Archive - Oct 18, 2009


NASCAR and Michael Bay promote "Revenge of the Fallen" DVD release

To promote the upcoming release of "Revenge of the Fallen" on DVD and Blu-Ray, director Michael Bay strapped a camera to the NASCAR Impala SS race car. According to there were two vehicles at the promotion, one Megatron themed and the other Optimus Prime themed. According to the article: "Two race cars – Jeff Gordon’s No. 24 and Ryan Newman’s No. 39 – had special paint schemes promoting the movie Saturday night.".

When people tell me my collecting is insane, I refer them to things like this - Cleveland Family builds Transformers display

A Cleveland family has built a gigantic display of both movie Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as part of a Halloween display outside their home. They are 17 and 12 feet tall respectively! You can read about them here and view the video of the amazing construction of these robots in the embedded link below.

Can badmouthing a director kill a Transformers character? Megan Fox says no

Over the past few weeks several rumor outlets have posted rumors that the character of Mikaela Baines will be killed off in the third Transformers film, due in part to her badmouthing of director Michael Bay. However, a recent post on Gossip Cop states that a representative for Fox denies the rumor.

Revenge of the Fallen Ejector Reviewed

He's a Transformer and he's a toaster, what more do you need to know to get curious about this funky little figure? My review of Ejector is up. Check it out!

Revenge of the Fallen Thrust reviewed

The Seeker army in the Transformers Movie universe grows! As part of the current wave of deluxe figures, Breakaway has been give a new head and deco as a homage to the G1 Seeker Thrust. See my review of Revenge of the Fallen Thrust in the Revenge of the Fallen toy review section.