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*Special thanks to Fumihiko Akiyama for the Unicron prototype pictures.

This article originally appeared on BWTF back around 1999, but it was lost during the site's transition to its current servers. The images above have been rescanned in a larger size and touched up to bring out their details. Since the original publication of this article, fans have had a chance to purchase many Unicron toys, a few of which were Supreme Class toys, while others were Deluxe. Imagine a time however where images of the 1986 Unicron prototype were as close to a Unicron toy as you had ever seen. No Unicron toy had ever hit mass retail. This made the reveal of this "Beast Wars Neo" Unicron that much more special. The figure was never released, but it was shown during a Japanese toy show. Next to the prototype was a note (translated below):

Project: Unicron Resurrection
During the planning stages of BEAST WARS NEO, there was a project to have Unicron appear as the final boss. Developmet to make him into an actual [toy] product proceeded in conjunction with this project. However, due to various circumstances, it was brought to a halt when the prototype was completed. Normally, it would have been covered up in the corner of some storehouse, never to be seen by the eyes of the world. However, it would have been too great a waste to let it end up buried in darkness like that.

At this point, we racked our brains for a way this could somehow see the light of day. It was decided to spread the word that it looks like the only way is to get the help of all you fans out there, so we're announcing it now.

Specifically, the method [we're looking at] is the "Perfect Mail Order Reception System": first we get you to order it, and if the number of orders exceeds the minimum lot amount, they'll start up the molds and the toys should reach you directly.

Of course, since it'll be an exceedingly small production run on a full-injection[-molded] product, it'll be extremely expensive. It'll also take quite some time to reach you.

Even so, if there are fans out there whom we've encouraged, we'd love to get your assessment of its workmanship and get you to participate in thisresurrection plan, so please fill out the questionnaire that's on a separate sheet.

IF THE PLAN GETS STARTED, we will have detailed advice sent out.
Unicron Resurrection Committee

The Unicron toy would have offered abundant play possibilities. The Unicron Resurrection Committee detailed the following features of the toy:

  • Planet Crushers are movable. Countless worlds have found no escape from his gargantuan maw.
  • The hatch opens and his Attack Hands, his offensive armament, can move. The Claw Hand and Drill Hand writhe about, seeking the Matrix.
  • Attack Mode. (Micromaster) Rodimus and his ilk are nothing more than miserable worms crawling at his feet. *This relates to a picture showing the Micromaster Rodimus next to the Unicron prototype in robot mode, looking quite tiny.
  • Horns and mouth are movable. Expressing his rage, he strikes fear into all Transformers.
  • Missiles launch. He smashes all enemies, be they Autobot or Decepticon. [Yes, it specifically says AUTOBOT and DECEPTICON as opposed to Cybertron and Destron.]

Despite a massive e-mail campaign, Takara decided to shelve this toy idea, so this toy joins its predecessor prototype from the 80's as one of the legendary unproduced Transformers to this day.