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The Official Transformers Twitter Feed has posted a cryptic video showing what appears to be a damaged government document with the Tweet saying "Something wicked this way comes.". The video also has morse code spelling out the words "I m coming for you humans May 31st" (other reports indicate it says "E I'm coming for you May 31st"). Either way what is it that will be revealed in two days? Sounds like a potential new villain reveal to me. We'll all find out on 5/31!

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Soap Studio perfectly captures the spirit of the 1980's Transformers G1 series by combining modern 3D graphics and computer simulation technologies with 1970's toy production techniques to create each figure in their brand new The Vintage Arts Series - Transformers Collection. This new line of Sofubi vinyl figures kicks off with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron and Starscream.

The Decepticon Mini-Con Back is loose and causing havoc with his magnetic abilities. It's up to the brave Autobot Grimlock to capture this Decepticon once and for all. Today's review brings you a look at the "Robots in Disguise" Battle Pack with Grimlock and Decepticon Back!

Actor Josh Duhamel is best known to Transformers fans as Lt. Colonel William Lennox in the live action movie franchise. Recently the actor was interviewed by Among the topics of conversation were his family and charity work. He also spoke a little about next live action Transformers film "The Last Knight":

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The evil Major Mayhem is on a rampage and it's up to Bumblebee to stop him! Using his powerful new blaster and armor, Bumblebee is more than ready to take on this pesky Decepticon. Check out my review of Bumblebee versus Major Mayhem!

Dengeki Hobby Web has posted an interview with Takara Tomy designer Shogo Hasui discussing the development of the "Legends" and "Titans Return" Fortress Maximus figure. Hasui has been part of the development team since 1999 and has worked on lines such as Masterpiece.

The article is in Japanese so I used Google translate to tease out some highlights. Points of interest include:

  • There is recognition that Fortress Maximus was a popular character in G1 and now.
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With the release of "Unite Warriors" Computron drawing closer (August 2016 for those of you keeping track), TF Yuki has posted a new image of Nosecone with a couple additional drills added on. For demo purposes he has also shows the "Wandering Roller" (aka Rook) sculpt with Nosecone accessories attached.

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Thanks to the folks at Space Ape, Ben's World of Transformers brings you an exclusive look at Blast-Off! Based off the current "Combiner Wars" Blast-Off figure this version of the character trades up his space shuttle mode to be a jet! Here's the official description (which borrows heavily from his G1 personality):

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The folks at Space Ape are ramping up their reveals for the upcoming release of "Transformers: Earth Wars"! Check out the video below for a special look at the Combaticon leader himself: Onslaught!

Today I kick off the process of restoring my "Robots in Disguise" (2001) section. This was the series that brought the Japanese "Car Robots" toys to America and then expanded it using many older sculpts. One of these was Destructicon Bludgeon, a Kay Bee exclusive redeco of Megatron! Check out my restored review with new photos!

"Transformers" director Michael Bay has updated his Instagram with a photo from Cuba announcing the start of production on the next live action Transformers film "Transformers: The Last Knight". This is significant as trade sanctions with Cuba have only been lifted very recently. "The Last Knight" is only the second big Hollywood film to film in Cuba (Fast 8 is the first). Check out the post below!

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Twenty years ago "Beast Wars Transformers" was unleashed and the world of Transformers was never the same again. Long before fans saw the animated adventures of Optimus Primal and Megatron on (Spoiler!) ancient Earth, another adventure took place in a different "Beast Wars" universe via a comic book that was included with the Optimus Primal and Megatron two pack of toys. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Beast Wars I take a deep dive into this comic along with scans. Check it out!

Being a collector can be expensive so sometimes it's worth waiting to see of higher priced items will go on sale. Two items that fans may have been waiting on are Platinum Edition Optimus Primal and "Combiner Wars" G2 Superion. Today is your lucky day fans! Both of these items are part of a Lightning Deal on as of this evening! Lightning deals don't last long so take advantage while you can! Remember, by purchasing following the links below you are helping to support Ben's World of Transformers.

After selling out their initial batch of pre-orders earlier today, Ben's World of Transformers sponsor Bigbadtoystore has put up a new batch of pre-orders for the upcoming release of "Combiner Wars" Groove for $24.99 each. Remember, purchasing from BBTS helps to support Ben's World of Transformers!

After yesterday's announcement of Masterpiece Loud Pedal, Ben's World of Transformers sponsor BigBadToyStore has put up their pre-orders for this exciting figure! Remember, purchasing from BBTS helps support BWTF.

If you want to hear about some of what went on behind the scenes in developing "Earth Wars", Space Ape has a treat for you! The first "Developer Diaries" series has been posted featuring many of the minds behind the game including long time Transformers writer Simon Furman! Community manager Deborah Mensah-Bonsu also interviews several minds behind the game including:

  • Production Manager: Nick Mansdorf
  • Product Owner: Chris White
  • Lead Artist: Stoyan Dimitrov

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Thanks to the folks over at Space Ape, we now have an exclusive look at Bombshell from "Earth Wars"! Here's the profile for this master of psychological warfare!

For Bombshell, warfare is all in the mind. Once he sinks his stinger in someone's head and injects his enslaving cerebro-shell, that being is his to command. Bombshell loves nothing more than entertaining himself by making his victims embarrass and debase themselves, before sending them (normally) to their deaths. Equally as effective against humans as robots, Bombshell is one of Megatron's most valued warriors.

Quillfire is an anarchist who shuns authority and believes he is the leader of a revolution. Using a combination of his deadly quills and blaster he intends to make a believer out of everyone he meets, even if it is by force! Today's review brings you a look at Warrior Class Quillfire!

Takara Tomy has announced a new upcoming Masterpiece figure: Loud Pedal. This new character is based on the rare Black Tracks figure and even includes a Blaster accessory painted in the pre-Transformers "Blue Blaster" colors. This figure will be a Tokyo Toy Show 2016 exclusive happening June 11-12. The figure will cost 8500 Yen (approximately $78 USD).

In his continuing quest to provide Transformers fans with eye candy, TF Yuki has posted several new in-hand color images of the soon to be released "Legends" versions of "Titans Return" figures including Hardhead, Skull, Cyclonus and more!

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