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Hasbro Pulse has posted "The Power of the Titan Masters", a PDF "storybook" which is a mash up of tech specs and wonderful artwork featuring many of the "Titans Return" figures revealed so far. Each page features an adventure on a different planet focusing on Autobots fighting Decepticons. The art is the same beautiful painted style as the tech specs cards included with the figures, so there is some eye candy to behold. (Read more...)

TF Yuki has taken to Twitter again, this time showing a photo of "Legends" Wheelie with Go Shooter out of package! The fun photo shows Wheelie and Go Shooter in a calm moment, but it also gives fans a look at the amazing new deco on these figures. This figure is scheduled for release on September 24 at a suggested retail price of 1944 Yen (about $18.41 USD). Additional images in this post are from Takara Tomy Mall.

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As a Titan Master Terri-Bull already has enormous power but when he wants to add to it he can roll into battle in his tank or transform it to jet mode for an aerial assault! Today I check out Titan Master Terri-Bull.

He may not be the smartest soldier in Megatron's army, but Bruticus is one of the most powerful weapons the Decepticons have at their disposal! Today I take a look at "Combiner Wars" Bruticus, the latest incarnation of this terrifying titan!

The Official Transformers Instagram feed has posted a video featuring Devastator from the upcoming "Combiner Wars" cartoon. So far the only two Combiners shown in action have been Menasor and Betatron/Computron so it's cool to see confirmation that the iconic Combiner will be in the show! Check out the video below.

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New DC Comics San Diego Comic Con exclusives are available for preorder! The new lineups include figures from the DC Animated Series with Batman and Superman villains and allies, DC Designer series featuring the ladies of DC Comics, DC Films featuring the cast of the movies Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, and DC Icons featuring a variety of your favorite comic characters like Shazam!, Sinestro, and Nightwing. Be sure to grab these and more before they run out!
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TF Yuki has taken to Twitter again, this time posting a link to a Dengeki Hobby article about the upcoming "Legends" Super Ginrai figure! This figure takes the upcoming Leader Class Titans Return Optimus Prime and retools several parts including the head, chest and lower legs to make Super Ginarai, the hero featured in the "Masterforce" series! This figure is due out in Winter of 2016 with a price to be deteremined. Check out the photos mirrored in this post.

Galvatron believes that his power is everything and defeat is absurd! When combined with Nucleon, this mad Decepticon's power is greater than ever. Today's review brings you a look at Voyager Class Galvatron from "Titans Return"!

It was only a little over a year and a half ago that Hasbro released a Voyager Class Brainstorm, but with the other three main Autobot Headmasters being turned into action figures they couldn't just forget about the guy so "Titans Return" will features a Deluxe Class Brainstorm figure! Fans at SDCC can get him in an exclusive three pack or you can snag him at Walgreens in August! (Read more...)

IDW Publishing has released news of two new ongoing titles that will continue the "Transformers" universe! Check out the press release below.

IDW Announces Post-Revolution Debuts!
G.I. JOE, M.A.S.K., and Other New Titles Explode Out of
September’s Bi-Weekly Event Series

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016's reveals keep on coming! Thanks to Hasbro we now have official photos and renders of several reveals from this morning's Hasbro Fan Breakfast! These include photos of new "Combiner Wars" Liokaiser and renders of several Titan Master figures. Check out the teaser images here then head over to Facebook to see the whole album!.

Hasbro has set up their booth at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 showing off many of the figures that were first presented at Botcon 2016. No doubt many of the reveals from this morning will be added to these cases as the weekend progresses. For now check out my Facebook album dedicated to these display cases. The album will be updated as more items are added!

With the release of the "Combiner Wars" trailer we now have an official press release with a cast list! Check it out below:

Machinima and Hasbro Launch Trailer For Transformers: Combiner Wars During SDCC Panel
Voice talent - including Honest Trailers’ John Bailey, YouTube Stars Charlie Guzman (DashieGames) and Anna Akana as well as BatintheSun's Amy Johnston and Jason Marnocha - also announced

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 has kicked off! Part of this annual event is the Hasbro Fan Breakfast where fans get to see upcoming product before they're announced at the convention! Check out these amazing photos from our boots-on-the-ground fan E.R.! Thanks to her work we now have a look at some amazing pieces including:

  • The long rumored Legends Class Gnaw is now a reality!
  • Liokaiser officially revealed including Japanese inspired names and new head sculpts for each team member!
  • A new Megatron that suggests a possible Blitzwing retool in the future.
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With SDCC beginning today it's no surprise that there will be bits of Transformers news trickling out. One of the big reveals is the first trailer for "Combiner Wars" showing the actual animation from the show instead of the "motion comics" of the prelude videos. Check it out below!

If you have issues with the video embed above, try checking it out on Facebook.

The one man Takara Tomy PR machine (and designer) TF Yuki has posted a new photo showing off Headmaster Hardhead both in root mode and in package! The package uses the basic design of the "Legends" packaging but adds a section to feature the Headmaster figure. This is very evocative of the G1 Headmasters packaging which also featured the Headmaster to the side of the vehicle. Check out the photo in the embed below!

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Trash talk on the battlefield is a way of life. While Grimlock may be unintentionally brilliant, Megatron is the clear victor! But not everyone is big on words, Slug and Headstrong have a more primal score to settle with each other! Whose charge is the strongest!

Join the Battlefield this weekend with your Alliance and prove once and for all who's got a thicker skull!

Start Date: 22/07/16 11:00 UTC
End Date: 25/07/16 11:00 UTC

Headquarters Level 4
Member of an Alliance

How do I participate?
Tap the Event button!
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Crashbash is not sneaky. His preferred way to fight is to use his beast transport and barrel through enemy fortifications with weapons blazing. Fortunately for the Decepticons this brute force tactic often works! Check out my review of "Titans Return" Crashbash.

San Diego Comic-Con is rapidly approaching. Among the exclusives that fans can look forward to at the convention is a three pack featuring repaints of Sentinel Prime, Windblade and Titan Master Brainstorm from the "Generations" line. Check out the official details and images below!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $74.99/Available at Booth #3329 at Comic-Con International in San Diego)
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Hasbro Studios and Machinima have debuted the fourth "Prelude to Combiner Wars" video. This time it focuses on Windblade, the "City Speaker". However far removed from her IDW Publishing role as a City Speaker and someone who seeks peace, this Windblade wants something else: Vengeance! The video also gives us hints of Menasor, Computron and other characters not seen in previous videos. The style is also more akin to the animation stills released last month. Check it out in the embed below!

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