March 22nd, 2013

Toy Review: Arms Micron Smokescreen with S.2

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Team Prime is composed of grizzled veterans of battles across the galaxy across millions of years. Smokescreen's relative inexperience and enthusiasm have been a boost to the team and he does his best to live up to the example of his idol, Optimus Prime. Today's review brings you a look at last year's Japanese exclusive interpretation of the character from the Arms Micron toy line.

March 21st

Toy Review: KRE-O Microchangers Combiner Decepticon Bruticus set

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The Combaticons are one of the most dangerous Decepticon teams out there. Between their brains and brawn they can meet almost any challenge! This morning's review focuses on KRE-O Micro-Changer Decepticon Bruticus!

March 19th

Toy Review: Bot Shots Flip Shot Decepticon Brawl

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Brawl is one Decepticon who will never run away from a fight. Instead, he loves charging right into the thick of battle! Check out this latest incarnation of Brawl as a Bot Shot Flip Shot!

Sponsor News: BBTS Diamond Select, Tetra Squadron, E-Hobby Shattered Glass & More

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Hi - more exciting new items have been listed on BBTS:

Tomb Raider Minimates - Set of 8 - $29.99

Marvel Minimates: Wave 52 - The Wolverine Set of 8

Universal Monsters Retro Cloth Series 04 - Set of Phantom & Metaluna Mutant

Impossible Toys - Detailed Video Review - These new videos illustrate a big jump in quality and design over past releases for Impossible Toys. At about 9:25 in the first video, the reviewer does a great job showing the quality of the items:

March 18th

Toy Review: KRE-O Microchangers Combiner Devastator set

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Prepare for devastation! This grumpy KREON is a combination of four powerful Constructicons who like wrecking things more than building them. Today's review brings you a look at the Constructicon Devastator Micro-Changers set!

March 16th

Toy Review: Japanese Exclusive 2007 Spychanger Optimus Prime

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As part of a DVD promotion during the Japanese release of the 2007 live action "Transformers" movie, a limited edition redeco of Spychanger Optimus Prime was available in Japan. I picked this figure up a couple years ago but just found it again while sorting through figures so I figured it was about time I did a review, check it out!

March 15th

Toy Reviews: Generations Rewind & Sunder

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Rewind is very happy that he was paired up with Sunder. His partner often uses music to soothe the headaches he gets from the huge amounts of data he absorbs in his role as Autobot historian. This morning's review brings you a look at Generations Rewind and Sunder!

March 12th

Sponsor News: BBTS Tetra Squadron, New DC Collectibles & New Arrivals

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Hi - Here is info on more exciting new items just listed on BBTS:

Impossible Toys - Tetra Squadron - BBTS Early Bird Special - Order by 3/19 and Save $10 off the $59.99 MSRP! 7 Different Figures Available:

DC Collectibles - 12 New Listings:

The New 52 Figure Two-Pack - The Flash Vs. Vibe
The New 52 Figure Two-Pack - Wonder Woman Vs. Katana
The New 52: Martian Manhunter Action Figure
Injustice: Aquaman & Black Adam 3.75" Two-Pack
Injustice: Nightwing & Superman 3.75" Two-Pack
Batman Arkham City Nightwing Statue
Batman Black And White Statue (Sean Murphy Version)
Batman Black And White Statue (Rafael Grampa Version)
Superman: The Man of Steel Statue (Rags Morales)
Superman: The Man of Steel Statue (Jim Lee)
Vertigo: The Sandman & Death Bookends (Second Edition)
Yellow Lantern Power Battery & Ring 1:1 Scale Prop Replica (2013)
View them all here:

Comic Book Review: "Regeneration One" #89

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Hot Rod is still underground, Scorponok's "Gene Key" is almost ready and Optimus Prime still wanders Earth on his lonely mission. None of this matters to Grimlock as he continues his one Autobot mission to restore the Dinobots - no matter the cost! Today brings you an advance review of "Transformers ReGeneration One" #89!

March 11th

Toy Reviews: Generations Eject & Ramhorn

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Eject doesn't understand why everyone doesn't just settle their differences with a good game of baseball or basketball. This goes double for his partner Ramhorn, whose hair trigger temper is often directed at Autobots and Decepticons alike! This morning's review brings you a look at Eject & Ramhorn from the Generations line.