December 18th

Movie News: Did you like Cade Yeager? Prepare for more!

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"Age of Extinction" was considered a "soft reboot" of the live action "Transformers" movie franchise. This included introducing a whole new group of human characters. In the lead was Cade Yeager, played by Mark Wahlberg. In a recent press event for his upcoming film The Gambler the actor revealed we may be seeing more of Cade in future "Transformers" films. According to MTV News the actor stated:

Toy News: More images of "Masterpiece" Ultra Magnus

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The Official Takara Tomy Transformers Twitter has posted a series of new images featuring Masterpiece Ultra Magnus. The pictures give us a bit of a "behind the scenes" look at the prototype, some transformation steps and even the weight of the figure! These are interesting shots that tease what is sure to be one awesome figure.

December 17th

Sponsor News: BBTS - Avengers: Age of Ultron, DC Collectibles, Transformers, Batman, The Hobbit, Aliens, Kotobukiya, Bandai & More!

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Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Megatron

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Once he was the leader of Cybertron's security forces, ensuring the safety of Cybertron and its inhabitants. However, the lust for power overtook this Decepticon and soon he became the leader of a faction that would tear Cybertron and the Transformers race apart! Check out my review of One Step Changer Megatron.

December 16th

Sponsor News BBTS - Generations Arcee & Chromia in stock!

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BWTF sponsor has let me know that "Generations" Arcee and Chromia are now in stock! You can purchase them as a pair or separately. Remember, by supporting BBTS you also support!

Game News: Jagex to discontinue "Transformers Universe" on January 31, 2015

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I reported back in November that "Transformers Universe" publisher Jagex was going to lay off some staff.

It seems the next phase of their restructuring will involve shutting down "Transformers Universe on January 31, 2015. According to Games the publisher is going to refocus its efforts towards its in-house online game RuneScape.

Toy News: New images of "Masterpiece" Ultra Magnus

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The Official Takara Tomy Twitter feed for "Transformers" has posted images of the upcomign "Masterpiece" Ultra Magnus figure alongside his G1 counterpart. This really gives you a good sense of the size of the figure. Most surprisingly is its darker blue tone, which is more in line with the G1 animation model. This makes perfect sense as the "Masterpiece" line's current focus is being accurate to TV show models in robot mode. Check out the images below!

December 15th

Toy Review: "Robots in Disguise" (2015) Warrior Class Bumblebee

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Having helped the Autobots win the battle of Dark Energon, Megatron and the Predacon threat, Bumblebee has grown and taken a leadership role in the Autobot ranks. Now leading the team on Earth, he has his hands full with rookies. Lucky for them, Bumblebee is now a seasoned warrior! Today's review is Warrior Class Bumblebee, check it out!

December 14th

Toy Review: "Robots in Disguise" (2015) Warrior Class Strongarm

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Strongarm may not be the most experienced recruit among Bumblebee's team but what she lacks in time on the field she more than makes up for in enthusiasm and dedication. Today's review brings you a look at one of the newest members of the Autobot team: Strongarm!

December 12th

Toy Review: "Robots in Disguise" (2015) Warrior Class Steeljaw

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Steeljaw is one of the escaped fugitives from the crashed Decepticon ship. He is determined not to get caught by Bumblebee's team. If they try to capture him, he'll be ready for them with his fangs and claw weapon at the ready! Check out my review of Warrior Class Steeljaw!