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1/28/15: Toy News: The Transformers Collector's Club reveals Nacelle

The Transformers Collector's Club has revealed another figure from their Club Subscription Service line up: Nacelle! This Decepticon is based on the Classics Starscream sculpt. The photo is a production sample so changes may still be made before it arrives in your mailbox. (0 comments)

1/28/15: Toy News: First potential peek at Combiner Wars Devastator

It was just a couple weeks ago that news leaked about a Titan Class Combiner Wars Devastator, but up until now everything has been speculation. Now a photo has appeared on the Fansformers Facebook Group (credit to Daim Choc and Jason Tolputt) from the Nuremberg Toy Fair showing bits of what is most likely Combiner Wars Devastator! Most of it is obscured by a person at the booth, but if you compare the size of the person to the toy, that does indeed look like one big toy! (0 comments/Read more...)

1/28/15: Video: KRE-O Commercial for new Battle Changers

As revealed back in October, Hasbro will be releasing KRE-O Transformers "Battle Changers". These are figures you can build and transform without having to disassemble, something fans have wanted since the line began. Check out the first commercial for this line below!


1/26/15: TV Show News: "Robots in Disguise" videos reposted online

A few days ago several videos were posted online featuring individual characters from the upcoming "Robots in Disguise" TV show. For some reason all the original links were pulled and the videos were reposted today. Here are the updated links:



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1/26/15: Toy News: Sneak Peek Image of the TFCC exclusive Serpent O.R.!

Based on the character introduced in the "G.I. Joe & Transformers" comic book, the Transformers Collector's Club will be releasing "Serpent O.R.", a redeco of the Japanese exclusive Ratbat figure in a Serpentor inspired deco. For nitpickers, this sculpt was previously used as Scourge but with a different head. The club has now posted a sneak peek at this figureon their Facebook page, check out the image below! (0 comments)

1/26/15: Toy Review: "Robots in Disguise" (2015) Legion Class Optimus Prime

After sacrificing his life at the end of "Beast Hunters", the Autobots thought they had lost Optimus Prime forever. However with a new Dcepticon threat looming, the Autobot leader has returned! Check out my review of Legion Class Optimus Prime from "Robots in Disguise"! (0 comments)

1/25/15: Toy News: Official photos of Combiner Wars Rodimus & Skywarp!

Official photos of the upcoming Legends Class Rodimus figure have been posted on Hasbro's web site! Also listed? Skywarp! These pics confirm the Rodimus figure is a redeco and retool of the Combiner Wars Blackjack figure. Skywarp is of course a redeco of the sculpt that has already been used for Starscream, Acid Storm and Thundercracker. Check out the pics below! (0 comments)

1/24/15: Sponsor News from BBTS: "Transformers Adventures" pre-orders up!

BWTF sponsor Bigbadtoystore has put up preorders for "Transformers Adventures", the new line of toys from Takara Tomy featuring interesting (and sometimes odd) redecos of figures from various lines including "Animated" and "Beast Hunters".

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1/23/15: Toy News: Official photography of "Warriors Unite" Superion

Hot on the heels of the release of "Combiner Wars", official photos of the "Warriors Unite" Superion have been posted by e-Hobby Shop. These photos show off the different decos for the Aerialbots in Japan and feature Slingshot in place of Alpha Bravo in the assortment! You can pre-order this boxed set now via Bigbadtoystore. (0 comments)

1/23/15: Toy News: "Transformers Adventures" images released

Online retailer Kapow Toys has posted a series of new images on their Facebook page which seems to announce a whole new line "Transformers Adventures"! Using a combination of "Transformers Prime", "Generations" and "Robots in Disguise" figures, these appear to be a bunch of homages to previous characters including Nemesis Prime, Armada Scavenger and even Hunter Ratchet from Go! Check out the images below. (0 comments)

1/23/15: Sponsor News from BBTS - 3500 Item Winter Sale, DC Collectibles, Marvel Select, Minimates, POP! Age of Ultron, Judge Dredd, Transformers & More!

Over 3500 products have had their prices reduced!

Almost 100 Items from 1/6 scale figures to premium format figures are now available at less than MSRP.

New Pre-Orders

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1/22/15: Books: Several Transformers books at reduced prices on Amazon has marked down the prices of several more expensive "Transformers" books. Purchase via the links below to help support! Note: Amazon prices fluctuate regularly so click through the links to see the latest prices.

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1/22/15: Toy Review: "Beast Hunters" Deluxe Class "Upscaled" Smokescreen

Young, impulsive and filled with enthusiasm, Smokescreen may seem like he would wind up in the scrap heap fast, but his skills and abilities helped make him one of the top warriors in Team Prime! Today I take a look at the "upscaled" Smokescreen from Beast Hunters! (0 comments)

1/22/15: Fan Art: Awesome "Shattered Glass" Digibashes of Scorponok and more!

Deviantart member Air Hammer has created some awesome digibashes of "Shattered Glass" versions of Fortress Maximus, Scorponok and Trypticon. Here, Trypticon has G1 Grimlock's colors (appropriate since SG Grimlock has G1 Trypticon's colors) and Scorponok switches colors with Fortress Maximus! Check out other incredible digibashes in Air Hammer's gallery! (0 comments)

1/22/15: Toy News: "Combiner Wars" Slingshot and Wildrider in Toys R Us computers!

Icespark from TFW2005 reports that Slingshot and Wildrider have been found in the Toys R Us computer system. If true, this means we'll be able to complete our original line ups for the Aerialbots and Stunticons! (0 comments)

1/22/15: TV Show News: New "Robots in Disguise" video clips

New video clips have popped up online featuring many of the primary characters from "Robots in Disguise".




Optimus Prime
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1/21/15: Comic Book News: April 2015 Solicitations from IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing has released its April 2015 comic book solicitations. This series introduces the "Combiner Wars" into the ongoing series, so the covers will be of interest to fans speculating on what toys we'll be getting in 2015!

Transformers vs G.I. JOE #8
Tom Scioli & John Barber (w) • Scioli (a & c)
In the interplanetary war between the TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE, anything can happen… and does.
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #40
James Roberts (w) • Brendan Cahill (a) • Alex Milne (c)
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1/21/15: Toy Review: "Age of Extinction" One Step Changer Strafe

The Dinobot known as Strafe is a terror to his enemies. Swooping down from above with his lashing claws, tails and beaks he can lift enemies up and tear them to pieces in the blink of an eye. This morning's review brings you a look at One Step Changer Strafe! (0 comments)

1/20/15: Retro Review: "Beast Machines" Night Viper

"Beast Machines" Transformers brought about some very unique Transformers designs. Among them was "Night Viper", a Maximal snake! Check out my review now with updated photos! (0 comments)

1/20/15: Toy News: Online retailer asked to remove Masterpiece Exhaust - again

Days after thinking that the kerfuffle over Masterpiece Exhaust's deco had been resolved, online retailer Kapow Toys has revealed that they have been asked (yet again) to remove the listing from the figure despite its updated colors. You can see the post and thread below:

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