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9/30/14: Movie News: Optimus Prime (and Peter Cullen) are immortalized as hand prints in Hollywood

Mingle Media TV Network has posted a video of Peter Cullen (and Optimus Prime) being honored with a handprint/autograph ceremony at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Check out the video below!


9/30/14: Book News: "Transformers Legacy: The Art of the Transformers Packaging" shipping next week!

After a nebulous release date, it's finally been revealed by authors Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster that the "Transformers Legacy: The Art of Transformers Packaging" book is shipping from IDW Publishing next week! (0 comments/Read more...)

9/26/14: Sponsor News BBTS - Transformers Cloud Roadbuster & Hellwarp up for preorder!

BWTF Sponsor Bigbadtoystore has put up preorders for "Transformers Cloud" Roadbuster and Hellscream!

Hellwarp - $89.99
Partly inspired by the Decepticon Skywarp this is a unique redeco.

Roadbuster - $89.99
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9/25/14: Toy Review: "Timelines" Collector's Club Exclusive Chromedome with Stylor

Once a peace keeping officer on Cybertron, Chromedome's claim to fame became his abilities as a Mnemosurgeon. These abilities allowed him to read and reprogram the minds of other Cybertronians and thanks to his meticulous nature, he became very good at it. However over the years he developed a distaste for the practice and uses it sparingly. Today's review brings you a look at the Collector's Club exclusive Chromedome with Stylor! (0 comments)

9/25/14: Sponsor News: BBTS - Game of Thrones, Metal Gear Solid, TF MP-20, Street Fighter, Bandai Jp & More!

150 Featured Sale Items on Sale! Great figures from Transfomers, Marvel, DC, Video Games, Third Party, And Much More!


This figure of Eddard "Ned" Stark comes dressed in a full northman's outfit along with a sword, a dirk, a belt with sheaths and more, and is listed at $144.99, $15 off the MSRP.

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9/25/14: Game News: "Angry Birds Transformers" Gameplay Trailer!

If you're an "Angry Birds" fan and a "Transformers" fan, this upcoming game is the perfect mash up for you: "Angry Birds Transformers"! Rovio has put up a new gameplay trailer that features characters inspired by everyone from Astrotrain to Bludgeon to Soundwave! Featuring the awesome music of Vince DiCola, this is one awesome trailer.


9/24/14: Toy Review: "Timelines" Collector's Club Exclusive Thrustinator

When Cybertron was saved from the Vehicon hordes, Waspinator was fused with the body of his Thrust persona. The perfect melding of the two resulted in a new creature: Thrustinator! Now paired up with Heinrad at Axiom Nexus, Thrustinator tries to help out Heinrad mostly to restore the universe he used to know, he just hopes he's not talked to death by his partner first! Check out my review of Thrustinator! (0 comments)

9/24/14: Comic Book News: Collector's Club Timelines #9 online!

The latest issue of "Timelines" is online! This free comic continues the adventure from 2013's "Machine Wars" Botcon comic while introducing some of the characters from the Subscription Service 3.0! You can read the comic online now, check it out. (0 comments)

9/23/14: Comic Book News: Collector's Club Timelines Special focusing on TFSS 3.0!

The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed the cover of a 22 page comic book special being released tomorrow! This comic book will focus on the characters and figures introduced in the "Transformers Subscription Service" 3.0. The cover features one of the main releases: Serpent O.R. having taken down Jhiaxus! (0 comments)

9/22/14: Toy Review: "Rescue Bots" Optimus Prime T-Rex

The Autobots have discovered a lost colony of dinosaurs at Wayward Island! Adapting to this new discovery, Optimus Prime takes on the form of a T-Rex giving him more power to aid the Rescue Bots. Today's review takes a look at the new Rescue Bots Optimus Prime! (0 comments)

9/21/14: Movies: "Age of Extinction" comes to DVD & Blu-Ray September 30th, but which version will you buy?

The latest entry in the live action "Transformers" movie franchise comes to DVD and Blu-Ray on September 30th, though you could buy it via Digital Download now. Like previous movies, there are several editions of the movie. (0 comments/Read more...)

9/20/14: Article: BWTF's Top Ten Choices to direct "Transformers 5"

With "Age of Extinction" heading to Blu-Ray and DVD, speculation can begin now on what's next for the Robots in Disguise on the big screen. Among those question is - if Michael Bay does not return to direct the next film, just who could do it? I have a bunch of ideas about that so check out my article on the top ten directors I'd like to see take over "Transformers" if Bay leaves. (0 comments)

9/19/14: Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" Voyager Class Slog

Slog isn't the brightest Autobot around. Most of his approach to life involves lumbering into a situation and letting his considerable bulk and weaponry do his talking for him. When the Dinobots need a path cleared through the enemy lines, they know they can count on Slog to do the job! This morning's review brings you a look at "Age of Extinction" Slog! (0 comments)

9/19/14: Toy News: Collector's Club Serpent OR revealed!

The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed another figure in the "Subscription Service 3.0". Based on his appearance in a "Transformers & G.I. Joe" crossover title, this figure is a redeco of the Japanese exclusive Ratbat figure (which himself was a redeco/retool of Scourge. Orders are still open for the service til early October. (0 comments)

9/18/14: Convention News: Transformers panels at New York Comic-Con 2014

New York Comic-Con is coming next month (starting October 9th) and there will be some panels involving Transformers. Below is a listing of the panels you may want to attend!

9/18/14: TV Show News: R.I.P. The Hub 2009-2014

According to several news reports including one at Bloomberg, Hasbro's network "The Hub" is being rebranded with a controlling stake going to the Discovery Channel. The station will be renamed to "Discovery Family" and Hasbro will still retain several hours of programming time and a significant financial interest in the network. At this time there is no indication that either "Robots in Disguise" or "Rescue Bots" production will be affected by this change. (0 comments)

9/17/14: Actor News: Voice actor Buster Jones 1943-2014

Marc Tyler Nobleman is reporting that voice actor Buster Jones passed away on September 15th. Jones was known for many voices including Black Vulcan on "Superfriends" and Winston Zeddemore on "The Real Ghostbusters", but Transformers fans will know him better as the voice of the awesome Autobot Blaster! In recent years, Jones had made convention appearances including attending Botcon 2012.

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9/16/14: Toy Review: "Generations" Windblade

Cut off from Cybertron for millions of years, the Autobot known as Windblade comes from the world and city of Caminus. Her unique ability allows her to communicate with the great Metrotitans such as Metroplex. In her role as City Speaker on Cybertron, she seeks to keep the peace while protecting Metroplex as the world recovers from the Dark Cybertron era. Check out my review for the "Fan's Choice" figure Windblade! (0 comments)

9/16/14: Movie News: Exclusive behind the scenes clip from "Age of Extinction"

Entertainment site has released a clip from a featurette giving us a look at some of the behind-the-scenes action during some of the scenes set in China in "Age of Extinction". Check out the clip below!

9/12/14: Toy News: Transformers Collector's Club Exclusive Tarantulas revealed!

The Transformers Collector's Club has announced and revealed its third figure from the 2015 Subscription Service: Tarantulas! This reimagining of the character is based on the Generations Scrapheap sculpt and will come with a pair of insect Microns! Orders for the service are open until early October. (0 comments)

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