July 11th, 2014

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This Leader class figure comes with a removable helmet so he can be displayed as he appeared in the G1 cartoon or his look from the Stormbringer comic miniseries. We have him listed at $46.99.


Affiliate News: Hikari Premium Japanese Vinyl - Entertainment Earth Exclusive

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Optimus Prime

Entertainment Earth has opened up pre-orders for Hikari Premium Japanese Vinyl figures of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Please help support BWTF by ordering them via the links below!

Order Transformers Battle Ready Bumblebee Hikari Premium EE Exc. from Entertainment Earth!

Order Transformers Battle Ready Optimus Prime Hikari Premium Exc. from Entertainment Earth!

July 10th

Toy News: "Transformers: Lost Age" Action Figure Commercial

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While most audiences in North America know the latest "Transformers" toy line as "Age of Extinction", Japan is calling the series "Lost Age". Like the US, they are releasing several of the "One Step Changers" along with an exclusive Optimus Prime figure that includes a trailer that becomes a flight pack. Check out the awesome commercial for these toys featuring some action packed fun!

July 9th

Sponsor News BBTS - Transformers "Lost Age" exclusive Wheeljack up for preorder

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Lost Age Wheeljack

A couple weeks back, it was revealed the Aeon stores in Japan would be getting an exclusive "Lost Age" Wheeljack figure. BWTF Sponsor has just listed the item for preorder at $41.99, head over and put your order in now, I did!

July 8th

Toys: Unreleased Transformers Generation 2 Menasor auction ends

G2 Stunticons

Setting what may be a record high for a "Transformers" auction (for five figures), the set of bagged, unreleased Stunticons I first posted about a week ago have sold for a whopping $26,815! The link is still up, check it out!

Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Optimus Prime

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After hiding from humans who ambushed him, Optimus revealed himself to save Cade Yaeger and his family. Afterward, he knew he needed a new disguise and took on the form of a Western Star longnose truck in vehicle mode and a new robot mode! Today's review brings you a look at One Step Changer Optimus Prime.

July 7th

Movie News: "Transformers Age of Extinction" holds onto #1 box office spot

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It was a slow weekend for the United States Box Office, but that didn't keep "Age of Extinction" from keeping the number one spot. Unfortunately, it's not all good news. The film's revenues dropped 63 percent according to Box Office Mojo. The fourth entry in the "Transformers" live action movie franchise took in $37.1 million, bringing it up to a worldwide total of $576,295,954 meaning the film has already made back its budget and then some.

Movie News: Concept Art for "Age of Extinction" revealed

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Grimlock and Optimus Prime
Strafe and Bumblebee

Artist Wesley Burt has revealed some amazing pre-production artwork he did for "Age of Extinction". The pieces above are just a few he posted on his Facebook page. Check out his album for a look at all the pictures.

July 6th

Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee

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While hiding out Bumblebee knew he had to take on a new form, but he loved his previous Camaro forms so he decided to go retro and disguised himself as a high octane 1967 Camaro waiting for the day when Optimus Prime would return! Check out my review of High Octane Bumblebee.

July 3rd

Toy Review Update: "Beast Machines" Deployer Rav

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When the Maximals were struggling to survive under Megatron's Vehicon rule, one of their best assets were the Deployers, a group of ancient Cybertronian weapons. Today's updated review features Rav in both red and blue variants!