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The folks over at have revealed that the upcoming Home Releases of the "Bumblebee" Movie will features several extras including a motion comic titled "Bumblebee- Sector 7 Adventures: The Battle at Half Dome". The Blu-Ray release will include a physical copy of the comic book. You can see a preview of the comic attached to this news item.

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Over the past few days, a special exhibition has been on display at the Parco Museum in Japan. This exhibition was in part to support the new "Art of Transformers" book.
According to the Museum's web site:

This exhibition commemorates the 35th anniversary of "Transformers".

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Sad news from the world of Transformers tonight. A post from J. Michael Straczynski's Facebook Page has revealed that "Beast Wars Transformers" Story Editor and Writer Larry DiTillio has passed away after battling an unspecified illness. Mark Evanier has also shared his memories of Larry.

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It’s that time of the year: the Spring Sale is back! Grab that item you’ve had your eye on before it’s gone at a deep discount; from Transformers to Star Wars, there’s something for every kind of fan.

Add onto your Pile of Loot with these other deeply discounted items!


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Rubble is newly forged and Bumblebee has assigned as his guide to show him around Cybertron. Meanwhile, Orion Pax meets with Megatron to talk about the increasing protests by the Ascenticons! Check out my review of the new "Transformers" comic book coming out tomorrow!

Back in January 2019, Hasbro officially announced the upcoming releases of Movie Masterpiece Jazz and Megatron. They would go on to show off the figures at Toy Fair 2019. Featuring a unique play pattern, Jazz can be "torn" in half so Megatron can hold his halves as seein the 2007 movie. Now Hasbro has released a cool stop motion video featuring these two figures and their various abilities (with a healthy dose of fantasy worked in). Check it out below!

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John Warden has been one of the key members of the Transformers team for many years now. His work on the design of the figures we love has made him an ideal spokesperson to give details on the functionality and G1 influences reflected in upcoming figures. (Read more...)

Ooshies are cute, collectible "Pencil Topper" figures that have gone across licenses including Marvel, Cars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now thanks to the Official Ooshies Facebook page we have our first look at the Transformers Ooshies! (Read more...)

Soundwave may be superior, but this interpretation of him is kind of goofy. It's not a great figure, but it has a very specific charm to it. Check out my review and gallery of "Power Plus" Soundwave.


The Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice series continues with the William Stout Collection! Super7’s super detailed deluxe 7-inch Masters are based on the legendary 1987 MOTU production art created by William Stout! Each highly articulated figure comes complete with accessories.

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When the Autobots need heavy firepower they can call upon the Battle Patrol. If things get too tough, Flak and Topshot can then combine their power into a super weapon! Grab your bowl of cereal or coffee, sit back and enjoy my review and gallery of the "Siege" Battle Patrol.

Back in July 2017 7-11 stores in Japan carried an exclusive redeco of Masterpiece Optimus Prime. For their next exclusive, the 7-11 Japan web site has announced Legendary Nemesis Prime! This figure is a redeco of the Leader Class figure released late last year in Japan. You can see the BWTF review and gallery of this figure here.

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When the Autobots need an expert scout, they know they can turn to Hound. At his core he is a kind soul who would prefer to go on long scenic drives than fight. Check out my review and gallery of "Siege" Hound!

Thanks to a post on Facebook by fellow fan Thomas Lockhart, we now have news that the (former) Universal Studios Exclusive Snarl has been found at Ross for $17 USD! This is cheaper than the $19.99 price Universal Studios is currently asking, though if you do not have a Ross near you, ordering it from Universal Studios is still a good option. (Read more...)

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!
Don’t miss out the chance to get Sentius Twins this weekend!

Reforged Bonds

Gather your Alliance members and fight for a chance to win:
- Up to 3,000,000 Energon
- Up to 3,000,000 Alloy
- Up to 30,000 Spark
- Up to 60 Reforged Crystals with a chance to win a 4, 3 or 2-Star Sentius Magnus / Sentius Malus and lots of Crystal Shards!

Event type: Alliance Totaliser
Start Date: 08/03/19 10:00 UTC
End Date: 11/03/19 10:00 UTC
Prestige Allowed: 60
Bonus Experience: Triple XP

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Upon her arrival on Earth, Shatter took on the form of a classic muscle car. Clever and cruel, this Decepticon now races across Earth deceiving the humans to help her capture Bumblebee! Check out my review and gallery of "Power Plus Series" Shatter from the "Bumblebee" Movie!

Cranks is a member of the Backpack Bunch and he loves chewing up pencils. However, the more he eats, the hungrier he gets until he gets hangry! Check out my review of "BotBots" Cranks.

SCUF Gaming will be offering an exclusive "Bumblebee" Movie themed PS4 controller up for pre-order. The controller features a yellow and black design with a graphic of Bumblebee to the side. This piece is limited to 500 pieces and will cost $199.95. Here are the details for the controller:

  • SCUF Vantage Wireless/Wired Controller
  • Interchangeable Faceplate
  • Paddle Control System
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As a follow up to yesterday's reveal fo the Sports Car Patrol, the kind folks at Hasbro Australia and Ozformers have provided Ben's World of Transformers with renders of the reveals from Toy Fair Australia! Altogether we have three reveals: The Micromasters Sports Car Patrol, Off Road Patrol and Deluxe Class Barricade.

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Thanks to the Ozformers Facebook page fans now have photos of a newly revealed pair of Micromasters made up by Decepticon Blackjack and Hyperdrive straight from Toy Fair Australia! These characters were originally part of the four member Sports Car Patrol team in Generation One. These two figures use the "Siege" Race Car Patrol sculpts and give them new heads and decos. (Read more...)

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