April 16th, 2013

News Roudup: Michael Bay talks "Transformers 4", a new cast member is announced & IMAX!

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Michael Bay hints that "Transformers 4" will involve a "chast from hell" - via IFC

Actor Stanley Tucci ("Hunger Games", "Jack the Giant Slayer") has joined the cast of "Transformers 4" - via AceShowBiz

"Transformers 4" will be shot using IMAX cameras - via Cinema Blend

April 15th

Toy Review: Cyberverse Sky Claw with Smokescreen

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The Autobots may have new armor and weaponry, but they still can't quite match the aerial superiority of the Predacons - until now! With Smokescreen's new Sky Claw vehicle, he can use it as a stealth spy plane or transform it into an action feature packed assault jet! Check out my review of my review of the Sky Claw with Smokescreen.

April 12th

Sponsor News: BBTS DC Collectibles, Transformers, Iron Man 3, LDD, Batman, LPS, Street Fighter, Bandai, Pokemon & More!

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This Case includes Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Grimwing and Sharkticon Megatron, and is listed at $89.99. We also have them as a Set of 3 (Ultra Magnus, Grimwing and Sharkticon Megatron), which is priced at $79.99.

A new transforming figure is almost ready to join your collection. This piece has a familiar head look, and is in scale with the Masterpiece figures. He is priced at $69.99.

Transformers News Roundup: Universal Studios ride updates, "Transformers 4" shooting location and more!

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  • The "Transformers" ride has been added to the Universal Studios map in Florida, heralding its opening - via Biz Journals
  • Josh Duhamel took a ride on the Universal Studios ride! - via Extra TV
  • It's not often a magazine like "The New Yorker" recognizes the existence of "Transformers" but this fun article shows they do! via - The New Yorker
  • Despite earlier reports to the contrary, "Transformers 4" will not be using GM's Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center as a filming location - via Michigan Live
  • Universal Studios has added an impressive Megatron costume to the Optimus Prime and Bumblebee ones used at their ride - via Coaster Net

Toy Review: "Generations" Legends Class Motorbreath

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Motorbreath is a strong leader of troops in battle, but most of them fear him more than they respect him. He doesn't care however as his biggest pleasure is seeing the ruined bodies of his enemies littering the battlefield! Today's review brings you a look at Legends Class Motorbreath!

April 11th

Toy News: Botcon 2013 "Machine Wars" Obsidian - NEW color scheme!

After the initial reveal of Botcon 2013 Obsidian, many fans thought he'd look best in his TV show colors instead of those inspired by the original Beast Machines action figure. Not one to scorn the opinions of fans, the folks at Fun Publications have come through and introduced updated pictures featuring new colors for Obsidian! Check'em out!

Comic Book News: "Regeneration One" Issue 93 "Retro Cover" Reveal

"Transformers" artist and fellow fan Guido Guidi has posted a preview of his upcoming "retro cover" for "Transformers Regeneration One" Issue 93. Check out the image here!

TV Show News: "Transformers Prime" actor Steve Blum to live Tweet tomorrow!

Tomorrow the fourth episode of "Beast Hunters" will premiere! During the broadcast, voice actor extraordinaire Steve Blum will be live Tweeting! His post from Twitter is pasted below:

"Steve Blum ‏@blumspew
Transformers Prime Fans! Tomorrow at 4:30 PST (7:30 ET), I'll be live tweeting during #BeastHunters! Gonna be a (Star) scream! Join me!"

Toy Review: "Generations" Legends Class Thundercracker

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Thundercracker has been accused of questioning his Decepticon allegiance now and then, but no one has ever questioned his effectiveness in battle! With his incendiary guns and rockets he's more than willing to rain destruction down on his enemies. This morning's review brings you a look at Toys R Us Exclusive Legends Thundercracker!

April 10th

TV Show News: SPOILER image for "Beast Hunters"!

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Hot on the heels of my review of Friday's "Beast Hunters" episode "Rebellion", the awesome folks at The Hub have provided BWTF with a high quality image of a certain key character in the series for your visual pleasure. Check it out!