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POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT! Mashable is reporting that actor Liam Garrigan (24: Live Another Day, Once Upon a Time, Spotless) is in talks to play King Arthur in the upcoming "The Last Knight" live action film. Garrigan had played the role of Arthur previously in "Once Upon a Time" TV series, but you can bet this would be a very different take on the character. (Read more...)

The 30th Anniversary release of "Transformers: The Movie" has been released, featuring a remastered edition of the classic film on Blu-Ray! To show off the remaster, the Official Transformers Facebook Page has posted a video showing off the difference between the old and new editions of the film. Purchase your copy of this Blu-Ray via this link and help support!

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Autobot Blaster is a warrior who can handle himself on the battlefield or at headquarters intercepting enemy signals. Twin Cast helps enhance his abilities with powerful encryption. Kick off your day with my review of Leader Class Blaster from "Titans Return"!

Adult collectors often see Transformers as pieces to be treasured and transformed with the utmost care. But how does a five year old see the robots in disguise? Find out in this hilarious video from "The Real Deal"!

This past week "Transformers The Last Knight" producer and director Michael Bay posted a video from Scotland where he was filming scenes for the next live action Transformers film! Check it out below.

Loud, obnoxious and terrifying Apeface is one of the most unpleasant Decepticons around. However when you need someone to destroy Autobots, few Decepticons do it with as much enthusiasm as this Titan Master. Check out my review of Titan Master Apeface!

"Transformers" comic book legends Simon Furman and Geoff Senior have teamed up for an all new, original project "To the Death"! Check out the attached preview images and press release below!


Simon Furman and Geoff Senior present To The Death, an epic sci-fi comic book saga available to view digitally in widescreen format.

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Hasbro has updated their official Transformers App. Check out the press release and images below:

Press Release Begins
Welcome to the Transformers Official App. Learn about the Prime Wars Trilogy and the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.

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Join the battle with Transformers Generations Titans Return figures. Titan Master figures can become the heads for Deluxe Class, Voyager Class, or Leader Class Titans Return figures. Unite each Titan Master figure with other bots to create different combinations. Find the best team ups and join the battle. The series 02 set of four contains Highbrow, Chromedome, Mindwipe, and Wolfwire.

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Takara Tomy Mall has put up a listing for the "Transformers Adventure" version of Warrior Class Scorponok. The listing includes some clear photos of the figure and lists a release date of August 27, 2016 at a price of 2700 Yen (about $26 USD). At the same time, TF Yuki has posted a photo of the figure on card. Check it out in the embed below!

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With the summer toy season coming to a close the long awaited "Unite Warriors" Computron has been released in Japan. If you haven't ordered him yet, TF Yuki seems to want to whet your appetite by showing off the figure in and out of box on his Twitter feed. Check it out in the embed below!

Wheelie is a character from Transformers Generation One and I have to say this new figure is lots of fun! It's not really perfect but you'll have to read my review to see why, check out what I have to say before you buy!

Windblade and Optimus Prime need help if they want to stop the Council from starting a new war, but who is powerful enough to make a difference? Find out in my review and gallery of "Combiner Wars" episode 4: Unforgotten!

Takara Tomy has put up a new listing for "Unite Warriors" Megatronia, a Combiner based on the Victorion sculpts. Instead of just bringing the Rust Renegades into Japan with different colors, this team actually represents all new characters. Here's a brief rundown:

Bah-weep-graaaaagnah wheep nini bong!

The battle for Earth continues. Return to Crystal City in this week’s Alliance event for the chance to unlock a 4 Star Character Crystal!

Rally up your Alliance members and battle this weekend for the chance to win Crystal Shards and a 4 Star Character Crystal to bring reinforcements through the Space Bridge!

Start Date: 26/08/16 10:00 UTC
End Date: 29/08/16 10:00 UTC

How do I participate?
Reach Headquarters level 4 and join an Alliance!
Tap the Event button!
Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
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Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron, but a hero's welcome is the last thing that Windblade has in store for him! Check out my review of "Combiner Wars" episode 3: The Duel!

Optimus Prime is a wise and powerful warrior who has led the Autobots for ages. When Autobot Apex combines with him however he becomes more powerful than ever before! Check out my review of Powermaster Optimus Prime from "Titans Return"!


Storm Collectibles presents the official Street Fighter V - M. Bison 1/12 Action Figure. Bringing their 1:6 scale high quality into the 1:12 scale action figure - recreating M. Bison and bringing him from video game to real life. $64.99

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Battle in this weekend’s event to earn Ruby Crystals to power the Space Bridge for the chance to unlock new bots!
Ruby Mines Event

Megatron has discovered that humans covet and mine Rubies! Lucky for him, Rubies can act as a weak power source for the Space Bridge!

Start Date: 19/08/16 10:00 UTC
End Date: 22/08/16 10:00 UTC

How do I participate?

  • Reach Headquarters level 4 and join an Alliance!
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  • Collect prizes!

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Autobot Ratchet is one of the best medics on Cybertron, but his years of combat experience have helped him capture Decepticon criminals on the run! Check out my review of Autobot Ratchet from "Robots in Disguise"!

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