available in Special Sets!
Aside from the numerous Beast Wars products sold individually, there also those which are only sold as special sets. These special sets are splendid things, containing characters or specially made accessories you can't get anywhere else.

This special set comes with Conbat and Megalligator recolored in the emblematic colors of their respective factions, red and purple, plus a CD-ROM for PCs. ¥2980

The included data base CD-ROM.

This special set comes with two beasts: the Cybertron desert combatant Armor, who changes into an armadillo, and the Destron special desert demolitions member Snapper, who turns into a snapping turtle. The volcano diorama included in the set comes with a motorized boulder-launching gimmick. ¥3980

Comes with a gimmick in which boulders roll down the motorized volcano.

Must-See! Version Differences Overseas
There are a number of items in the Beast Wars series that were repainted for domestic sale. In Cheetus's case, for example, the original version's eyes were actually blue. Even in the U.S., this version was only shipped in the very beginning of the line; in Japan, it was sold with the eyes modified to green to match what was on TV.

Pack-In Cards Magnify the Enjoyment of Collecting
For the Beast Wars products sold from Takara, character cards are included as a perk exclusive to the Japanese editions. Since a good number of characters who don't appear on TV are among the toys, these character cards are an indispensable information source for learning such characters' abilities, profiles, functions, and so on.

Each character's information is listed on these trading card-sized character cards.

"Cool Toys" Magazine "Beast Wars II" Article Translations (Part 2)