July 12th, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen Ravage Reviewed

The savage minion of Soundwave takes on new form in "Revenge of the Fallen". He is perhaps one of the most dynamic and intense redesigns of a classic G1 character in this new film. Read the review for deluxe Ravage in the Revenge of the Fallen toy review section.

Ramon Rodriguez, new to the franchise but an old skool fan

USA Today has posted an interview with actor Ramon Rodriguez, who plays the beleaguered Leo Spitz in "Revenge of the Fallen". The actor discusses the background of the actor and his past love of Transformers as a child. The article also discusses the perils of working on the action packed movie. "On Bay's set, the robots were fake, but the danger was real. For one scene, a metal spike plunges through a car roof and pops open inches from his face as the vehicle is lifted by a robot helicopter." the article states.

July 8th

Power Bots "Jetpower Optimus Prime" reviewed

The Power Bots are a sub-line of Transformers aiming for electronics and play factor over transformation and posability. Aimed at younger collectors, these figures are still cool to play with if you're a fan that appreciates a fun toy. Check out BWTF's review of one of the bigger figures from this line: Jetpower Optimus Prime!

Hasbro revs up for sales of "Revenge of the Fallen" toys.

The Wall Street Journal reports that as part of their success with "Revenge of the Fallen", Hasbro stands ready to market the Transformers brand and make more than the 2007 movie did - much more. According to the article "Industry analysts forecast that Transformers toy-related sales, including licensing fees, could be as high as $600 million by year's end. If sales hit that mark, this would be 25% above the $482 million in sales the first Transformers movie-toy line racked up two years ago.".

July 7th

Optimus Prime reads the Top Ten on David Letterman

Ever wonder what the top ten list on David Letterman's talk show would be like if read by Optimus Prime? Wonder no more! Last night, Optimus Prime (most likely voiced by Peter Cullen himself!) read off a Top Ten list of things that sound cool when said by a giant robot. ILM even produced custom CGI for the skit, which is impressive in its own right. If you've ever wanted to hear Optimus Prime say "Dawg" or "Sex and the City", this is a must see!

July 5th

Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Bumblebee Reviewed

While his presence in "Revenge of the Fallen" is not as major as his role in the first "Transformers" film, Bumblebee still gets to star in several key fight scenes and he gets a whole new Robot Replicas figure. You can read the review of Robot Replicas Bumblebee here.

"Revenge of the Fallen" reaches over $590 million worldwide

The LA Times reports that despite a drop of 61% from it's opening weekend, "Revenge of the Fallen" still grossed enough to beat out "Ice Age 3" and has now earned a worldwide total of $591.4 million. This is amazing as it is well on its way to coming close to the box office take of the first "Transformers" film which took in over $708 million.

July 4th

Revenge of the Fallen Knock Out Reviewed

Arcee and Chromia aren't the only motorcycle Transformers zipping around the Transformers movie universe. There's also an eager Autobot who wants to prove himself named Knock Out. Start off your 4th of July by by reading Knock Out's review here.

July 3rd

Revenge of the Fallen Ransack Reviewed

From the "Revenge of the Fallen" line comes an unexpected figure, a Decepticon with an alternate mode that isn't a sleek, modern plane of any sort but rather a bi-plane of yesteryear! Read the review for Ransack to check out this unique Transformer.

July 2nd

Revenge of the Fallen Robot Replicas Autobot Ratchet Reviewed

Inspired by the Generation One medic of the same name, one of the Autobots from the Transformers film universe has been given the Robot Replicas treatment. Take a look at the review for Robot Replicas Autobot Ratchet for details and photos of this figure.