December 5th

Toy News: "Year of the Dragon" Optimus Prime Amazon Lightning Deal!

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Toy Review: Generations Autobot Whirl

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When Whirl takes to the skies, friends and foes alike marvel at his amazing maneuvers as he distracts the Decepticons before blasting them! Check out my review of Autobot Whirl.

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More cool new statues from ARH include: Snake and Slave Girl Diorama that is a companion piece to the 21.5" Conan: The Sacrifice Statue. Also see Minotaurus and Ares: The God of War plus a variety of previous releases:

This wave begins the Goblin Build-A-Figure releases, and may or may not contain all of the parts necessary to assemble him. The Case includes two each of Amazing Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man, and one each of Black Cat, Beetle, Carnage and Electro; this Case is listed at $159.99, with the Set (one each of all six figures) listed at $139.99. We also have singles available of Amazing Spider-Man and Superior Spider-Man, priced at $14.99 each.

This redeco of the Medical Specialist comes with three alternate heads to be displayed as you like. It is listed at $99.99.

December 4th

Toy Review: Generations Impactor

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When the Autobots have difficult jobs that need a special team they call upon Impactor and his Wreckers. Impactor leads his team into places other Autobots won't go and they do the jobs that others seemingly can't do. When the going gets rough he combines with the other Wreckers to form the powerful Ruination! Today's review brings you a look at Impactor

December 1st

Actor News: "Transformers Prime" actress to star in new FOX SERIES "Enlisted"

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Actress Tania Gunadi is best known to "Transformers" fans as the plucky Miko Nakadai from "Transformers Prime". With that series over, she has moved on to a live action role as "Private Park" in the upcoming FOX comedy show "Enlisted". Check out the trailer below. Stop by her Twitter account and send her congrats!

Toy Review: Generations Twintwist

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Violent, chaotic and often fueled by a bottomless pit of rage, you would think that Twintwist would have joined the Decepticons but for some unknown reason he aligned with the Autobots in the Cybertronian Wars. With missions that often put them up against overwhelming odds, The Wreckers were the perfect team for Twintwist to join! Check out my review of Generations Twintwist.

Movie News: No "goofiness" in "Age of Extinction"

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One of the most common criticisms of the live action "Transformers" film has been some of its attempts at humor that sometimes seem out of place with the rest of the films. Director and producer Michael bay acknowledges this and promises "Age of Extinction" will be different in an interview with Yahoo!. Bay was quoted as saying:

“This is a much more cinematic one. I focused on keeping this one slick."

November 30th

Toy Review: Generations Topspin

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Whether it's conquering a mountain, a new star system or a Decepticon foe he gets his fill of excitement but is always looking for his next adventure. When he is with his fellow Wreckers, he is part of an unstoppable force! Check out my review of Generations Topspin.

November 29th

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This version of Scorponok stands even taller than the recent Fortress Maximus reissue. He comes with a movable visor, a shield and a large cannon, and is listed at $549.99. Note that it appears this figure does not transform.


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