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I am currently running a contest on the Ben's World of Transformers Facebook Page! The grand prize? "Combiner Wars" Menasor! See the rules below and then head on over to the Facebook page to throw your hat in the ring:

This time out the prize is not one figure, but FIVE! You could win Menasor (Breakdown, Dead End, Drag Strip, Motormaster & Offroad) from "Combiner Wars". PLEASE READ EVERYTHING below for details:

1. To participate, first LIKE and SHARE this post on your own PERSONAL FACEBOOK PAGE (no groups, we don't want to spam them).

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Fan favorite Takara Tomy designer TF Yuki has updated his Twitter feed with new photos of "Transformers Adventure" Megatronus. This figure uses the "Robots in Disguise" Megatronus sculpt and adds in several deco points not seen on the North American release of this figure. Megatronus will be available February 27 and sells for 2700 Yen (about $24 USD).

Check out the images in the embeds below.

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zmulitplier from Weibo has posted what appears to be the package art for a "Combiner Wars" Computron set! The artwork features many familiar looking sculpts (assuming this is real) which include:

  • Afterburner looks like he will be a retool/redeco of the Groove figure previously only available in Japan.
  • Lightspeed appears to be a redeco (retool?) of either Dead End or Breakdown
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This seemingly organic predator is really a robot in disguise! With steel plated fangs in one mode and a trusty missile launcher in the other, Wolfang is a double threat to Predacons. Check out my newly restored review of Wolfang from "Beast Wars" with all new photos!

This weekend Ben's World of Transformers will be attending Hasbro's 2016 Entertainment Brand Preview at NY Toy Fair! Be sure to follow my coverage which will include live Tweets, photos and videos! Here are the various links you'll want to be sure you're following for coverage of Hasbro's Transformers brand:

The The Official Transformers Youtube Channel has uploaded a new commercial featuring Sky Lynx and the newest wave of "Combiner Wars" Autobots including Hound and Smokescreen! Check it out below:

The Official Transformers Collector's Club Facebook page has posted an updated image featuring the Transformers Subscription Service 5.0 Optimus Prime figure. This figure takes the Pretender shell from "Timelines" Oilmaster and the "Generations" Swerve and Flanker figures and puts them together in a new set featuring a retooled head and G2 style deco. (Read more...)

Thanks to Hasbro and Frank Todaro, we now have a press release and images from the upcoming "Earth Wars" mobile game!

Hasbro, Backflip Studios and Space Ape Games Bring The Fight Home with TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS; Game Coming To iOS And Android in Select Markets Spring 2016

Battle as AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS and Fight Against Live Opponents Around the World
In First TRANSFORMERS Real-Time Combat Strategy Game

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The Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a video announcing the new mobile game "Transformers Earth Wars". The game is currently on beta release via Android Platforms but you can pre-register today! The video is CG animation featuring designs mostly inspired by Masterpiece and "Generations" designs. Check it out in the embed below:

It’s Transformers Earth Wars, and Earth’s fate is now up to you. Or Bumblebee. Or Optimus Prime. Or Megatron. There are a lot of characters to take into battle.

Posted by TRANSFORMERS on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

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The Official Transformers Collector's Club Facebook has been updated with a photo of the packaging for the upcoming club exclusive Skywarp figure! This is based on the "Armada" Skywarp figure and the packaging uses the "Armada" packaging as an inspiration. Here are the details:

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Ben's World of Transformers has received a press release and album cover art for "Transformers Roll Out", a rock music collection inspired by the "Transformers"! Here is the official release:

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Japanese retailer E-Hobby has updated their site with a new listing for "Unite Warriors" Bruticus! This listing gives us our first clear, color images of the individual Combaticons (blurrier pictures surfaced this past weekend). The description focuses on the changes made to the set from their "Combiner Wars" incarnations, focusing on cartoon accurate decos and details such as Vortex having four rotors instead of two. (Read more...)


Built on a newly designed One:12 Collective body, Superman features over 38 points of articulation and is outfitted in an amazingly detailed and accurate costume to capture the likeness of Henry Cavill as Superman; and Batman features over 44 points of articulation and is outfitted in a highly detailed, screen accurate costume to capture the likeness of Ben Affleck as Batman. $75.00 each

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It's been a while since we've heard much from the "Angry Birds Transformers" front. The toys were seemingly cancelled (with at least four figures left unreleased) yet the game itself has continued to thrive with several updates. In the current campaign "Angry Birds" celebrates Chinese New Year with a new version of Optimus: Epic Optimus! Check out the Tweet embedded below.

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TFW2005 has posted several photos from Wonder Fest in Japan showing off upcoming "Transformers" product. Two of the most exciting photos are a color prototype of Masterpiece Optimus Primal and Unite Warriors Blast Off! Two two pics attached are from TFW2005, check out their news post for more!

According to a Bloomberg Business report Hasbro approached Mattel for a possible merger. This isn't the first time this has happened. According to the article:

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Brawl has a terrible temper even by Decepticon standards. Fortunately for him he has the power to back that up in robot or tank mode. When the Autobot forces are overwhelming, he combines with his fellow Combaticons to form the giant Bruticus! Today's review takes a look at "Combiner Wars" Brawl!

Thanks to Sam Fulton of the Edmonton TF group (by way of the Transmasters Facebook group) we have photos and news of the first North American release of the Platinum Edition "Junkion" set (featuring Hot Rod, Wreck-Gar and a Junkion) and Optimus Primal, a redeco of the "Air Attack Optimus Primal" figure from 2001. The prices on the items are $109.99 CAD (about $80 USD) for the Junkion set and $200.00 CAD (about $145 USD).

Bumblebee has taken on the mantle of leadership on Earth but that doesn't mean he doesn't still have a unique sense of style as he adopts a new paint job including cool flames on the sides in vehicle mode! Check out my review of Night Strike Bumblebee.

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