June 4th, 2014

Toy News: "Transformers" San Diego Comic-Con exclusive set revealed: "Knights of Unicron"

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The 30th Anniversary of "Transformers" goes back to its 80's roots with the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive boxed set. Dubbed the "Knights of Unicron", this set features redecos of four figures: Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime, Autobot Jazz, Cybertronian Soundwave and Cybertronian Megatron.

Merchandise: "Age of Extinction" Silver Proof Lenticular Coins up for order in Australia

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Bumblebee coin
Lockdown coin
Optimus Prime coin

The Perth Mint of Australia has put up special Lenticular Silver Proof Coins for order. Each coin features a character from the movie (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Lockdown) and is limited to 5,000 pieces. They are due to ship June 16, 2014. Check out the official site if you want to order these unique items.

Toy Review: "Rescue Bots" Blades the Rescue Dinobot

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When the Autoots discovered a savage land of creatures from Earth's ancient history, they took on new forms to better navigate this strange place. Wanting to stay in the air, Blades took on an alternate form with features of a majestic pterodactyl! As a follow up to my review of Heatwave, take a look at my review of Blades the Rescue Dinobot!

June 3rd

Movie News: Mother Jones article about Michael Bay (and why he gets to keep making movies)

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Director Michael Bay is one of the most polarizing characters in the history of the "Transformers" franchise. Fans love to demonize him (sometimes with good reason, other times not). I found this piece on Mother Jones written last year that gives background on Bay and talks to others who have known him and worked with him. It's a good piece to get a bigger picture of the "Transformers" Producer and director beyond "He makes loud movies with lots of silver robots."

Toy Review: "Rescue Bots" Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot

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Heatwave has always been adaptable to any situation. When his vehicle modes would not do, he switched to a brontosaurus mode that would allow him to navigate savage lands to come to the rescue! Check out my review of Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot!

Toy News: Sales of "Movie tie in" Action Figures down according to NY Post

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The New York Post reported yesterday that sales of action figures with tie-ins to movies such as "Spider Man 2" and "Age of Extinction" are down. According to the article:

The toys licensed around the next “Transformers” film is nearly 50 percent below levels seen before the release of the previous franchise film in 2011, Johnson notes.

June 2nd

Movie News: "Transformers Age of Extinction" tickets go on sale June 3rd!

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"Age of Extinction" banner

The "Age of Extinction" Facebook Page has announced that advance tickets for "Age of Extinction" will be going on sale Tuesday June 3rd! Get your tickets to be among the first to see this film. Some Thursday night showtimes are available as well!

Sponsor News: Transformers pens coming our way!

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Optimus Prime (Robot Mode)
Optimus Prime (Pen Mode)
Nemesis Prime (Robot Mode)
Nemesis Prime (Pen Mode)
Ultra Magnus (Robot Mode)
Ultra Magnus (Pen Mode)

For those not in the know, Sentinel Ltd. is releasing a set of three "Transformers" themed pens! These figures look incredible. The official company write up is as follows:

"When one of the most iconic of all Transformers meets the engineering genius of Sentinel Co., Ltd., the result is a brilliant transforming item. This white Transformer Ultra Magnus Pen! Exquisitely proportioned and fully posable in 10.5cm-high robot mode, Convoy/Black Convoy/Ultra Magnus transforms into a stylin' fistful of a 14.3cm-long pen that's both able to write and ready to infiltrate your office or school desk!"

Sponsor News - BBTS: Transformers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Hot Toys, The Walking Dead & More!

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Grimlock stands about 7" tall and Optimus is about 6.7" tall. Both Ex Gohkin figures come with multiple weapons and are non-transforming. Grimlock is listed at $154.99 and Optimus at $124.99.

A wide variety of new "Guardians of the Galaxy" items are up for pre-order. They include vehicles like Rocket Raccoon's Warbird, Figure two-packs like Ronan and Star Lord and Drax and Korath, a Guardians Role Play Set, a Big Blastin' Rocket Raccoon, Rapid Revealers figures, a Battle FX Star Lord figure, Titan Hero figures of Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon and more.

Exquisitely proportioned and fully posable in 10.5cm-high robot mode, Ultra Magnus transforms into a stylin' fistful of a 14.3cm-long pen that's both able to write and ready to infiltrate your office or school desk! It is listed at $54.99.

Toy Review: "Generations" Tailgate with Groundbuster

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Having been dormant for a majority of the Great War on Cybertron, Tailgate's perspective is a bit different than those of his fellow crew members on The Lost Light. He is prone to tall tales but when the time comes to do his job, his partner Groundbuster helps him succeed despite himself. Check out my review of Tailgate with Groundbuster!