November 25th, 2013

Toy Review: Generations Roadbuster

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A warrior to the core, Roadbuster is among the most powerful and dedicated Autobots on the battlefield. When there are no battles he can get extremely bored, but those periods don't last long for this Wrecker! Check out my review of "Generations" Roadbuster!

Movie News: Empire magazine features "Age of Extinction" on its cover

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Entertainment magazine Empire has released its cover featuring "Age of Extinction", the next live action "Transformers" film! It features Mark Wahlberg, Jack Reynor, Nicola Peltz and a look at Optimus Prime wielding a sword! This issue hits stores Thursday and you can check out the online article here featuring an on set photo with director Michael Bay!

November 24th

Toy News: Walmart lists Bot Shots Protectobots!

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Thanks to the awesome guys at, fans have now learned that Walmart has put a listing for Bot Shots Protectobots on their web site! The item isn't up for order yet. It features mostly redecos of existing sculpts except Blades, who appears to be a redeco of Whirl from a yet-to-be released assortment (and in Rescue Bot colors to boot!).

Toy News: Toys R Us Black Friday 2013 deal - Jetwing Optimus Prime for $49.99!

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It's that time of year again, when stores offer deep discounts to attract customers. This year, Transformers fans will be interested to hear that Jetwing Optimus Prime (a leader class Optimus Prime with jet pack from "Dark of the Moon") will be reduced by almost 50% in price to $49.99! Check out Toys R Us' Black Friday Ad for details!

November 23rd

Toy Review: Generations Hoist

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No exceptions! When Hoist wants you to report to his maintenance workshop, you better do it or risk running at less than optimal performance - something Hoist won't stand for! When necessary, Hoist will reveal his own weaponry to defend his patients against the Decepticons. This evening brings you a look at Generations Hoist!

Sponsor News: BBTS -Hot Toys Avengers, Pacific Rim, Star Wars, Bandai, Transformers, GI Joe, Star Trek, Marvel/DC & More!

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Hot Toys is producing more villain figures for your Avengers to battle. The Chitauri Commander and Footsoldier each comes with a weapon or two, alternate hands, a display base and more, and they are listed at $239.99 each for the Commander and for the Footsoldier.

Series 03 is divided into Kaiju and Jaeger assortments; the Kaiju line includes Battle Damaged Knifehead and Tresspasser, which are listed at $29.99 each or as a Set for $49.99. The Jaegers of Series 03 include Cherno Alpha and Coyote Tango, and they are listed at $35.99 for the Set or $20.99 each individually.

November 20th

Sponsor News BBTS: Batman, Transformers, Bioshock, Funko, Iron Man, Thor, Man of Steel, Aliens, Doctor Who & More!

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The new Case of Batman Unlimited figures includes two each of Batman and Deathstroke (each from Arkham Origins) and one each of "Beware the Batman" Batman and Vampire Batman. This case is listed at $99.99, with singles of Arkham Origins Batman and Deathstroke at $23.99 each.


November 19th

Toy News: Nike Megatron shoes and action figure announced - UPDATED

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Sports gear maker Nike has announced a collaboration with Hasbro and Football Champion Calvin Johnson, Jr. Johnson's nickname has been "Megatron", which led to the collaboration featuring "Transformers" styled shoes and an exclusive Megatron action figure based on the Generations figure with an additional football accessory.

From the press release: "Like the fictional TRANSFORMERS DECEPTICON leader, Johnson taps into his superhuman-like skills to push the limits of his position, and the game, in a relentless quest for dominance."

Click the thumbnails below for larger pictures of the figure. You can check out the entire press release on Nike's web site. No word yet on a release date (a call to the 21 Mercer Street store yielded no further information at this time).

Updated Info:

  • The Megatron Rises Box set carries a retail price of $550. (NOTE: The box set is the two pair of sneakers, a pair of cleats, and the special edition Megatron Transformers action figure.)
  • All "Megatron Rises" items will be available at of November 26 with the Megatron Rises Box set available a few days earlier in limited quantities only at 21 Mercer in New York City.
  • Outside of the Megatron Rises Box set, the special edition Megatron Transformers figure will be sold as a promotional item with the CJ Trainer Max Megatron (Calvin's signature shoe) ONLY. Only available with purchase of that particular model.

November 16th

Movie News: "Age of Extinction" star Mark Wahlberg comments on continuity

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Mark Wahlberg recently spoke to Access HOllywood about his role and the story of "Age of Extinction", the fourth live action "Transformers" film. Among the things he stressed was that it was "in continuity" with previous films, but a fresh start regardless. His comments included:

“It’s a completely different stand-alone movie. It takes place after the third one, after the battle of Chicago. It’s definitely its own story.”

Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Arcee with Echohawk Bow!

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When the Predacons came, Arcee knew her blades and wrist mounted blasters would not be enough to take on the Predacons alone. To fight them, she augmented her body frame with new armor and took on the Echohawk Bow, a powerful launcher that can fire two blasts to defeat Predacon enemies! Today I take a look at Beast Hunters Arcee with her powerful Echohawk Bow!