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In a surprise announcement, e-Hobby has announced a new upcoming exclusive based on the Classics Optimus Prime sculpt. This figure has very "Diaclone Ultra Magnus" colors including a heavy emphasis on black and blue. It also features an additional sword and shield accessory. According to the listing on e-Hobby's page (and thanks to google translate), this is the character's background:

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Thanks to the Official Takara Tomy Twitter we have a new look at "Legends" Leo Prime! This appears to be a final product and shows him off in all his Lioconvoy referencing goodness!

This past week I was invited to The Repacked Podcast to geek out with fellow collectors over new action figure releases and reveals including Platinum Edition Liokaiser and Unicron! Check out the podcast here and be sure to give them a Like on Facebook!

Computron is a sum total of the Technobots. Unlike most Combiners, their intellects merged perfectly to create a creature who calculates every probability before leaping into action! Today I complete my review of the "Combiner Wars" Computron set!

Hot on the heels of the Godbomber reveal, Takara Tomy has released photos of its latest upcoming Masterpiece figure: Artfire! In Generation One, Artfire was a redeco of Inferno paired with Targetmaster Nightstick. This unique combination was a rare figure and highly sought after by fans for many years. Now fans will have the chance to own this character in Masterpiece form!

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The beginning of December has brought a surprise for Transformers fans: Legends Godbomber! "Legends" is the Japanese equivalent of the "Generations" line, featuring modern interpretations of classic characters. Godbomber was introduced in the "Masterforce" series as an additional trailer for Ginrai and could combine with the hero to form a suit of armor. This figure seems to retain some of the classic elements of that figure including the ability to merge with Ginrai and even passenger seats for three Titan Master figures!

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The fans can decide which Transformers character will become the next leader of Cybertron!

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More Than Thirty Years of Transformers History Collides in an Epic High-Definition 3D Action-Fighting Game

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For players of Transformers "Earth Wars", having the ability to deploy squads quickly without having to rebuild them over and over has been a major ask for quite some time now. Initially two additional slots were added, but now there are even more! Check out the info direct from Space Ape:

New Squad Slots

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Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

So many new bots and so few resources to make them stronger! Help them adapt to their new battleground on Earth by securing precious Spark and enhancing their abilities.

Reinforcements Event
The Space Bridge has been buzzing with the recent transport of our many Cybertronian comrades. It’s time to bolster our new arrivals with glorious Energon, so that their Spark burns brighter than the fires of the Matrix flame itself.

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Our Cyber Monday Sale features deals on Marvel, Transformers, third party, DC, and more! Fans and collectors alike can enjoy deep discounts for a limited time on in-stock items.


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Scattershot's style of leadership is demanding maximum performance from his warriors in battle. By that he means charging into the enemy line and blasting away until either his energy or his ammunition are all completely spent! Today I look at the second "Combiner Wars" release of Scattershot!

Deadline reports that the green light has been given for two more seasons of "Generations" based Transformers cartoons! This would complete the "Prime Trilogy" which began with "Combiner Wars" this past year. According to Deadline:

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Black Friday may be over but the sales continue on Transformers items! Amazon has listed the "One Shall Stand, One Shall Fall" boxed set featuring redecos of "Classics" Voyager Class Optimus Prime and Megatron for sale. Down from its original price of $74.99 this set is now $49.99! This deal is for today only so follow this link to purchase yours and support BWTF!

Well intentioned and brave, Scrounge is an Autobot spy with a very special arm full of gadgets! When paired up with his partner Cybaxx they serve as a crucial part of the Technobot team. Check out my review of "Combiner Wars" Scrounge!

With Thanksgiving 2016 coming to a close, businesses are preparing for deep discounts but some are ahead of the game, already dropping prices on select items. Amazon has already begun to discount several Transformers items. Check out the list below divided by toy line. Click the links below to purchase the items and support BWTF!


BWTF Sponsor Bigbadtoystore has launched its Black Friday sale! Here are the feature Transformers items from the sale including some significant discounts on more pricey items such as the Platinum Edition G1 Dinobot themed set, Unite Warriors Devastator, Masterpiece Laserwave and more!

Black Friday is kicking in and BWTF is hunting around for great deals on Transformers items! Here's a fun one: Entertainment Earth has put the SDCC exclusive KREO exclusive "Class of 1985" set on sale for $45.50! This is down from the original price of $64.99. This awesome set features characters from the 1985 era including Omega Supreme, Cosmos, Warpath, Hoist, Beachcomber, Astrotrain and more! Follow this link to purchase your set and support BWTF!

Okay Transformers fans, you know the drill. The Optimus Primal Supreme Class Platinum Edition figure has gone down several times in the last year but this is the lowest price yet: $34.08. At this price, seriously just buy the thing if you can afford it. It's a fun figure and it harkens back to another age of Transformers engineering. To purchase yours follow this link and help support BWTF!

Impulsive and constantly angry at someone Afterbreaker is a fierce fighter who often loses his temper and winds up in situations where the odds are against him. Fortunately he has tough armor and powerful weaponry to back him up! Check out my review of "Combiner Wars" Afterbreaker!

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