March 9th, 2014

Toy Review: "Reveal the Shield" Family Dollar Optimus Prime Exclusive

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The "Transformers" toy line begins to kick off with its new look in (of all places) "Family Dollar" stores with exclusive Legends Class figures and packaging. Using the "Reveal the Shield" logo, these re-releases of pre-existing Legends Class figures also feature the new "united" packaging look of the toy line for 2014. Check out my quick look at Optimus Prime from these new releases.

March 7th

Toy News: The Transformers Collector's Club reveals Rampage's Robot Mode!

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The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed the robot mode for Protoform X / Rampage, a Deluxe Class figure using the "Transformers Prime" Megatron mold with a new head sculpt. Check it out!

March 5th

Sponsor News BBTS - Bandai, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Transformers,

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In this new Kotobukiya statue, Guardians Of The Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon brandishes his sci-fi weapon as he stands on Groot’s shoulder. This statue is in 1/10 scale and listed for $49.99, $5 of MSRP.


March 4th

Movie News: New "Transformers Age of Extinction" trailer!

A new trailer for the upcoming "Age of Extinction" Transformers feature film has debuted! Check it out for hints as to the darker story fans have to look forward to this summer!

March 1st

Toy Review: Generations Centuritron

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The Mini-Con Assault team may be small, but they more than make up for it in their sheer strength and firepower. If they encounter something too much for them to tackle individually, they can combine into the powerful Centuritron! Today BWTF brings you a look at The Mini-Con Assault Team!

February 28th

TV Show News: Rescue bots Season 2 Premiere Promo

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Have you been waiting for new Rescue Bots episodes? Well your wait is about to end on Saturday March 1st as the show aimed at younger "Transformers" fans returns with all new adventures! See the promo below!

Game News: Transformers Universe introduces Duststorm and Meltdown

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Jagex, the company bringing you the "Transformers Universe" game have posted two new videos (see embed below) featuring Decepticon Duststorm and Autobot Meltdown.

Duststorm is described as "... a Decepticon with an arsenal optimized to keep even the most ironclad predator at bay. A ruthless and precise killing machine, armed with her sniper rifle she can blast the spark out of an opponent before they even see her."

Meltdown is described as " Autobot who hates war but will never leave a fellow warrior behind. A battle hardened combat medic, he is as adept at mending wounds as inflicting them. He can support his allies in the heat of battle, protecting them from harm and bring the pain to the Decepticons in the process."

February 27th

Sponsor News BBTS - Preorders for Transformers Generations Legends up!

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At Toy Fair 2014, Hasbro clarified in's exclusive interview that the "Generations" Legends figures Swerve, Cosmos, Tailgate and Skrapnel (aka Shrapnel) would indeed be seeing release despite rumors of their cancellation. BWTF sponsor Bigbadtoystore has just put up preorders for these very figures! Go get'em and let them know BWTF sent you!

February 25th

Sponsor News: BBTS - FansProject, Transformers, Star Wars, Funko, Acid Rain, The Walking Dead, Power Rangers, Mortal Kombat & More!

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FansProject is announcing a new transforming figure that goes from green and orange off-road vehicle to warrior robot. He comes with a load of weapons as well as a driver figure that transforms into an engine for his robot mode. This new figure is listed at $89.99.

Hey all you Transformers lovers out there, do we have the thing for you. Japanese Henkei Import Kup, Ratchet, and Preceptor all in one convenient three pack with new detailing. This set is priced at $159.99.

Two new Transformers figures have been announced from this line. They include Starscream, redecoed from triple changer Blitzwing, and Brawn, with his GDO figure head attached to a Bulkhead body. Each is listed at $99.99.

February 19th

Sponsor News: Oritoy launches "Acid Rain" line of transformable robots and 3.75" pilots!

BWTF has received some exciting news from sponsor Bigbadtoystore:

We've just listed some really cool 3.75" Scale transforming figures from a company called Oritoy - the line is called Acid Rain. They have done incredible work on this line and the line should be appealing to a cross section of GI Joe, Transformers, ThreeA, and other military, mecha, and 3.75" fans. If you feel these would be a good match for a portion of the people that frequent your site, we would really appreciate it if you could promote the Acid Rain line.

We have a variety of images on our facebook page: