Archive - Jun 28, 2009


All (real) accounts activated for BWTF

Have you signed up for an account recently but wondered if your password was set to go? Well wonder no more! As of today, all accounts that people have registered for are ready to go. This will allow you to post comments on news items as well as the boards. Some accounts were eliminated by the BWTF filters, so if you think you got caught in that, drop me a line after you register. Thank you all for your patience!

Robot Replicas Jetfire and Megatron Reviewed

Grab a bowl of cereal and settle down for some Sunday morning reading as BWTF reviews Robot Replicas Jetfire and Megatron. These highly detailed figures are certainly pretty to look at, but are they worth owning? Check out my reviews and decide! interviews Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is known to Transformers fans as Lennox, who led a small group of surviving soldiers across the desert in the first "Transformers" film. Duhamel returns in "Revenge of the Fallen" once again leading soliders against the Decepticon threat. has posted an interview with the star. The article notes many facts about Duhamel including "...Duhamel and his girlfriend, Stacy Ferguson, a.k.a. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, were married Jan. 10 in Malibu.

LA Times interviews "Revenge of the Fallen" fx guru John Frazier

In the world of Michael Bay, you need explosions. The bigger they are, the better and to help bring the battles in "Revenge of the Fallen" to life, Michael Bay recruited effects meister John Frazier. The LA Times recently interviewed Frazier who discussed the pyrotechnics used in "Revenge of the Fallen". Accoring to the article "...his 2007 summer movie blockbuster features the biggest explosion ever filmed with live actors, according to special effects supervisor John Frazier.".