August 22nd, 2012

Masterpiece Transformers: Takara Tomy MP Lambor Video

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Takara Tomy has uploaded a video where designer Shogo Hasui talks about this upcoming figure based on the Generation One character Lambor (aka Sideswipe):

Transformers Collector's Club News: Jackpot head sculpt revealed!

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Orders have opened up for the Transformers figure subscription service, and among the figures fans can expect is Jackpot, a "Transformers Animated" version of the character first introduced in the Generation One "Action Masters" toy line. While previous pictures have shown mock ups of the new head the club has now revealed the unpainted prototype of the actual head! Check it out on the Transformers Collector's Club web site!

Sponsor News BBTS: New Diamond, Dark Horse, Koto & More

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Hi - we've just listed a nice batch of cool new items this morning:

Game of Thrones - The Imp - Tyrion Lannister Statue

Mass Effect 3 - SX3 Alliance Fighter Replica

New Diamond Select:

Star Trek Select - Mr Spock

Star Trek - Landing Party 3-Pack

August 20th

Earth's Mightiest Jumpstarters reviewed!

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When Earth is under attack, Captain America and Iron Man sometimes need more than their own super powers to defend mankind so they call upon their mechs to aid them in their fight against evil! Today's reviews bring you a look at Flip and Attack Captain America and Iron Man!

August 16th

Comic Books: "Robots in Disguise" #8 reviewed

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The Dinobots have returend to Cybertron and Ironhide has drafted them for a mission that will take them into the wilderness, a dangerous area of Cybertron with unknown dangers! What will happen to our heroes? Find out in my review of "Robots in Disguise" #8.

Comic Books: IDW Publishing announces new Digital Mini-Series - Fall of Cybertron!

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On the heels of the succes of the "Autocracy" digital mini-series, IDW Publishing has announced they are starting another based on the events in the upcoming "Fall of Cybertron" video game!

August 15th

Toy Reviews: Bot Shots Thundercracker Reviewed

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The fearsome power of Thundercracker's engines allow him to create disruptive sonic booms to attack his enemies and then he can speed away at 1500 MPH! Now Thundercracker challenges Autobots and Decepticons alike as a Bot Shot. Check out my review of Bot Shots Thundercracker!

August 14th

Toys R Us $5 in store coupon

If you've put off purchasing something at Toys R Us recently, now may be the time to go! Good until August 16, 2012, Toys R Us has put up a $5 in store coupon. head over to their site to print it out!

Video Games: Fall of Cybertron Demo First Impressions (Multiplayer)

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One of the exciting components of the upcoming "Fall of Cybertron" video game is the multiplayer feature, allowing you to customize a Transformer of your very own before charging into battle to fight your opponents and coordinate with your allies to victory! The demo of "Fall of Cybertron" has one of the multiplayer levels available for live play and BWTF shares its first impressions of this multiplayer experience!

Comic Books: "More than Meets the Eye" #7 Reviewed

The Decepticon Justice Division has sent the worst of the worst to punish those who have transgressed against Megatron's will. Meanwhile a scrappy group of Decepticons tries to survive on a dead world while the Autobot Rung hangs on for dear life. What's going on here? Find out in my review of "More than Meets the Eye" Issue #7!