September 18th, 2012

News Roundup: New Bruticus announced, Transformers 4 Movie to feature new characters, Wii U game news and more!

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Continuing the line of Asian Exclusive Transformers figures, there will now be a redeco of Bruticus Maximus via TF Source's Facebook Page

"Transformers 4" will be featuring new Transformers characters. Part of the reason cited for this were slow toy sales for "Dark of the Moon" via Toy News Online

September 17th

Sponsor News: BBTS STGCC Red Lion-O, Yellow Devastator, Prime, Generations, POTC

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STGCC Red Lion-O (Mumm-Ra Version) - BBTS is exclusive distributor for this item - preorders listed at $69.99

New Takara Encore, Prime, Generations

Yellow Devastator
Prime: Rumble, Frenzy, Wildrider - Japanese paint version
Generations: Bruticus - all 5 individual pieces - Japanese paint version

Sideshow Premium Format - Jack Sparrow

Revenge of the Fallen Activators Ironhide Reviewed

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Sometimes you go through a pile of toys and find out you missed a review that you thought you already did. Today's example is Activators Ironhide, who (finally) gets a review two years after his release! Check out my review for Activators Ironhide.

September 14th

BWTF welcomes new sponsor TF Source!

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Ben's World of Transformers if fortunate today to welcome a new sponsor to the site! TF Source is an amazing source for Masterpiece Transformers, Fansproject Customs, Hasbro Transformers, Transformers Prime, Vintage G1 Toys and more. I have shopped with them for years and have always found their prices reasonable, their customer service fantastic and their site is really cleanly designed.

There's more to TF Source than just a store front however. The site is nOW offering FREE Domestic shipping and Reduced International shipping on all orders over $150!

TF Source isn't just run by guys selling toys, they're also fans! Check out some of their cool articles listed below:

You can also follow TF Source on Social Networking sites:

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Autobot "Battle" set reviewed

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Autobot reinforcements have arrived! This three pack features updated decos for both Bumblebee and Sentinel Prime as well as the exclusive Prowl! Check out my review of this three pack to see how these guys can bolster your Bot Shots game!

September 12th

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Megatron Super Bot Reviewed

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Partly inspired by his Generation One roots and his appearance in "Dark of the Moon", Bot Shots Megatron takes on a new form as a truck! Check out my review of Bot Shots Super Bot Megatron.

September 11th

Toy News: The Transformers Collector's Club clarifies upcoming SG set info

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Weeks ago fans were given a look at artwork and figures for the upcoming "Shattered Glass" E-Hobby/TFCC joint exclusive set. The TFCC (@The_TF_Club) has clarified some items via Twitter:

"The SG VSE will be in the same packaging sold overseas. So, no special US packaging."

"The plan for the comic however is to have an english edition..."

Toy Reviews: Generations Springer Reviewed

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Witty, brave and strong, Springer represents some of the best qualities of an Autobot. Whether he's using his missile launchers or powerful sword, this is one Autobot Decepticons don't want to mess with! Check out my review of the Generations Springer figure!

Sponsor News: BBTS Calibre Transformers Statues, Assassin's Creed III

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Calibre's large scale Transformer statues are now up for preorder. Each piece is limited to only 500 - Prime is available at $1399.99 and Bumblebee is $1199.99

Assassin's Creed III - Connor 8" Vinyl Figure - distributed exclusively by BBTS in the USA

Another big list of Japanese Exclusives

Video Games: Fall of Cybertron DLC packs: Dinobots, Insecticons, G1 skins and more!

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Want more "Fall of Cybertron" action? There are now three DLC's available for you to increase your multi-player fun! Check out the video trailer and then detailed information below from the High Moon Press Release: