March 18th, 2009

Stan Bush's "The Touch" back in force has posted an article regarding the classic song "The Touch", which most Transformers fans will recognize as one of the high energy songs used in the original 1986 Transformers film and went on to be featured in the film "Boogie Nights". "The Touch" will be featured in "Transformers" toys this year (though the article did not say which, most likely "Ultimate Bumblebee") and there is rumor it might appear in "Revenge of the Fallen".

"Transformers 3" release date corrected - three years to go

A few days ago, many news venues broke a story claiming Paramount would be releasing the third "Transformers" live action film in 2011. However, according to Reuters, "Transformers" director Michael Bay has corrected this statement.

According to the article: "Paramount made a mistake," Bay wrote on his blog. "They asked me on the phone, (and) I said yes to July 4 (weekend) -- but for 2012.

March 16th

Wal-Mart exclusive Movie 2007 Breakaway reviewed

As the last wave of Movie 2007 figures, an Autobot escape artist extraordinaire was released exclusive to Wal-Mart. He's never been held in an Decepticon prison for longer than a few hours, and even then it was because he wanted to be there to carry out a mission! Who is this mysterious Transformer? It's the Autobot Breakaway! Check out Breakaway's review in the Movie 2007 review section.

March 13th

Transformers Universe Legends Rodimus Reviewed

It must be pretty neat to be the "chosen one", even if you only get to carry the Matrix of Leadership for a couple years. Rodimus has had that distinction and thanks to that and his sleek form, he has been updated year after year. The latest is a Legends Class figure. Check out the BWTF review for Legends Class Rodimus.

March 11th

Transformers Alternators toy review section restored

Good news everyone! The Alternators section has been restored! This section covers the US releases of the Japanese Binaltech figures, including a couple characters who were not released in Japan. Check out how Hasbro and Takara took real life, licensed vehicles and turned them into some of your favorite robots in disguise!

March 10th

Check out what's new! Transformers Universe Wheelie has been reviewed!

When I heard they would make a new Wheelie toy, all I could think was "Oh boy!". How could they remake a character so strange? Would it make fans' opinions of the little guy change? Well now Wheelie has been released, and I must say I'm quite pleased. So what do I ask, dear fan, of you? Why, of course go read his review!

"Transformers Animated" season 3 preview images and debut

Get those alarm clocks and bowls of cereal ready, Transformers fans. "Transformers Animated" returns this Saturday morning at 8am (check your local listings) with the debut of season 3 "Transwarp". This season promises to be action packed and choc full of new character appearances including "Animated" Rodimus, Strika, Cyclonus, Hot Shot and more!

Masterforce Episodes 9 and 10 Galleries Restored

The galleries for episodes 9 and 10 of the Japanese exclusive "Masterforce" series have been restored! You can check both out in the Masterforce Gallery.

In episode 9 "The Cybertrons are in Danger", the Destrons are feeling confident with the addition of the Godmasters Buster and Hydra to their teams and seek to conquer part of Asia!

Transformers Animated Snarl reviewed

While still a disassembled pile of Cybertronian technology, Megatron schemed his way into creating three warriors who he had hoped would serve as part of a new army. However, these feral Transformers soon took on an independent streak and became the Dinobots! One of the Dinobots is Snarl, a powerful triceratops and robot in one. Read Snarl's review today!

Tyrese Gibson Still Reeling From Winning Transformers Role

News site Post Chronicle has published an article with "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" actor Tyrese Gibson. And the star admits he was particularly proud to be involved in the franchise after discovering he'll get his own action figure to coincide with the release of the film's sequel, the article states.

You may read the full article here.