October 8th, 2012

Sponsor News: TF Source - Encore Fortress Maximus, Masterpiece, Anime Devastator, Japanese Generations and more!

Greetings SourceFans!

This week we have many new preorders on the site including Encore #23 Fortress Maximus, Encore #20A Anime Devastator, and many new Takara/Tomy Masterpiece figures! New instock figures like iGear Hench and UFO, Make Toys Green Giant, Arms Micron Restocks and New Recruits! Be sure to check out our Source Blog for a new Source Article, Interview and Review as well. All this, and more... in this week's SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - Now up for Preorder!
2. New Masterpiece Preorders @TFsource!

October 3rd

Sponsor News: BBTS - HUGE UPDATE! Fortress Maximus Encore Edition and more!

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Encore #23 Fortress Maximus - $349.99 (April Release) or $399.99 for the early air shipment (March Release)

Takara MP-15 Masterpiece Ravage & Rumble - $59.99

Takara Generations - Fall of Cybertron:
Ultra Magnus

Takara Prime
Darkest Megatron
Jet Vehicon General

October 2nd

Toy Review: Super Bot Optimus Prime Reviewed

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Upgrading to a powerful Super Bot, Optimus Prime is now ready to take on any opponent as he crashes his way to victory! Today's review brings you a quick look at Super Bot Optimus Prime!

September 30th

Toy Review: Transformers United Stepper with Nebulon Reviewed

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Fellow Autobot warriors find it difficult to maintain friendly conversations with this quick-tempered, easily provoked Autobot, but Ricochet has an uncommonly strong sense of justice. This awesome Autobot has been updated for a new age as part of the Transformers United line, check out my review of Transformers United Stepper!

Toy Review: Arms Micron Cliffjumper with C.L. Reviewed

in Arms Micron, Autobot, Deluxe, News, Prime

Cliffjumper is the most hot-blooded of the Autobots. His ion cannon weapons are said to be a match even for Megatron's firepower. He also has the skills to overwhelm Decepticons not only with weapons, but with bare-handed martial arts as well. Today BWTF takes a look at the Japanese release of this cool character with a look at Arms Micron Cliffjumper with C.L.!

September 29th

Toy Review: Transformers Prime Hot Shot

in Autobot, Cybertron, Deluxe, News, Prime, Robots in Disguise

HOT SHOT spends most of his time trying to prove himself worthy of being called warrior by the older AUTOBOTS. Unfortunately, this often means either showing off, which bugs the more experienced soldiers, or rushing headlong into danger, which requires a rescue. He’s got a lot of potential, but he’s also got a lot to learn. Check out my review of Transformers Prime Hot Shot!

Toy Review: Commander Class Dreadwing Reviewed

in Commander, Cyberverse, Decepticon, News, Prime, Seeker

DREADWING is fiercely loyal to MEGATRON, and is nearly as savage in battle as the DECEPTICON leader himself. As a Seeker, he proved himself a force to be reckoned with. As DECEPTICON second in command, he may be the end of the AUTOBOTS. Now check out the Cyberverse version of this cool Decepticon!

September 27th

Sponsor News: TF Source - Kabaya Candy Series 6 - Dai Atlas Preorders Up

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Great news for Kabaya fans – just announced is series 6 Dai Atlas! Each inner case of 8 will include a random assortment of figures, shown so far are Sonic Bomber, Dai Atlas, Big Powered, and Road Fire! Due out in December.

Preorders up at TFsource for $43.95 per case of 8!

Kabaya Dai Atlas Assortment 6 - Candy Toys Assorted Box of 8 Figures

Toy News: Official Takara Tomy Arms Micron "Arms Master" Optimus Prime Video

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Toy Review: Transformers Prime Energon Driller with Knock Out

in Cyberverse, Decepticon, News, Playset, Prime

KNOCK OUT has spent so much time in the underground weapon design and cyber-surgery racket that he's come to literally prefer being underground. For moving shipments of plasma fusers through AUTOBOT territory, there's nothing better than the ENERGON DRILLER. Today's review brings you a look at the Energon Driller playset with Knock Out!