Archive - Mar 2009

Variety articles on "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen"

Entertainment magazine Variety has posted articles about "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen". The article "Who Made the Movie: 'Transformers II'" gives details on the production including locations, licensing, talent pool and more. In a related article

Travis Barker and Busta Rhymes contribute to "Revenge of the Fallen" soundtrack

According to Aceshowbiz, musician Travis Barker revealed he is contributing to the soundtrack for "Transformers Revenge of the Fallen" along with Busta Rhymes. The article states "As of press time, it is still unclear whether the song is a duet track between Travis Barker and Busta Rhymes or a demo track Travis is recording for Busta.". You can read the entire article here.

Transformers Universe Inferno reviewed

After years of the name Inferno floating around to everything from a flying fire ant to a Mini-Con, the name finally goes back to its rightful owner - the G1 based Autobot who transforms into a fire engine! Read the review for Universe Inferno here.

Join the Elite Guard today! Botcon promotional video posted at

The Botcon 2009 web site has posted the video below on showing a young Kup acting as a recruitment-bot for the Elite Guard! This shows the Botcon 2009 Kup exclusive in animated form complete with G1 sound effects and neat CGI rendering. You can also read Kup's newly posted tech specs!

March 30th

Botcon 2009 Thunderclash revealed!

He's the tough leader who serves as a mentor to Autobots in Botcon 2009's story. His name is Thunderclash! Based on the G1 character of the same name, this figure represents Thunderclash before he gained his larger truck mode. Check out the ultra cool pictures here!

Transformers Animated Atomic Lugnut reviewed

So how do you make an ultra powerful Decepticon warrior even more dangerous than he already is? Why, bathe him in radioactivity and unleash him upon an unsuspecting world! That's what happened to Lugnut, and now you can see the results. The review for Atomic Lugnut is up in the Transformers Animated toy review section.

March 29th

Transformers Universe Legends Class Cosmos reviewed

And now here's one from the "Wow, they remade HIM?!" category. G1 Cosmos is back in a new form as a Legends Class in the Transformers Universe line. This Autobot was a Mini-Bot in G1 toy form, but he was often portrayed as large enough to carry a passenger! Read the review for Legends Class Cosmos here.

"Transformers" and "Star Trek" scribes Orci and Kurtzman LA Times interview

Writers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman were interviewed by Geoff Boucher of the LA Times. The article primarily covers their work on the upcoming "Star Trek" film, but it gives an interesting look at their creative process.

March 28th

Wal-Mart exclusive Crankcase reviewed

Before ending the live action movie toy line, Hasbro released one last set of Wal-Mart exclusive characters from the movie universe. One of these was a homage to a G1 Triggercon: Crankcase! Take a look at his review here and see if you want this grumpy Decepticon to bother - erm, join your army!

March 27th

Transformers Animated Autobot Ratchet reviewed!

He may be a grumpy old Autobot nowadays, but he was once one of the most promising technicians on Cybertron. He's Ratchet and BWTF reviews this figure here!