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11/21/14: Toy News: Masterpiece Exhaust may not see U.S. release

BWTF sponsor Bigbadtoystore has sent out the notice below regarding pre-orders for Masterpiece "Exhaust", the redeco/retool of Masterpiece Wheeljack:

Hi - We wanted to update you about a new development in regards to your preorder of the Transformers Masterpiece MP-23 Exhaust figure from Takara. We were just contacted by a law firm on behalf of Marlboro & Phillip Morris USA. They informed us that the MP-23 Exhaust figure infringes on their trademark and trade dress for products marketed and sold in the USA.
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11/19/14: Toy News: Age of Extinction Hound "Army Version" Photos

Just as the U.S. had several store exclusive releases of "Age of Extinction", Japan has its own in the form of an Amazon exclusive release with Hound! This is a redeco of the Voyager Class Hound figure featuring a more screen accurate deco emphasizing the military nature of the character.

According to the Takara Tomy web site this product will ship December 10, 2014 and include the figure and the Blu-Ray edition of the movie. Check out the photos below! (0 comments)

11/18/14: Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" Power Attacker Galvatron

Evil such as Megatron's cannot be extinguished, and thanks to the hubris of the humans the Decepticon leader has been reborn as Galvatron! Leading his army of Vehicons, Galvatron intends to finish the fight he started millions of years ago on Cybertron, starting with destroying all the Autobots! Check out my review of "Power Attacker" Galvatron. (0 comments)

11/16/14: Toy Review: Beast Machines Jetstorm review updated with new photos!

Tankor wasn't the only Vehicon General under Megatron's command! Check out my retro review of Beast Machines Jetstorm now with updated photos! (1 comment)

11/16/14: Sponsor News BBTS - Pacific Rim, Predator, Transformers, Halo, Batman, Kotobukiya, Funko & More!


Check out these cool new fembots from the Mastermind Creations line. Both figures stand 5.50" in robot mode and come with an array of cool weapons. Each of these items also include a new comic story. These items are each priced at $59.99.

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11/15/14: Toy News: New photos of Combiner Wars!

Hasbro has released eighteen new images from their upcoming Generations "Combiner Wars" series! These give us a first look at the figures in new packaging which has a more "premium" feel to it akin to the "Black Series" from "Star Wars". Also check out the collector card art we're getting with the figures! Based off the look of the fantastic artwork from the "Transformers Legends" figures, I'm really keen on cool, painted style artwork being part of the Generations line once again! (0 comments)

11/14/14: Sales: Black Friday Transformers Specials

Black Friday is an annual "event" that happens following Thanksgiving in the United States. During this time, several "Black Friday Specials" appear. I have tried to gather some of the Transformers related items from the ads that have been posted online thus far. If there are some you have not seen here, please drop by BWTF Facebook page and drop me a message about them!

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11/13/14: Business News: Dreamworks & Hasbro in talks to merge?

Deadline is reporting that Dreamworks and Hasbro are in talks for a potential merger. According to the article:

...including one with Hasbro to forge a family entertainment powerhouse to be called DreamWorks-Hasbro.

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11/13/14: Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Steeljaw

Among the legions of creatures Lockdown has guarding his ship is Steeljaw. This snarling, terrifying creature knows no mercy and only lives to serve his master's will. When a group of humans and Autobots dared to invade the ship, Steeljaw immediately launched into action to destroy them! Check out my review of one of the newest One Step Changers! (0 comments)

11/11/14: Video Games: Jagex prepares to layoff "Transformers Universe" staff members

Back in 2011, video game developer Jagex announced the creation of an online MMO dedicated to Transformers named "Transformers Universe". Their promotion campaign was strong, even appearing at New York Comic-Con. However, updates went dormant for the most part until this past summer's beta. As the game nears its final release, it appears they are beginning to reduce staff. According to an article on Games Industry Biz:

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11/11/14: Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" Optimus Prime Evolution 2-Pack

Throughout most of the various Transformers timelines, the name Optimus Prime is synonymous with leadership and honor. He fights for the preservation of life and freedom throughout the galaxy, leading the Autobots using a combination of wisdom and battle prowess! Check out my review of the Optimus Prime Evolution 2-Pack. (0 comments)

11/11/14: Toy News: Images of new "First Edition" Optimus Prime head sculpt

The official Takara Tomy Twitter feed has revealed new photos of the head sculpt for the retooled and repainted "First Edition" Optimus Prime being released in Japan (designated AD-31). The head will be able to switch between Optimus showing his "mouth" and having his "mouth plate" on. The photos also give us hints to the more detailed deco on the figure.

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11/10/14: Video: Combiner Wars "From the Designer's Desk"

The Official Transformers Facebook feed has posted a video focusing on the upcoming "Combiner Wars" series of figures. The official description says:

Today we meet with Transformers toy designers, Joshua Lamb and John Warden, to talk about Combiner Wars. They'll show you how to swap and combine all-new Legend, Deluxe and Voyager class Generations figures into SUPERION, MENASOR or a Combiner robot from your own imagination!

Video is embedded below:

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11/9/14: Fan Custom Art: You have to see this amazing Transformers playset to believe it!

The Cybergeek's Alliance on Facebook has posted photos and an amazing video of a fan built Ark playset. This spaceship/playset is massive, large enough to accomodate "Generations" sized figures! Based on the design of the ship from the G1 cartoon, the ship includes:

  • A medical repair bay
  • An exit ramp
  • A turret that can seat a figure
  • A CR Chamber
  • A cargo bay
  • A bridge (that can fit a Voyager Class figure!)

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  • 11/5/14: Sponsor News: BBTS - Pre-Orders up for Decepticon Stinger

    BWTF Sponsor Bigbadtoystore has put up pre-orders for "Movie Advanced" Decepticon Stinger! As you know, Stinger has yet to receive a "Generations" style figure so this is it. Due to various issues, he is a redeco of Bumblebee instead of being an original figure, but he still looks very cool in my book. Pre-Order your Decepticon Stinger here and help support BWTF! (0 comments)

    11/5/14: Article: "Angry Birds Transformers" reviewed

    The Eggbots have invaded! Setting aside their differences, and harnessing Transformers technology, the Heroic Autobirds and Evil Deceptihogs have teamed up to remove this scourge from the land. Check out my review of "Angry Birds Transformers"! (0 comments)

    11/5/14: Game News: Transformers Legends "Shattered Glass" campaign brings changes

    The Transformers Legends game is going deep into Transformers lore by introducing a campaign focusing on "Shattered Glass", the alt-universe story (which yours truly had in a hand in writing) where Autobots are evil and Decepticons are good! From The Legends Blog:

    Hello, TRANSFORMERS Legends fans!
    We wanted to give you a heads up to some changes to the upcoming Team Battle event.

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    11/4/14: Sale Alert: Transformers Age of Extinction Amazon Exclusive Statue on sale

    When "Age of Extinction" was released on DVD and Blu-Ray in September,
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    11/4/14: Cosplay: Amazing Jetfire cosplay costume

    The Transformers Colombia Facebook page has revealed an amazing Jetfire cosplay. No, not the G1 version, but the cane carrying "Revenge of the Fallen" version! Check out the photo attached (watermark indicates source). (0 comments)

    11/2/14: Sponsor News: BBTS - Star Wars, Transformers, Metal Gear Solid, Bandai, Breaking Bad, Devil May Cry & More!


    This common Empire soldier comes with alternate hands, a full armor suit with a black undersuit, rifle and pistol and more. We have him listed at $199.99.

    This special Set comes with two Stormtroopers and all of their items, plus a bonus pack of a sniper rifle and a mouse droid, and is priced at $399.99.
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