June 25th, 2014

Toy Review: "Timelines" Botcon 2014 Knight Flareup

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Optimistic and talented, Flareup is a bright light on Ginrai's team. Trained by the Targetmasters, Flareup is a master of many strategies on the battlefield. When called upon, she can participate in rescue missions too as her armor allows her to withstand temperatures other Autobots cannot. Today's review brings you a look at Knight Flareup from Botcon 2014!

June 24th

Toy Review: Botcon 2014 Exclusive Flamewar

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Flamewar is a staunch defender of the Decepticon cause. While she has worked in many capacities from a warrior to mercenary, deep in her core she truly believes the Decepticon way is the true path to the success of the Transformers race, and she is more than willing to use violence to enforce that belief! Check out my review of Botcon 2014 Flamewar!

Sponsor News from BBTS: Transformers, TMNT, Sherlock, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Godzilla & More!

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This new third party set of 5 includes all of the figures you need to assemble Quantron! Futuristic versions of a motorcycle, a sportscar, a drill tank, a starfighter and a central cannon ship merge to form the technophile gestalt Quantron, and you can get the whole set for $399.99 due to the Early Bird deal of $30 off the MSRP.

June 22nd

Movie News: Chinese Company Pangu wants edits to "Age of Extinction"

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The production of "Age of Extinction" involved the cooperation of many entities in China. One of these was the Pangu Plaza in Beijing. Now, Pangu has contacted China's film regulator to either postpone or stop the premiere of the film, accusing Paramount Pictures of not holding up to their end of the deal.

You can read more details on Bloomberg News.

Events: Botcon 2014 Coverage Updated with Saturday's report!

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My coverage of Botcon continues. In this I discuss the Rescue Bots panel, the Hasbro panel and the actions of one very disrespectful fan. Check it out!

June 21st

Toy News: Botcon 2014 Official Hasbro Photos!

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Want to see the major reveals from Hasbro's Botcon 2014 panel? Sure you do! Check out my Ben's World of Transformers Facebook Page where I'm posting all new albums with cool photos of new "Age of Extinction" figures, Generations Arcee and more!

June 20th

Events: Botcon 2014 Coverage Begins!

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My first official day of Botcon is over! I've begun a running blog/article about the event. The entry begins with Friday's events and will continue to be updated during the weekend. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for photos and live Tweets from panels!

Toy Reviews: Botcon 2014 coverage begins today!

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This weekend is one Transformers fans all over the world look forward to every year: Botcon!

As with past years, BWTF will be covering the event with news and pictures. Be sure to hook into BWTF's social media venues to be sure you're kept up to date:

Give BWTF a like on Facebook if you haven't already.

June 19th

Toy News: IGN reveals G1 themed "Age of Extinction" Dinobot SDCC Exclusive!

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Ark exterior
Ark interior
Grimlock (Beast Mode)
Grimlock (Robot Mode)
Snarl (Beast Mode)
Snarl (Robot Mode)
Strafe (Beast Mode)
Strafe (Robot Mode)

Entertainment site IGN revealed this morning the second San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive "Transformers" set: Generation One themed Dinobots! According to the article: "It includes Voyager scale Grimlock and Deluxe scale Snarl, Strafe, and Dinobot Slug in all of their prehistoric glory.".

Comic Book Review: "Windblade" Issue #2

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As Windblade recovers from her injuries, she uncovers the horrible truth about the explosion and Starscream's role in it! Gathering allies, she goes to unearth the truth - but she may lose her life in the process! Check out my review of "Windblade #2"!