March 26th, 2013

Toy Reviews: Beast Hunters Bulkhead and Prowl

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One is a master strategist with a warrior's heart while the other is a powerful warrior with a Spark of Gold. Together they fight the Predacons on Earth, thwarting Decepticon plans of conquest! Check out today's reviews: Deluxe Bulkhead and Legion Class Prowl!

March 25th

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Ripclaw

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Ripclaw is deadly and loyal to Predaking despite efforts of Lazerback to influence her. If her claws and teeth do not do the job, she'll use her siphon claw instead! Check out my review of Deluxe Ripclaw.

Toy Review: Beast Hunters Legion Class Bumblebee

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Bumblebee is never one to shy away from a challenge. When the time came to take on the Predacons, he was ready and willing to armor up and add new weapons to his arsenal! Today's first review brings you a look at "Beast Hunters" Legion Class Bumblebee.

March 24th

Toy Review: "Transformers Prime" Beast Hunters Legion Class Airachnid

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Cruel, powerful and highly skilled, Airachnid is a frightening force part of the Decepticon army. Check out my review of Legion Class Airachnid!

March 22nd

TV Show Reviews: "Transformers Prime" Beast Hunters Episodes 1-3

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The Autobots have lost their base and they are scattered across the country. Their leader has fallen and the Decepticons reign supreme from their Darkmount fortress. Worse, the Decepticons have a new plan to find the Autobots and destroy them! Check out my review of the first three episodes of "Beast Hunters"!

Transformers News Roundup: Beast Hunters tonight, Transformers 4 news & Retro commercial!

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Beast Hunters debuts tonight! Tune in to The Hub at 7:30pm ET | 4:30 PT to see the aftermath of last season's shocking conclusion!

Some details for "Transformers 4" have been leaked. Some fans may find elements of the storyline familiar - via CNN Blog

"Transformers Prime" producer talks the final season and if anything is next! - via IGN

"Transformers 4" will be filming part of the film in Detroit, MI - via ABC Action News

Gregg Berger and Flint Dille to attend TFExpo 2013 - via Tformers

The Facebook group anTOYquity has unearthed an awesome 80's commercial for "Transformers"! See below.

Sponsor News: BBTS Batman, Transformers, Star Wars, ToyWorld, GI Joe, Diamond Select, Borderlands, Bowen, Godzilla & More!

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We have just listed the first two waves of the Batman Classic 1966 TV Figures, as well as the first box set. The first wave includes Batman, Riddler and Penguin and is listed at $54.99 for the Set of 3; the second wave of Batman Classic 1966 TV figures Case includes two of Joker and one each of Batman, Penguin, Riddler and Surf's Up Batman, and is priced at $104.99. We have them listed as a Set of 5 (one of each figure) at $94.99, and the Joker singly at $17.99. The new Box Set includes Batman and Robin walking up the side of the building; this two-pack is the only way to get the Robin figure, and is listed at $32.99.

We will be receiving a small number of this year's Machine Wars: Termination Botcon sets, and they are now available for pre-order. We have the Box Set of 5 listed at $474.99, and the Loose Set at $449.99.

Toy Review: Arms Micron Smokescreen with S.2

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Team Prime is composed of grizzled veterans of battles across the galaxy across millions of years. Smokescreen's relative inexperience and enthusiasm have been a boost to the team and he does his best to live up to the example of his idol, Optimus Prime. Today's review brings you a look at last year's Japanese exclusive interpretation of the character from the Arms Micron toy line.

March 21st

Toy Review: KRE-O Microchangers Combiner Decepticon Bruticus set

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The Combaticons are one of the most dangerous Decepticon teams out there. Between their brains and brawn they can meet almost any challenge! This morning's review focuses on KRE-O Micro-Changer Decepticon Bruticus!

March 19th

Toy Review: Bot Shots Flip Shot Decepticon Brawl

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Brawl is one Decepticon who will never run away from a fight. Instead, he loves charging right into the thick of battle! Check out this latest incarnation of Brawl as a Bot Shot Flip Shot!