June 19th, 2014

Toy News: IGN reveals G1 themed "Age of Extinction" Dinobot SDCC Exclusive!

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Entertainment site IGN revealed this morning the second San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive "Transformers" set: Generation One themed Dinobots! According to the article: "It includes Voyager scale Grimlock and Deluxe scale Snarl, Strafe, and Dinobot Slug in all of their prehistoric glory.".

Ark exterior
Ark interior
Grimlock (Beast Mode)
Grimlock (Robot Mode)
Snarl (Beast Mode)
Snarl (Robot Mode)
Strafe (Beast Mode)
Strafe (Robot Mode)

Comic Book Review: "Windblade" Issue #2

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As Windblade recovers from her injuries, she uncovers the horrible truth about the explosion and Starscream's role in it! Gathering allies, she goes to unearth the truth - but she may lose her life in the process! Check out my review of "Windblade #2"!

June 18th

Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" Smash & Change Optimus Prime

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In the heat of battle, mere seconds can mean the difference between victory or defeat. Transforming quickly between robot and vehicle modes, Optimus uses his Sword of Judgement to take out the Decepticons right before he speeds away to his next battle! Take a look at my review of Smash & Change Optimus Prime!

Botcon 2014 News: Custom Class Figure revealed - Primal Prime!

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Taking a page from Transformers and Botcon history, the Botcon Twitter feed has revealed this year's custom class figure is Primal Prime based off the "Beast Wars 10th Anniversary" sculpt! Sporting translucent red like his predecessor and even a "Beast Machines" era Maximal symbol (and a pic of the rumored Alpha Trion figure on the hoverboard). This guy looks fantastic!

Botcon 2014 Primal Prime

June 17th

Toy Review: "Generations" Skrapnel with Reflector

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Skrapnel has a voracious hunger for food and destruction! Using his control over electricity he can destroy any Autobots that oppose him! If all that doesn't work, his partner Reflector transforms into a deadly blaster. For more covert operations, Reflector transforms into a camera to snap pictures of enemy secrets! Check out my review of Skrapnel with Reflector!

Movie News: New "Age of Extinction" commercial features Lockdown

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SPOILER ALERT! This new commercial for "Age of Extinction" features the Decepticon Lockdown and a pretty major spoiler, so be warned!

June 16th

Movie News: "Age of Extinction" faces challenges at the Chinese box office

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A major portion of the production for "Age of Extinction" took place in China, with input provided by Chinese Authorities and in partnership with Chinese production companies such as "China Movie Channel" and "Jiaflix Enterprises". According to the New York Times: "Studios in Hollywood, eager to find ways to tap into the fast-growing film market in China, have begun to explore the model with varying degrees of success."

Li Bingbing as Su Yueming (Paramount China)
Character poster for Su Yueming (Paramount China)

Transformers Art: Need to decorate your lawn? How about a giant Optimus Prime?

Feel like adding something special to your backyard or front lawn? How about a gigantic statue of Optimus Prime or Bumblebee? If that's your speed, check out Primitive Designs! According to their site: "Primitive Designs is a retail store in Port Hope, Ontario that deals in exotic and unique arts and crafts from around the world! Everything is imported and hand picked in over 7 different countries by owners Ron Dacey and Rhonda Cook."

Optimus Prime sculpture by Primitive Designs

Video: Are you ready for "Age of Extinction"? Probably not as ready as THESE folks!

"Big Red" has launched it's promotion featuring "Age of Extinction" artwork on its cans. Even better they've assembled an amazing commercial to go with it!

Toy News: Angry Birds Transformers are coming!

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In a mash up of brands that really should surprise absolutely no one, Forbes has revealed that Hasbro and Rovio have teamed up to create "Angry Birds Transformers".
The Official Angry Birds Transformers web site is live, but content is sparse right now.

Check out the attached poster for the license and the video below from FamilyGamerTV with the news and details:

Angry Birds Go!
Toy News: Angry Birds Transformers are coming!