August 20th, 2013

Toy Review: "Transformers Prime" Weaponizer Optimus Prime

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The power of surprise has always been one of the keys to winning in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons. With the war on Earth escalating, Optimus Prime outfits himself with new weaponry, large cannons that can instantly deploy to catch the Decepticons off-guard! Check out my review of Weaponizer Optimus Prime!

August 19th

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Predacon Rippersnapper

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As sarcastic as he is destructive, Predacon Rippersnapper loves to pick a fight - but only if he knows he can win it! Using his electro-charge bow or his powerful jaws, Rippersnapper has the power to back up his boasts. Check out my review of Predacon Rippersnapper.

August 17th

Toy News: "Transformers Subscription Service" - New Figures announced!

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The Transformers Collector's Club has announced that it will be adding six new figures to their subscription service! These new figures will include:

  • Treadshot: based on Generations Warpath
  • Fisitron: based on Generations Roadbuster
  • Chromedome: based on Prime Wheeljack

This is on top of the previously announced Transmutate (based on Arcee). There will also be a mystery "seventh" figure as well. Check out the official announcement for more details!

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Grimwing & Blackbeak

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Unusual among his kind, Grimwing is not preoccupied with destruction or chaos. Instead, he has a strict code of honor and his wish is to seek out a worthy opponent. With the Autobots poised to fight him, he may have gotten his wish at last! Today BWTF looks at "Beast Hunters" Grimwing.

August 16th

Toy News: Construct-Bots Toy Commercial

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Game New: Mobage interview with "Transformers Legends" Art Director

Since the game launched, "Transformers Legends" has received accolades from fans about the artwork. Now Mobage has posted an interview with "Transformers Legends" art director Steve Abeyta!

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Target Exclusive Skylynx

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When Predaking needs a loyal warrior who is only bent on destruction he sends in Skylynx. With his powerful disc weapons and savagery Skylynx is one Predacon the Autobots don't want to tangle with! Today BWTF takes a look at this Target exclusive Predacon, check out my review!

August 14th

Game News: "Transformers Legends" To the Rescue Campaign Begins!

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Today the TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS team at DeNA is releasing a new in-game episode called To The Rescue! This new episode runs through August 20, 2013. Below is an overview of the new episode and an image to download to include with your coverage.

To The Rescue! Details

Toy Review: Botcon 2013 "Machine Wars" Megaplex

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Megaplex is a clone of one of the most dangerous Transformers in history: Megatron! Though he thinks of himself as a separate being, he can feel te powerful core of Megatron's personality overwhelming him and it is the Autobots who will pay the price! Today's review takes a look at Timelines Megaplex!