Article: Fourteen takeaways from "The Last Knight" trailer

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Fourteen Takeaways from the first "The Last Knight" Trailer

1. Medieval Times
Rumors have been circulating for months that part of this film takes place in the past, specifically the era of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The opening shots of the trailer seem to confirm this, showing an ancient looking sword and then shots of humans on horseback charging th rough the forest, swords and flags in hand.

2. Megatron? Is that you?
One of the more intriguing shots in the trailer is a three headed, mechanical dragon flying through the air. It has already been revealed that Megatron is returning for "The Last Knight". Could this be the Decepticon leader's new alt form? It would certainly fit with the rather wild and animalistic look of his new head design. Note: fans already got a look at a part of this creature on the official banner poster for the movie.

3. The film will move through the ages
Medieval times are not the only time frame this film will visit. This was already spoiled by a controversy earlier this year when Nazi flags were set up at Blenheim Palace in England. Now we have confirmation that some of the action will be taking place in the World War II era.

4. Chicago will not be forgotten
The battle of Chicago was a major turning point for Earth in this continuity, and a shot of a wrecked stadium complete with Transformers vehicle parts seems to indicate we will get some type of flashback or reference to that battle which changed Earth forever. Of course, it is equally possible this represents a battle happening in the film itself.

5. Characters to be revealed
One scene in the trailer features (presumably) an Autobot who appears to be in pain or struggling on the battlefield. He does not really match the appearance of any Autobots revealed so far. Some have speculated this might be Hot Rod, but the colors don't match those of the artwork revealed months ago. Personally between the orange/yellow colors and the round head I think he'd be a prime candidate to be Huffer (but I doubt it).

6. Part of the film is set underwater
Two human submersibles are shown over what appears to be a gigantic entrance to something Cybertronian looking. Clearly there are secrets everywhere related to the Transformers. It will be interesting to see what is revealed in this Cybertronian structure.

7. Optimus Prime's mission did not quite work out
At the end of "Age of Extinction" we saw Optimus Prime boldly blasting into outer space to confront the "Creators" of the Transformers. However in this trailer we see that his fate wound up being a sad one as his seemingly lifeless body floats through space. Of course, he pops up later in the trailer so I suspect this scene takes place early on in the film.

8. Ancient Cybertronian technology in a familiar shape
Buried in a desert, presumably on Earth appears to be a gigantic horn like structure. This could just be another example of ancient Cybertronian technology on Earth, but many fans have pointed out it resembles one of the horns on Unicron!

9. Cade is on the run
It looks like after Cemetary Wind turned his life upside down, Cade Yaeger is now on the run. We see him surrounded and captured by the military. The interesting question now is why was he running? After all, by the end of "Age of Extinction" he helped save the day, and now he's being hunted? Rather ungrateful if you ask me. That said, the trailer later shows him working together with Lennox. Other movies in the series have shown characters initially at odds working together, so it looks like it is happening again.

10. It only LOOKS like Gobotron
The trailer features what appears to be a smashed up planet approaching Earth. These would appear to be the remnants of Cybertron after Sentinel Prime's failed plan to bring Cybertron to Earth. The trauma the world experienced from the Space Bridge would explain all the missing chunks. However, you can still se the distinctive hex shaped parts on the planet's surface that were a key design element of Cybertron in previous films. Maybe the Creators take Cybertron over somehow? It appears to be moving with purpose in the trailer so it will be interesting to see what is behind this!

11. The humans are using mecha
"Age of Extinction" dealt with the idea that the humans had the ability to develop transforming Vehicons. However it looks like the military has taken to building 'bots of their own in the form of AT-ST like mecha!

12. Another Knight?
EDIT: Several folks have pointed out this character is in fact Megatron in a new form, quite different than his "Galvatron body" from "Age of Extinction"! But how does he fit into the "Knight" motif? I'm very curious to find out!

13. Optimus Prime returns
Earlier in the trailer we see Optimus Prime floating in space seemingly lifeless. Towards the end we see that he is alive and returns. Yay! Wait...not so fast...

14. Dark Awakening
In one of the final scenes of the trailer Optimus Prime grabs Bumblebee and slams him to the ground before asking to be forgiven. That line seems to indicate Optimus has not gone "evil", but perhaps he is being manipulated by outside forces? There are shades of the classic G1 episode "Dark Awakening" here where the Quintessons used the deceased Optimus Prime to lure Autobots into a trap. That episode even featured a fight between Optimus Prime and Hot Rod. With Hot Rod being introduced in this movie, could history be repeating itself? This was a great hook to end the trailer on as it creates more questions than it answers.

Also note that Optimus Prime has blue eyes in one scene, but when he is attacking Cade and Bumblebee he has purple eyes hinting at some type of outside influence!

"Transformers The Last Knight" has wrapped filming and is due for release on June 23, 2017.