Archive - Jun 1, 2009


New "Revenge of the Fallen" footage from the MTV Movie Awards

New footage from "Revenge of the Fallen" footage was shown during the MTV Movie Awards. The footage shows several Decepticons led by Starscream pursuing Mikaela and Sam through the desert. The Decepticons include Long Haul, Ravage and the "insect" Transformer seen in previous footage.

Botcon 2009 Blog/Review and Gallery!

I'm back from Botcon 2009 and I thought I'd share my thoughts about the convention with everyone. This is not a traditional "news report" but more of an editorial on the event, Transformers and what it means to me. Check that out in the events section. You'll also want to look at some eye candy by visiting the newly uploaded Botcon 2009 gallery! I have more images to upload, but right now you can see pictures from the Hasbro section, dealer's room, Paramount Party and more!