March 5th, 2013

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Stunticons 5 Pack

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This rebellious team of Decepticons loves to crash into Autobots, making them perfect for Megatron's team! This morning's review brings you a look at the Bot Shots Stunticon team, check'em out!

March 4th

Toy Review: Bot Shots Roadbuster

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Roadbuster is perfect as a member of the Bot Shots Autobot team since he loves bashing Decepticons! Check out this "catch up" review from the 2012 release of Bot Shots Roadbuster!

March 3rd

Toy Review: KRE-O Microchangers Autobot Springer

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You could take Autobot Springer's wise cracking ways as a sign he's not a serious warrior, but that would be your mistake! With his helicopter mode he swoops in on enemies before slicing them up with his swords! Say goodbye to the week with a read over my review of KREON Autobot Springer!

March 1st

Toy Review: Beast Hunters Voyager Class Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime is no stranger to upgrading his body frame. After coming to Earth he had to change his vehicle mode to a truck, and now he's armored up and added weaponry to deal with the Predacons! Today's review looks at the "Beast Hunters" Optimus Prime figure.

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A third Alternity x Super GT figure has been announced. Head Decepticon Megatron's car form will include his color scheme and he will have a new Race Queen accomplice as well. This new figure is listed at $109.99.

Bandai Japan is releasing S.H. Figuarts figures for War Machine and Iron Man Mark VI as they appeared in "Iron Man 2". The Figuarts line is known for producing high-quality, well-articulated figures, and these will also come with alternate hands, rocket effects and more. We have Iron Man Mark VI listed at $69.99, with War Machine at $74.99.

Now you can make popsicle-lightsabers for your little and not-so-little Star Wars fans. This set comes with four lightsaber molds as well as a cookbook with 30 recipes for refrigerated Star Wars-themed treats, and is listed at $24.99.

We will be getting a special shipment of MP-17 Masterpiece Prowl, MP-18 Masterpiece Smokescreen and MP-19 Masterpiece Bluestreak for customers who are interested in them. These packages are listed at $87.99 each.

February 28th

Toy Review: KRE-O Microchangers Decepticon Hook

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You think you're a good builder? Ha! Decepticon Hook would beg to differ! He thinks he's the best there is at building and he'll brag about it any time. This morning's review brings you a look at KRE-O Decepticon Hook.

February 26th

Toy Review: Bot Shots Flip Shot Bumblebee

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With a new year comes a new form for Bumblebee! What hasn't changed is his ability to bash and crash his opponents. Today's review brings you a look at Flip Shot Bumblebee!

February 25th

Toy Reviews: Generations Autobot Blaster & Steeljaw

in Autobot, Beast Hunters, Deployers, Generation One, Generations, News, Voyager

With his music blaring from his speakers, Autobot Blaster charges into battle with bravery and enthusiasm! With his trusty Deployer Steeljaw at his side Blaster is an inspiring force on the battlefield. Today's review brings you a look at "Generations" Autobot Blaster with Steeljaw!

February 24th

Toy Review: Beast Hunters Voyager Class Predaking

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From the distant past Shockwave has used the CNA of ancient Transformers to bring the Predacons back to life! Their leader is the powerful Predaking, whose sword and Hydrafire cannons make him a force to be reckoned with! Today's review brings you a look at Voyager Class Predaking!

February 23rd

Toy Review: Commander Class "Beast Hunters" Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime has changed form before, but this time he's more powerful than ever! With new armor, a Thunder Lance weapon and the Star Saber he's ready to take on the Predacons! This morning's review brings you a look at Commander Class Optimus Prime from "Beast Hunters".