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May 29th

Tyrese Gibson interviewed by Men's Health Magazine

The June 2009 issue of Men's Health Magazine features an interview with "Revenge of the Fallen" actor Tyrese Gibson. Gibson discusses how he found motivation to get in shape and take control of his career. "He lost a sense of consequence, he says. It's easy to do: Accomplish something and your attitude can go from I'm working hard for this to This is mine." the article states, and getting out of that attitude was critical to his current success.

May 27th

Transformers Universe 2.0 Smokescreen reviewed

He's the master of distraction. Able to use magnetic smoke and other unique tools, Smokescreen often keeps the Decepticons from knowing the true intentions of the Autobots. Check out for Universe 2.0 Smokescreen, my last review before I take off for Botcon!

May 26th

Transformers Animated Prowl Reviewed

Rather than pursue pure logic like his G1 predecessor, Animated Prowl seeks perfect harmony by studying the way of the ninja. Read BWTF's review of this mysterious Cybertronian ninja.

LA Times interviews "Revenge of the Fallen" director Michael Bay

The LA Times recently interviewed "Transformers" director Michael Bay about his work in Hollywood. The article discusses his thoughts on Hollywood, stress and his work philosophy. Among my favorite lines from the article "...and even after 15 years of making feature films, he still positions himself as a contrarian outsider who is offended by peers who, as a group, he views as too slow, arty, wasteful and indulgent.".

May 25th

BWTF opens up "Revenge of the Fallen" toy review section

It's coming to the end of May, and the mass release of "Revenge of the Fallen" toys is near! In celebration of this, BWTF opens up its "Revenge of the Fallen" toy review section. First up are reviews of four Fast Action Battlers: Pulse Cannon Bumblebee, Electro Whip Jolt, Megatron and Double Blade Optimus Prime.

May 19th

IDW Publishing to release exclusive "Revenge of the Fallen" cover at Botcon 2009

IDW Publishing revealed an exclusive cover for the first issue of the "Revenge of the Fallen" comic book adaptation. The cover is drawn by fan favorite artist Don Figueroa. Botcon will be held in Pasadena, CA from May 28-31. Drop by the IDW booth to say hi!

Transformers Animated Wreck-Gar Reviewed

Who would have ever thought Hasbro would make a character that became a garbage truck?! It's happened and he's the perfect character: Wreck-Gar! Check out my review of Animated Wreck-Gar here!

Peter Cullen to attend Botcon 2009

Fun Publications has announced its latest guest to the awesome line up at Botcon 2009: Peter Cullen! Transformers fans everywhere know Peter Cullen as the voice of the original Optimus Prime in the 1980's. Since then, Cullen has lent his talents to the voices of Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh) and shows such as Duck Tales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. Peter will be attending Saturday for one panel and two autograph sessions. You can read all the details on the Botcon 2009 web site.

May 13th

Animated Patrol Bumblebee Reviewed

In G1, Bumblebee idolized Transformers such as Prowl. Now in "Animated" he gets to look like G1 Prowl! Check out the review for Transformers Animated Activators Patrol Bumblebee to see some familiar colors on this redeco.

Bumblebee visits the Cannes Film Festival 2009

UK based Truveo has posted a video of Bumblebee at the Cannes Film Festival. Bumblebee is shown being delivered and then assembled. The Festival de Cannes has celebrated the cinema for more than 60 years. For those who wish to read more about the festival itself, check out their official web site.