Articles: Eleven Things I want to see in "Transformers 5" (Part 2)

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6. Cade Yaeger

Cade Yaeger

If I had it my way, most of these live action movies would be robot battle fests, but humans are a critical part of the Michael Bay "Transformers" films, so if they must be there, let's use good ones then. Cade was a great combination of inventor, hero and sympathetic character. He even manages to provide some humor, but not in an obnoxious or degrading way. I'd really like to see Cade return, working for Joshua Joyce to use "Transformers" technology for the betterment of mankind (read: not making weapons, but maybe solutions for housing or safer vehicles on the road etc.). It would give us a chance to see his true brilliance, which we only saw sparingly in this film when he repairs Optimus Prime (which, let's face it, probably wasn't easy). I found Cade to be one of the best human characters in the film series so far. Heck, I'd even like to see this open the door for other characters like Maggie Madsen to return to the series perhaps at as a colleague of Cade's.

7. The Autobots

The Autobots

One of the bad habits Michael Bay has is disposing of characters off screen. This movie did show us some guys from the previous films being hunted down by Cemetary Wind, but there were still others unaccounted for such as Dino and Roadbuster. Drift does say at one point the Autobots we see in this film are the last ones left, but how do we know? Did he see all the others hunted down? They seemed surprised at Leadfoot's demise. My hope would be at the very least, Drift, Hound and Crosshairs return. Each got a lot more attention than say, Dino did in "Dark of the Moon" and they could form a solid core to add characters to (though I'm totally open to each character taking on a new form for the purpose of new toys). This would also show that the Autobots are not just afterthoughts but true characters in the movie.

8. N.E.S.T.


"Age of Extinction" strayed away from the formula of previous films that featured a heavy emphasis on the military. However, it was disheartening to find out Autobot/human operations had ceased and effectively the N.E.S.T. (Non-biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty) alliance was ended. With the machinations of the government revealed, I would hope that a new alliance in the spirit of N.E.S.T. is formed so Autobots and humans can work together. I'd also love to see some of the soldiers from the previous films return as I found many of them fun characters.

9. Techno-Organics

Techno-organic wolf

Since the days of "Generation One" there have been storylines and toys that involved combining Cybertronian technology with organics. The Headmasters, Pretenders and Powermasters were all examples of this. When "Beast Wars" and "Beast Machines" took this concept to another level, it was quite a shake up in the perception of what a "Transformer" truly was. Now it was possible for Transformers to have organics and mechanical systems built into one body and not necesarily waiting for their head to be formed or some other combination. This idea has not been explored in the films, but the wolf-like creatures on Lockdown's ship did seem to have a blend of technological and biological components. I would've loved to see one of them transform (there is a toy coming out that does just that) but at the very least, the possible idea for other techno-organic beasts being explored deeper would be awesome.

10. Lockdown's Ship


When Lockdown's spaceship was introduced, we weren't just introduced to a big chunk of Cybertronian technology, we were introduced to a big chunk of story possibilities. Among the intriguing parts:

  • Lockdown indicated the ship used to belong to the Knights of Cybertron, that story would be interesting to explore (are there more knights? Other ships with other knights?)
  • Soldiers: we saw Lockdown had a small army that he commanded, though what happened to them by the end of the movie is uncertain. That is a potential source of all new characters.
  • Sparks: When Ratchet was destroyed, it didn't look like Lockdown extinguished his Spark, it looks more like he had extracted it, and we know he liked to store "trophies". Could there be a Spark chamber full of disembodied warriors just waiting to emerge? Hmmm.
  • Given the potential space-based nature of the next film, it would be great to see the ship repurposed as a new Ark or something that allows the Autobots to travel through space as needed.

11. The "Creators"


One of the most stunning and chilling revelations was that Optimus Prime was "built" by "Creators" and not "born". This is a stunning possibility as it implies the Movie universe is akin to the original G1 universe in that Transformers are manufactured by...someone. Of course, the logical conclusion most fans make is the coming of the Quintessons. Given at the beginning of the movie we saw a six fingered hand, I'm not sure we're going to get Quintessons as we know them, but the theme of some other alien race having created the Transformers opens up a lot of potential for Autobots and Decepticons alike to have a mutual enemy. It may also introduce a whole other army of Transformers who serve the "Creators" (a la the Sharkticons). Imagine an alien world in live action on the scale of Quintessa as we saw in the 1986 animated movie! There are wonderful possibilities here for adventure, visual thrills and deepening the mythology of the live action movie universe.

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