July 9th, 2014

Sponsor News BBTS - Transformers "Lost Age" exclusive Wheeljack up for preorder

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A couple weeks back, it was revealed the Aeon stores in Japan would be getting an exclusive "Lost Age" Wheeljack figure. BWTF Sponsor has just listed the item for preorder at $41.99, head over and put your order in now, I did!

Lost Age Wheeljack

July 8th

Toys: Unreleased Transformers Generation 2 Menasor auction ends

Setting what may be a record high for a "Transformers" auction (for five figures), the set of bagged, unreleased Stunticons I first posted about a week ago have sold for a whopping $26,815! The link is still up, check it out!

G2 Stunticons

Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Optimus Prime

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After hiding from humans who ambushed him, Optimus revealed himself to save Cade Yaeger and his family. Afterward, he knew he needed a new disguise and took on the form of a Western Star longnose truck in vehicle mode and a new robot mode! Today's review brings you a look at One Step Changer Optimus Prime.

July 7th

Movie News: "Transformers Age of Extinction" holds onto #1 box office spot

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It was a slow weekend for the United States Box Office, but that didn't keep "Age of Extinction" from keeping the number one spot. Unfortunately, it's not all good news. The film's revenues dropped 63 percent according to Box Office Mojo. The fourth entry in the "Transformers" live action movie franchise took in $37.1 million, bringing it up to a worldwide total of $576,295,954 meaning the film has already made back its budget and then some.

Movie News: Concept Art for "Age of Extinction" revealed

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Artist Wesley Burt has revealed some amazing pre-production artwork he did for "Age of Extinction". The pieces above are just a few he posted on his Facebook page. Check out his album for a look at all the pictures.

Grimlock and Optimus Prime
Strafe and Bumblebee

July 6th

Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" Deluxe High Octane Bumblebee

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While hiding out Bumblebee knew he had to take on a new form, but he loved his previous Camaro forms so he decided to go retro and disguised himself as a high octane 1967 Camaro waiting for the day when Optimus Prime would return! Check out my review of High Octane Bumblebee.

July 3rd

Toy Review Update: "Beast Machines" Deployer Rav

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When the Maximals were struggling to survive under Megatron's Vehicon rule, one of their best assets were the Deployers, a group of ancient Cybertronian weapons. Today's updated review features Rav in both red and blue variants!

TV Alert: The Hub Network celebrates the 30th Anniversary of "Transformers" on July 4th!

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This Fourth of July, the Hub Network will be transforming its schedule to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the legendary TRANSFORMERS franchise. This viewing event kicks off with a “Transformers Rescue Bots” marathon (11 a.m. – 4 p.m. ET/8 a.m. – 1 p.m. PT), featuring episodes from season two. Afterwards, viewers can relive the epic battles between the Autobots, Decepticons, Unicron and more on “Transformers: The Animated Movie” at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m. PT and “Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising” at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m.

Toy Reviews: Wal-Mart Exclusive 2003 Dinobots

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While "Age of Extinction" features a heavy Dinobot presence, there were many other toy lines featuring Dinobots as well. One of these was a sub-line of Wal-Mart exclusive Dinobots. I've restored the "Dinobots" toy review section for your reading pleasure, check it out!

July 1st

Toy News: Official images of the "Age of Extinction" Platinum Edition 2 Pack

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Images of the upcoming "Platinum Edition" of the Grimlock and Optimus Prime Leader Class figures from "Age of Extinction" have been revealed online via the Transformers Addicts group on Facebook. Check out the images above! Grimlock sports a more movie accurate deco and Optimus Prime has plenty of new vacuum metallized parts.

Leader 2-Pack (In Box)
Leader 2-Pack (In Box)
Leader 2-Pack (Robot Modes)
Leader 2-Pack (Alt Modes)