February 8th, 2014

"Generations" Armada Starscream reviewed!

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After the battles that ravaged Cybertron and his own body, Starscream upgraded his form to a new, sleek design that includes powerful missile launchers and two deadly swords! With the ability to connect to extra weapons, this may be Starscream's deadliest form ever! Today's review brings you a look at "Generations" Armada Starscream.

February 7th

Toy News: Botcon 2014 Cannonball Revealed!

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The official Botcon Twitter feed just posted a photo of the Cannonball exclusive figure, a redeco of "Transformers Prime" Robots in Disguise Ratchet! Check out the embed below!

Game News: Jagex reveals new "Transformers Universe" game trailer

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It's been a long time coming but Jagex has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming "Transformers Universe" game. Featuring many new and some familiar robot designs, the trailer features a ton of robot action using the aesthetic of the "Transformers Prime" cartoon. They've also posted a blog entry about signing up for the BETA! Check out the trailer in the embed below:

February 6th

Toy Review: Generations Skywarp

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Skywarp is a sneaky Decepticon who enjoys his fair share of pranks. His ability to teleport in an instant does nothing to temper this tendency, but Megatron tolerates his behavior since his abilities come in handy during combat! Take a look at my review of "Generations" Skywarp!

"Age of Extinction" First Edition Optimus Prime Reviewed!

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When the forces of evil rise up again on Earth, Optimus Prime is ready with a whole new robot and vehicle mode. Armed with the Sword of Judgement and Sentinel Shield, he is ready to combat Decepticons like never before! Check out my first review of an "Age of Extinction" toy: First Edition Optimus Prime!

Sponsor News BBTS - Alien, Halo, Assassin's Creed, Bandai JP, Metal Gear Solid, Ghostbusters, Transformers, Batman & More!

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The original Alien from the movie of the same name is the next release in the S.H. MonsterArts line. It has been specifically developed to be able to assume the poses of the original creature and has 18 individually-jointed tail segments with a die-cast metal tip. In addition, it has a translucent head carapace, alternate hands and a special display stand, and is listed at $53.99.

NECA's latest 18" scale entry is John-117, Master Chief from the Halo franchise. The figure is made from the original digital model and comes with game-accurate accessories. We have it listed at $99.99, saving you $20 off of the MSRP.

This life-size bust has Iron Man in the Mark XLII (42) armor from his third movie, and comes with LED lighting in his eyes and arc reactor. It stands 26" tall, is covered with mechanical details, and is listed at $999.99.

The new assortment includes figures from ACIII, ACIII: Liberation and ACIV DLC, and each comes loaded with weapons and a code for Assassin's Creed Initiates content. We have Connor with Mohawk, Aveline De Grandpre and Assassin Adewale listed singly at $12.99 each, or as a Set for $37.99.

Bandai continues their Pokemon D-Arts line with Lucario the Aura Pokemon. This dog-looking character walks upright and comes with an attack effect and presumably a display base. He is listed at $48.99.

To celebrate the 40th anniversaries of Hello Kitty and the Chogokin line, Bandai is producing this crossover item. The Hello Kitty mech can assume three modes - Drive Mode, Flight Mode and Dive Mode and includes alternate eyes, a rocket punch effect and a mini Hello Kitty to do the driving. This figure is listed at $42.99.

In addition to the Chogokin Hello Kitty and S.H. MonsterArts Alien Big Chap, Bandai is releasing and re-releasing a number of other items. They include S.H Figuarts Piccolo and Super Saiyan Son Goku, GX-59 Daltanious, Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z Reissue and Mazinger Weapon Set Reissue, Super Robot Chogokin Cantam Robo from the upcoming Crayon Shin Chan movie, Robot Damashii Cross Bone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth, Saint Cloth Myth EX Aries Sion (Holy War) and more.

February 5th

Toy News: Hasbrotoyshop 15% discount on latest "Generations" wave!

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In a fun bit of synergy between the "Transformers Legends" mobile game and action figures, tonight's "Dark Cybertron" campaign will feature characters who are currently toys in the latest wave of "Generations" figures such as Scoop! Even better? Order this week and use the code TFLEGENDS15 and you'll get a 15% discount off the figures! Check out the official link here!

February 4th

Toy Review: "Generations" Scoop with Caliburst and Holepunch

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One of the most courageous and battle hardened Autobots, Scoop is only made better when working with his Targetmaster partners Caliburst and Holepunch. Whether he's helping to clear a battle torn area in vehicle mode or blasting Decepticons in robot mode, he is always game to help the Autobot cause! Check out my review of "Generations" Scoop!

February 3rd

Generations Voyager Class Sandstorm Reviewed

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Sandstorm is a fun guy but he often takes unnecessary risks on the battlefield. With his Dune Buggy and VTOL modes, he generally keeps himself in one piece, but other Autobots are constantly worried about him. The one thing they have to admit though is he never backs down from a fight and relishes the opportunity to prove himself in combat! Check out my review of Voyager Class Sandstorm!

February 2nd

Movie News: "Transformers 4" Super Bowl Trailer online!

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Watch! Enjoy!