February 11th, 2012

"Transformers Prime", "Marvel Flip & Attack" and "Rescue Bots" galleries up!

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Three more galleries from Toy Fair 2012 have been uploaded! Check out the galleries for Marvel Flip & Attack, Transformers Prime and Rescue Bots!

Toy Fair 2012 Generations Gallery Open!

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The first Toy Fair 2012 album for BWTF is up! Check out my snappy snaps of the Generations figures from Toy Fair 2012 in the Generations album!

Bot Shots Barricade Reviewed

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Barricade is an expert at using trust for his own ends. When he's done being sneaky, he transforms into a powerful robot to battle Autobots! Today's review brings you a look at Bot Shots Barricade!

February 10th

BWTF at Toy Fair 2012!

BWTF will be attending Toy Fair 2012 February 11! During the presentation session I'll be Tweeting live bits of juicy info from the auditorium so be sure to follow @BWTF_Ben on Twitter! Afterwards I'll be taking photos from the showroom to post on BWTF! Check here for more information tomorrow afternoon.

February 8th

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Cliffjumper Reviewed

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Cliffjumper's a Transformer with eons of experience in combat, and he's never afraid to take the fight straight to the enemy! With his blasters and "the horns", he's never one to back down from a fight. Check out my review of Legion Class Cliffjumper to see if this tough guy should join your collection!

February 7th

Transformers News Round Up: Hasbro addresses the "Prime" debacle, Prime Snow sculpture, "Prime" interviews and more!

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After much frustration, anger and confusion, Hasbro has clarified the issue of the "missing" First Edition figures from "Transformers Prime" via

"Transformers Prime" and "Rescue Bots" voice actor Steve Blum and producer Jeff Kline held a live chat yesterday, see the transcript here via the Official Transformers Facebook page

Some industrious workers in Asia have created a gigantic Optimus Prime inspired snow sculpture via io9

"Fall of Cybertron" Bruticus artwork! Need I say more? via the Official Transformers Facebook page

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Vehicon Reviewed

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Their numbers are legion and they serve Megatron's will or face destruction! In their ground based forms they transform into powerful vehicles before turning into destructive robots in disguise! Check out my review of the Legion Class Vehicon!

February 6th

Bot Shots Starscream Reviewed

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Treacherous and powerful, you bet Starscream will do anything to win a battle as he smashs into his enemies! Today's review brings you a look at "Bot Shots" Starscream.

Transformers News Roundup: Transformers invade the Super Bowl, Action Figure reveals, Transformers want an Oscar and Hasbro disc

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Hasbro has begun releasing pictures of upcoming "Transformers Prime" toys in advance of Toy Fair on their Facebook page. Revealed so far are Knock-Out, Vehicon and Hotshot!

With Transformers angling to win an Oscar, they have aired a commercial focusing on the sound effects used in the movie - via New York Times Blog

Hasbro experiences a 4% growth in Q4 2011, but still less than expected - via Hollywood Reporter

Megatron and Optimus Prime battled it out again, this time for a commercial advertising the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios (see embed below) - via Worst Previews

February 5th

Bot Shots Transformers Bumblebee Reviewed

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Bumblebee may not be the strongest Autobot, but equip him with a melee weapon and he's got some skills! Battle your Decepticons with Bot Shots Bumblebee! Check out my first Bot Shots review: Bumblebee!